Kansas Scholarships

Welcome to beautiful Kansas, the 15th largest state in the nation. Kansas is one of the leading agricultural states in the Midwest. It is a top producer of crops such as wheat, sorghum, soybeans and sunflowers. It is also the setting for one of Truman Capote's finest works.

However, it's not all about farming here in the Sunflower State. Kansas is also a leading manufacturing state, with aviation equipment and parts and construction equipment comprising a large chunk of the manufacturing.

The state is also home to over 60 colleges and universities. Some of the larger ones include Kansas State University and the University of Kansas. A large network of community colleges compliments the state's university system.

Scholarship opportunities are prevalent in the state. Both private and state-sponsored funding opportunities exist. Tuition funds are distributed for those showing economic need as well as for those who qualify for merit-based funding.

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Nolan Moore Memorial Education Foundation Scholarship

The Foundation’s main purpose is to support industry education, as well as offering scholarships to students who are pursuing a career in printing technology/management. Since its inception, the Foundation has provided over $180,000 in scholarships to students in Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. Scholarship amounts range from $500 (freshman) to $2,500 (seniors) per year and are based on the student's academic and non-academic accomplishments. Eligible students must attend an accredited printing management or technology program and have permanent residence in one of the four states (Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri) served by PIA MidAmerica. Students must be pursuing a management or technology degree. Those who are interested in design, photography, or web-based careers will not be considered for the scholarship. The application deadline is March 1st of every year for the school year beginning in the fall.

AOTF Kansas Scholarship

Scholarships awarded to occupational therapy student and one occupational therapy assistant student within the state of Kansas. Scholarship amount TBD. Applicants must be currently enrolled and have completed at least 1 year of occupational therapy specific coursework in an AOTA accredited or developing post-professional level program OR enrolled in an occupational therapy assistant program.

Foundation Plus Scholarship

$12,250 renewable scholarship over four years. Students are eligible with a minimum 30 or 31 ACT (1330 – 1390 SAT CR+M) and 3.6 high school GPA. $4,750 for freshmen year, $2,500 per year renewable for up to 3 additional years with a 3.5 K-State GPA.

Kansas Nursing Service Scholarship

The Kansas Nursing Service Scholarship is designed to encourage enrollment in nursing programs by Kansans committed to practicing as a LPN or RN in Kansas. Recipients sign an agreement/promissory note to practice nursing at a specific facility one year for each year of scholarship support. The sponsor provides partial scholarship funding and employment upon licensure of the recipient and the State of Kansas funds the balance. All applicant must complete the FAFSA. Application Criteria 1. Acceptance to a Kansas nursing program (pre-nursing will not be funded); 2. Commitment by an eligible sponsor* licensed by the state to fund up to half of the scholarship and provide full-time employment to the recipient after licensure; 3. Complete/submit the FAFSA and the State of Kansas Student Aid Application; and 4. Student must be enrolled in 12 credit hours or more. Financial need is considered if there are more applicants than available funding. The recipient must be: a Kansas resident, enrolled in a qualified program, enroll at a Kansas college or university, and not already awarded an undergraduate degree, unless you are applying for the Nursing Service Scholarships. Recipients who are enrolled in:  a Licensed Practical Nurse program are eligible for $2,500 each school year or  a Registered Nurse program are eligible for $3,500 each school year. Sponsors pay from $1,000 to one-half of the scholarship and the State of Kansas pays the remaining amount. Each scholarship amount is divided — one half awarded in the fall semester (LPN $1,250; RN $1,750) and the second half awarded in the spring semester.

Kansas Comprehensive Grants

The Kansas Comprehensive Grant is available to needy Kansas residents enrolled full-time at eighteen private colleges and universities located in Kansas, the six state universities, and Washburn University. This grant is funded by the state of Kansas. The Kansas Legislature provides limited assistance to financially needy students. To be considered you must complete and submit the FAFSA, listing one or more eligible colleges in the FAFSA. The priority receipt deadline is April 1. The funding level allows about 1 in 3 eligible students to be assisted with award amounts ranging from $200 - $3,500 at the private institutions and $100 - $1,500 at the public institutions. This grant is based on financial need.

Kansas Career Technical Workforce Grant

The Career Technical Workforce Grant is available to students enrolled in an eligible career technical education program operated by a designated Kansas educational institution that has been identified as offering a technical certificate or associate of applied science degree program in a high cost, high demand, or critical industry field. Designated Kansas educational institutions include technical colleges, community colleges, and public four-year colleges that award associate of applied science degrees; and Washburn Institute of Technology. Only technical certificate and associate of applied science degree programs are included among the eligible programs. Preference in awarding goes to applicants with financial need.

Kansas Osteopathic Medical Service Scholarship

Recipients must be Kansas residents. For graduate students. Designed to encourage primary care physicians to establish practices in rural areas of Kansas. Recipients receive $15,000 per year for up to four years of study at nationally accredited osteopathic schools. Preference goes to first year students. Recipients return one year of practice for each year of assistance. Applicants must complete a program application and the designated financial aid application.

Kansas Optometry Service Scholarship

Recipients must be Kansas residents. Graduate students only. Designed to encourage optometrists to establish Kansas practices. Kansas helps to pay the difference between resident and nonresident tuition at eligible out-of-state institutions. Recipients must return one year of practice for each year of assistance.

Kansas Dental Education Opportunities Program

Recipients must be Kansas residents. For graduate students only. Designed to encourage dentists to establish Kansas practices. Kansas helps pay the difference between resident and nonresident tuition at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Applications also available from UM-KC. Deadline: Rolling.

James B. Pearson Fellowship

Recipients must be Kansas residents. Established by former Kansas Senator Pearson to encourage graduate students from Kansas public universities to experience the global perspective gained from study abroad. Preferences given to applicants whose studies are directly related to foreign affairs. The average stipend provided is $2,445. Awards are subject to availability of funding. Applications also available from graduate school offices

WSU Freshmen Merit Scholarship

Incoming high school seniors who are fully-admitted to WSU as a degree-bound student Must have a completed 6th semester transcript -- and -- ACT / SAT test scores Students will be evaluated based on a composite of the following: High School GPA (unweighted) High School Class Rank National Test Score (ACT / SAT) Students with test score improvements have an opportunity for reconsideration. Awarding begins in October for the following academic year and runs monthly until March 1. Consideration after March 1 will be based on available funding. NOTE: Generally, WSU Freshmen Merit Scholarships cannot be combined with other institutional merit scholarship awards.

Wichita State University/SAE Engineering Scholarship

Student Eligibility: Must be an incoming freshman majoring in engineering. Selection will be based on academic and leadership achievement. Applicants must be admitted to Wichita State. Terms: One $2,000 scholarship will be awarded. This scholarship is renewable for three additional years with a 3.0 GPA and continued progress toward an engineering degree, with a minimum 12 hour enrollment.

Cultural Diversity Scholarship

To qualify, at least one parent must be Native American or Native Alaskan, Asian or Pacific Islander, African American or Hispanic. The student must also be a U.S. citizen and planning to enroll as a full-time student at Baker. Ethnic origin is reported on the Baker application for admission. *Need-based award

Bishop Quayle Award

The student must be an active member of a participating church. Baker matches the church's contribution from an established scholarship fund up to $600 per year. A minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA is required for renewal of Baker's matching portion. (The participating church does not have to be a United Methodist Church.) This scholarship can only be used at the College of Arts and Sciences at Baker University.

KASF Scholarship - Midwestern Regional Chapter

Qualifications Undergraduate, graduate, and high school students enrolled full time during the scholarship application year. Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0. Students with a Korean heritage studying in the United States regardless of citizenship status (including Korean Nationals). If extra funds are available, other students (non-Korean) may qualify for some scholarships. Qualifications for Scholarship Eligibility: Will be a full time student at a school in one of the designated Midwestern region states (Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin) Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. Can demonstrate need for financial assistance. Your category depends on what your status will be during the school year, as follows: High School Sophomores & Juniors - Scholarships awarded based on achievement (not based on financial need). High School Seniors with plans to attend college in next school year - The chosen college must be within the Midwestern region. You must include a copy of your acceptance letter. College Freshmen, Sophomores & Juniors - The school you are attending must be within the Midwestern region. College Seniors - You must be planning to attend a graduate or professional school in the Midwestern region. You must submit a letter of acceptance from the graduate or professional school. Graduate Students - You must be continuing your studies in the next school year at a school within the Midwestern region.

Innovation in Education Scholarship

LA Tutors awards a monthly $500 Innovation Scholarship to high school and college students who showcase their creativity and make a positive impact.

Accounting Club SCholarship

Applicant must be an undergraduate Accounting major with 3.0 or above GPA. Can be a full or part-time student, but must be a member of the Accounting Club. Statement of participation in Accounting Club must be included with application. (Contingent on funding)

Adams, Brown, Beran and Ball Certified Public Accountants Scholarship

1. Senior Accounting major or graduate student with accounting emphasis. 2. Minimum 3.0 overall GPA; minimum 3.2 GPA in accounting. 3. Desire to pursue career as CPA and/or work in field of public accounting.

Agriculture - Academic Opportunity Award

Scholarships are awarded to students in the following areas of study: General Agriculture, Animal Science, Agronomy, Beef Cattle Management, Pre-Veterinary Medicine, and Agricultural Business. These awards are for incoming freshmen only.

Albert Graf Scholarship

Awarded to a sophomore, junior or senior Agriculture or Agribusiness major with a career interest in the dairy industry. Applicants must have a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA and should be a Kansas resident.

Scholarships only applicable for specific counties within this state