Scholarships of county 'Benton' within Indiana

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Fitzgerald Family Endowment Scholarship

The Fitzgerald Endowment provides scholarships for students pursuing post-secondary education. Priority is given to students who intend to study in a health-related profession and/or have overcome a specific life challenge. Limited to residents of Benton County, IN.

Pay It Forward Scholarship

Grateful for the support they had received from Community Foundation scholarships, a few families of Lilly Scholars started the Pay It Forward Fund in late 2006. Designed to be a vehicle for past scholarship recipients to show their gratitude while providing scholarships for future Benton County students, this fund is expected to grow over time as does the roster of Foundation Scholarship Recipients. Limited to residents of Benton County, IN.

Joe and Connie Widmer Memorial Scholarship

Honoring the lives of the late Joe and Connie Widmer, this scholarship provides funds to students who intend to study in an agriculture-related field at a skilled trade, vocational, or four-year college. Priority will be given to students who have been involved with Agriculture related organizations (i.e. FFA and 4-H) throughout their youth. Joe and Connie spent their entire lives in Benton County, with farming as an integral part of their marriage and family. We are pleased to extend their support to youth in the agriculture community through this scholarship program. Limited to residents of Benton County, IN.

Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship

Commencing in 1998, Lilly Endowment Inc. provides two Lilly Endowment Community Scholarships (LECS) each year for Benton County students. The scholarship provides full tuition and required fees to any accredited four-year private or public college or university in Indiana of the recipients choice, plus an annual book and equipment stipend. The LECS program is administered by the community foundations serving every county in Indiana. Each community foundation establishes its own criteria and application procedures for scholarship recipients. Benton Community Foundation nominates recipients who have had significant academic success while in high school as demonstrated by completing a rigorous curriculum and earning at least a 3.33 grade point average after seven (7) semesters. Additionally, recipients have contributed significantly to the quality of student life at the high school by participation and leadership in school activities: music, theater, clubs, service organizations, student government, athletics, FFA, etc. Moreover, they have contributed significantly to the quality of life in the local community outside high school by participation and leadership in community activities: volunteer groups, scouting, special projects, church, 4-H, etc. Recipients have contributed to the communitys economic well-being by paid work, work for family business or farm. Applicants are scored using the following criteria: * Academics 25% * School Contributions 15% * Community Contributions 15% * Work Experience 10% * Written Communication 5% * Statement of Financial Need 5% * Impromptu Written Essay 5% * Oral Communication 20%