Scholarships of county 'Johnson' within Kansas

"Here are the first 20 scholarships where one of the requirements is based on where you live."

Some states or counties have hundreds of scholarships for which you may qualify.
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Wichman Family Nursing Scholarship Fund

To provide scholarships to students who are attending Johnson County Community College and pursuing their RN degree through the nursing program.Eligibility: * The students eligible for assistance shall be enrolled in the Johnson County Community College Nursing program and pursuing an RN degree. * Student must have completed all the pre-requisites necessary to be accepted to nursing school and show proof of acceptance into the nursing program. * Student must be a full time student and have a 2.5 grade point average or greater. * Student must demonstrate financial need. A copy of the student’s 1040 tax return is required as well as the tax return of their family, if they are living at home. * Student must submit a scholarship application on the form provided by the Foundation.RenewalThe scholarship may be renewed based on the completion of the renew application form and by providing their most recent transcript which indicates a 2.5 grade point average or greater has been maintained.

Zonta Club of Johnson County, Kansas Scholarship Fund

The purpose of the Fund shall be to provide scholarships to encourage more young women to seek post-secondary education with plans to participate in public and political life by recognizing a commitment to the volunteer sector, evidence of volunteer leadership achievements, international awareness and a dedication to the advancement of the status of women.Eligibility:Students eligible for assistance must: * Be a resident of Johnson County, Kansas * Be a graduating senior and on track to graduate during the academic year in which application is made * Be planning to attend an accredited college or university in the United States * Demonstrate a 3.0 or greater cumulative GPA * Plan to enroll on a full-time basis, beginning within one year of the date the scholarship is awarded * Submit a complete application with verification of current enrollment by the school district * Provide two confidential letters of reference from adults who are not related to the applicant.