Scholarships of county 'Lagrange' within Indiana

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Healthcare Opportunity Professional Excellence or H.O.P.E. Scholarship

SCHOLARSHIP SPECIFIC QUALIFIERS:1. Must submit application by deadline.2. Must be a resident of LaGrange County3. Must be a graduating senior, previous year graduate or have earned a GED4. Must plan full-time enrollment in an accredited two or four-year program at a college or university in the field of nursing5. Must be pursuing a career in nursing6. Must have experience in the health care fieldEMPHASIZED SELECTION CRITERIA:1. Preference to non-traditional students (previous year graduate or GED)ESSAY REQUIREMENT - 500 WORDS OR LESS USING 12-POINT FONT, ONE PAGE MAXIMUM:Reflecting on the historical background for the H.O.P.E. scholarship, respond to the question, “How will you help LaGrange County avoid a nursing shortage in the future?”