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The Hoosier State of Indiana is located in the Midwestern portion of the US. The capital is Indianapolis and the population in the state was approximately 6.5 million as of 2012. The state bird is the cardinal and the state fish is the largemouth bass.

Indiana is home to 87 colleges and universities. Among these are Ball State University, Indiana State University and Purdue University. There is also a well-developed network of community colleges offering affordable tuition for in-state residents. These 2-year institutions often feature reciprocal course credit relationships with 4-year colleges in the area.

A large portion of Indiana's economy is manufacturing based. The state is one of the largest steel producers in the country. Other important industries include pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, cars, rubber, petroleum and coal products.

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William Fenton Scholarship

- You must be a child, grandchild, sister, niece or nephew of a member of Plumbers and Steamfitters Union, Local #157. Such family members shall include step-relatives. - You are pursuing a degree in a construction or engineering-related field.

Barnes-Elrod Memorial Scholarship Fund

Scholarships for students attending Indiana Wesleyan University, as determined by IWU with preference given to Christian Ministries majors.

Goodman Scholarship Fund

Fund Purpose: Scholarships for students attending IWU, with preference given to students from the Dept. of Religion and Philosophy. Fund Story: The Goodman Scholarship Fund was started by Frances L. Goodman in 1994 in memory of her late husband, Morton. She wanted to honor Morton's twenty-five years of ministry at Owosso Wesleyan Church and his commitment to Christian higher education. Frances preferred that the scholarship be given to an IWU student from the department of Religion and Philosophy that demonstrates financial need.

Hall-Wesleyan Memorial Scholarship Fund

Fund Purpose: Scholarships to students attending IWU majoring in religion and philosophy and intending to serve as either a pastor or missionary, nursing, or education, as determined by IWU. Fund Story: The Hall- Wesleyan Memorial Scholarship Fund was created by Luella Hall in 1994 in memory of Reverend W.F. Hall, Mary B. Howlett Hall and Delia Howlett. This scholarship was created to benefit IWU students majoring in Religion and Philosophy (intending to serve as a pastor or missionary), Nursing or Education. The fund is now advised by Indiana Wesleyan University.

Juanita M. Harvey Scholarship

Fund Purpose: Scholarships to students attending IWU, with preference given to students in the dept. of math and science. Fund Story: This scholarship fund was started by Donna Harvey Evans and Donald Harvey as memorial to the lives of their parents, Juanita and Warren Harvey. They prefer that the scholarship be given to IWU students in the Department of Math and Science.

Jenny Haynes Scholarship

Scholarships for residents enrolled in a Nursing course.

Cleo Mansfield Scholarship

Scholarships for students enrolled in the hospitality industry.

Jenita & Dan Porfilio Scholarship

Scholarships to Habitat for Humanity families.

Elmer and C. Berniece Warner Scholarship

Fund Purpose: Scholarships for students attending IWU studying education or religion. Fund Story: Elmer and C. Berniece Warner began a scholarship fund in 1997 to benefit IWU students majoring in Religion and Philosophy or Education. They wanted the scholarship to be awarded to students who are Michigan residents and whose lives are characterized by integrity, modesty, hard work and diligence. This fund is now advised by Indiana Wesleyan University.

Minority Teacher/Special Education Scholarship

To be eligible you must be: 1. A minority student (defined as Black or Hispanic) seeking a teaching certification; or A student seeking a special education teaching certification; or A student seeking an Occupational or Physical Therapy certification. 2. An Indiana resident. 3. Admitted to an eligible institution as a full-time student or already attending as a full-time student. 4. Pursuing or intend to pursue a course of study that would enable the student upon graduation to teach in an accredited elementary or secondary school in Indiana. In addition, students who are already enrolled in college, must have a grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.0 on a scale of 4.0 or the equivalent, or meet the minimum GPA requirements established at the college for its school of education, if it is higher. Colleges are responsible for making the actual awards. They may not base the awards solely on merit based factors. Financial need may be considered but is not a requirement. Preference will be given to minority students and students enrolling in college for the first time. Scholarships are not transferable between universities.

Krista Eldridge Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is for a North Decatur or Greensburg student with a GPA of 2.5 or above, pursuing any post-secondary education. Preference given to those going to Purdue or those pursuing a major in Human and Social Services. (Award will be paid at start of second semester.)

Paul and Eleanor Hoffman Memorial Scholarship

The mission of this scholarship is to help a Greensburg Community High School graduate in their second through fourth year of study, if they had received a scholarship from the DCCF as a freshman.

Scholarships only applicable for specific counties within this state

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