College Scholarship FAQ

College Connection was founded by a group of parents who went through the college financial aid process with their children and saw a need to improve the process. We have been posting new free scholarships, monthly, since 1995. Our Financial Aid Database is one of the largest and up to date databases consisting of private sector awards provided by corporations, non profit agencies and associations that offer scholarships and grants.

Who can apply?

Scholarships are available for high school students, undergraduate, graduate and vocational or technical school students. Scholarships are also available for international students. You must be at least 13 years of age to create a profile and view scholarships.

Scholarships are available for 4-year colleges, 2-year colleges and vocational or technical schools and post graduate degrees.

Is this service free?

All of the information on scholarships and college is 100% free.

How do I apply to scholarships?

Simply create a profile and we will display on-line all of the scholarships that match your criteria. Each scholarship will have a link to their apply online page. Just click the link and apply now.

What if I change my major or college?

That's easy! Just update your profile any time and view the new scholarships that match your new major or college or any changes you made to your profile.

Is my information safe?

site is encrypted using the latest technology. We take pride in keeping your information secure. Please view our Privacy Policy for more details.

Is there any truth in the statement that billions in Scholarships go unclaimed every year?

No, that is simply not true. Most of the scholarship programs are very competitive. This is just a scare tactic some search services use to entice people to use their service. We do not believe there is even one million in unclaimed scholarships on any given year.

The bottom line on this is that someone is receiving the scholarship money and it can't be you unless you apply. If you do not use our service use another service or buy a book, or visit your library, but whatever you do, start applying.