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Here are some of the Management scholarships on our site for which you may qualify.

Harry A. Applegate DECA Scholarship Award

Any currently active National DECA member who intends to pursue a full-time two- or four-year course of study in marketing, merchandising or management may apply. The applicants may select any accredited institution/university offering careers in marketing, management or merchandising. The DECA Scholarship is merit based and is not based on financial need. However, if an applicant chooses, he or she may include a statement in support of financial need and it will be reviewed.

Delta Air Lines - Engine Maintenance Internship

Delta Air Lines would like to extend a Summer Internship (13 weeks) opportunity to a student currently enrolled in a baccalaureate degree program in business management or industrial engineering. In addition to an internship position, the recipient will receive a trip to the Annual International Women in Aviation Conference (includes round-trip airfare, hotel accommodations, and conference registration). Applicants must be full-time students at the junior or senior level with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better (on a 4.0 scale). Applicants must be U.S. citizens or eligible non-citizens. Lodging accommodations will not be provided for the duration of the 13-week internship. The technical services intern reports to the project leader-engine maintenance. Responsibilities include but are not limited to creating presentations, process improvements, developing business plans, understanding finance and our cost structure, coordination of meetings, and analyzing data and metrics. You will participate in and assist the management team in developing long-term and short-term goals in support of engine maintenance production. You will also have the opportunity to work with both internal and external customers from all levels of management. You must practice safety-conscious behaviors in all operational processes and procedures. Responsibilities: - Create and report metrics in Excel and PowerPoint. - Work closely with the engine maintenance management team to provide them solutions to data based on industry trends that are developing worldwide. - Develop and implement changes in our production strategy based on business demands. - Use FAA, OSHA, and EPA regulations and Delta policy requirements to assist the shops in meeting their production goals. Skills/Abilities: - Knowledge of basic PC skills and Microsoft Office software suite required. - Good technical writing and oral communication skills required. - Must be capable of working in a team environment to creatively solve technical problems. - Must have the ability to complete assignments with minimal supervision. - Strong ability to work within a team environment to creatively solve technical problems and implement change. - Must develop both strategic and tactical plans that create a safety-conscious environment resulting in employee safety and well-being. Compensation is paid to interns based on the following guidelines: junior-at least 60 semester hours in college completed-$2,253 per month ($15/hour); senior-at least 90 semester hours in college completed-$2,947 per month ($17/hour). Note: Students must be currently enrolled in school to participate in the internship program. In addition to all WAI requirements, interested applicants should submit a résumé and cover letter detailing their qualifications. Applicants should list academic honors, scholarships, awards, and special achievements. (Scholarship value $12,000) Submission Requirements: Applicants must be a member of Women in Aviation, International and may apply for no more than two scholarships. Internships are not included in the two per member scholarship limit. All application materials can be submitted in the same envelope. These requirements are the minimum for all scholarships unless otherwise indicated. Some scholarships may require additional information, please read the description thoroughly to make sure you meet all requirements. For each scholarship include three stapled (no folders) complete application sets (one original and two copies) of the following information: Official WAI application form Two one-page recommendation letters (originals - no photocopies) Typed, descriptive 500-word essay Professional résumé Copies of all aviation and medical certificates and the last three pages of your pilot logbook (if applicable)

Fastline Publications Scholarship

ELIGIBILITY: Pursuing a four-year degree in agricultural business/farm/livestock or ranch management or agricultural sales and marketing. Seventeen $1,000 scholarships to a member from Illinois; Indiana; Iowa; Kansas; Kentucky; West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina or South Carolina; Arkansas, Louisiana or Mississippi; Missouri; Nebraska; Pennsylvania or New York; Washington, Oregon or Idaho; Ohio; Oklahoma; Alabama, Georgia or Florida; Tennessee; Texas; Wisconsin. In addition, seven scholarships are available to FFA members pursuing a two-year degree in agricultural business/farm/livestock or ranch management or agricultural sales and marketing to the states of Kansas; Kentucky; Nebraska; Ohio; Oklahoma; Texas; Alabama, Georgia or Florida. Applicants must live on a family farm, exhibit strong leadership skills, financial need and demonstrate interest in managing a farm.AWARD: 24 scholarships at $1,000 each, non-renewable.

NGASC Scholarship Foundation

Eligibility:1. Students pursuing, ON A FULL TIME BASIS, associate degrees (2 or 3 year program) and undergraduate or graduate degrees (See limitations in 2,3,4 below).2. Graduate students MUST BE MEMBERS of the South Carolina National Guard to be eligible.3. Students may attend South Carolina or out-of-state colleges (See exceptions in 8-10 below.)4. Although NOT guaranteed, maximum eligibility is four (4) years with annual applications.5. Two (2) Scholarships, limited to undergraduate students, are awarded for ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE. Financial disclosure is NOT required to apply for these two academic scholarships, if “CONSIDER FOR ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE ONLY” is checked on the front page of the application. All other grants will be based on academic excellence and/or need.6. TRANSCRIPTS AND TEST SCORES: All documents, as required by the table on Page 1, must be attached to the application or mailed under separate cover to: NGASC SCHOLARSHIP FOUNDATION, 132 PICKENS STREET, COLUMBIA, SC 29205. Having all required documents attached to the application is PREFERRED; however, they may be mailed by the appropriate school/college/test service BEFORE THE DEADLINE. 7. FINANCIAL INFORMATION: Were you (APPLICANT) claimed as a DEPENDENT on your SPONSOR’S tax return? If “yes,” you must submit a copy of your SPONSOR’S tax return as well as a copy of your (APPLICANT’S) tax return (i.e., a signed true COPY of the FRONT AND BACK ONLY of each Federal Tax Form 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ [Do NOT include additional attachments and schedules to these forms] ). EXCEPTION 1: APPLICANTS WHO ARE SELF-SPONSORED MEMBERS OF THE SCNG NEED ONLY SUBMIT THEIR OWN TAX RETURN. EXCEPTION 2: “Consider for Academic Excellence Only” applicants need NOT furnish any financial information (see note 5 above). An average of two (2) academic excellence awards are made each year. 8. One grant is designated for a Clemson University student pursuing a degree in Electrical, Mechanical, or Industrial Engineering. One grant is designated for a student at Tri-County Technical College at Pendleton, studying Electronics, Engineering, Engineering Graphics, Industrial Electronics, Industrial Mechanics, Machine Tool Technology, Management, Quality Assurance Technology, or Secretarial Science.9. One grant is designated for a University of South Carolina student pursuing a degree in accounting. Another grant is designated for an Erskine College student pursuing a degree in accounting.10. One scholarship is restricted to enlisted personnel.

AFCEA Young Entrepreneur Scholarship

Scholarships of $2,000 each will be awarded to students currently pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in the hard science or technology disciplines directly related to the mission of AFCEA while employed by a small business. Applicants must be a young professional (age 40 or under) with demonstrated entrepreneurial talents or accomplishments. Undergraduate candidates must be at least second-year students attending an accredited college or university in the United States. Graduate students must have completed at least two postgraduate-level classes prior to the deadline date. The scholarship is intended for students attending school on a part-time basis, whether at a two-year community college or accredited university institution. Part-time status will be defined as enrollment in at least two classes (semester-equivalent) with a declared major in a science or technology degree program or a declared major in a business field with a science or technology minor. Student enrolled in on-line or distance-learning programs will be eligible, as long as all other criteria are met. Eligible students must also be currently employed (see above). Eligibility: Candidate must be a U.S. citizen, attending an accredited college or university in the United States as either a traditional or distance-learning student, and working toward a degree in the following C4I-related fields of electrical, computer, chemical, systems or communications engineering; computer science; physics; mathematics; technology management; computer information systems; management information systems or related fields. Business majors with a minor in science or technology are also eligible. An overall GPA of 3.0 on 4.0 scale or better is required. Undergraduate applications will be accepted from sophomore, junior and senior students - minimum second-year students please. Graduate applications will be accepted from students who have completed at least two postgraduate-level courses and are enrolled in an eligible degree-granting master's degree program. If you have any questions regarding your eligibility, please contact the Educational Foundation via the email below. Important: PLEASE NOTE: At least two letters of recommendation will be required as follows: • One letter must be from a faculty member in your chosen major having personal knowledge of your degree program, achievements and potential. • One letter must be from current small business employer or relevant current public service agency. Instructions for electronic submission of the recommendation letters will be provided to the endorsers as part of the on-line application process - please do not mail separately. Letters will be addressed to: Mr. Fred H. Rainbow Vice President and Executive Director AFCEA Educational Foundation 4400 Fair Lakes Court Fairfax, VA 22033 An official transcript reflecting all college-level study will also be required by the deadline date - electronic submission preferred. If electronic submission is not possible, please send official document to the AFCEA address listed above.

Stealthy & Wealthy 2017 Student Entrepreneur Scholarship

Whether you have an idea for an app, a blog or a vlog, a talent for creating products that you want to sell online, a savvy method for investing, or a technological innovation that you want to get off the ground, we want to help. This grant is for anyone interested in building their own business or side hustle to help them get ahead while they are in school. The money can be used for marketing your business, purchasing materials, setting up at a trade show, launching an online store, or whatever your business or idea needs to help you succeed. To give back to the next generation of entrepreneurs and brilliant minds, we have created a grant that will go directly to the student who will be working to build their future. There is one grant that will be awarded each fall to a college student in the United States. This grant will be a $250 one-time gift given to the student who is selected. The money is intended to be used as an investment or to help build a personal side business for the future entrepreneur.

Ray Greenly Scholarship

$65,000 in scholarships available! Have you ever wondered exactly how retailers manage to bring their brick-and-mortar stores to life on a mobile app? Or perhaps you’ve visited your favorite retailer’s Twitter page and thought, “I’d love to manage their social media!” Digital retail is a popular, fast-growing field in the retail industry that requires top performers – from app developers to social media gurus to web designers. Interested in this subject? There’s a scholarship for that! To apply you must: • Be enrolled full-time as a sophomore, junior, or senior undergraduate or graduate student when the scholarship is awarded in October 2015. • Be a U.S. citizen or legal U.S. resident to be eligible. • Have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or above on a 4.0 scale. • Submit a completed application by April 30, 2015. Applicants do not have to be in a retail program or major to apply, but should be able to explain how their chosen major is relevant to digital retail. Students pursuing majors in ecommerce, engineering, marketing or advertising, journalism, graphic design and IT are all critically important for the future of digital retail and are encouraged to submit an application. Visit for more information.

Pioneer State Mutual Insurance Co. Merit Scholarship

This scholarship is available for a graduating senior who is pursuing a degree in business/management related field. The recipient must exhibit good citizenship, a good attendance record, excellent oral/written communication skills and meet all academic standards with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Priority will be given to students involved in community and/or extracurricular activities. Financial need will also be taken into consideration. Two $1,000 scholarships awarded annually at each Central High School and West Senior High.

Ray Piper Global Project Management Education Scholarship

Criteria:To honor the memory of Ray Piper, Ray's friends are sponsoring the Ray Piper Global Project Management Education Scholarship in the amount of US$1,000.This academic scholarship is open to any student enrolled in or applying for an accredited undergraduate academic degree program in project management or a related field of study at any college or university anywhere in the world.

The Gaylord E. (Gary) Christle Scholarship

CriteriaIn honor of the distinguished government service career of a founding member of the Performance Management Association, now known as the PMI College of Performance Management, to support scholarly studies and scientific advancement in the fields of acquisition, program and project management.A scholarship was first awarded during the academic year 2001-2002. The Gaylord E. Christle Scholarship is open to any student enrolled in an accredited college or university, pursuing a bachelors, masters, or doctoral degree in acquisition management and/or project management.The scholarship will be awarded between September and May in the amount of US$3,000.

PMI Central Iowa Chapter Scholarship

Background:The Central Iowa Chapter of Project Management Institute (PMI®) aims to promote the project management profession and serve the educational, professional and networking needs of Central Iowa.In this direction and to foster student interest in project management, the chapter has created a $2,500 (US) scholarship endowment.The scholarship award will be administered by PMI Educational Foundation (PMIEF) and funded by the PMI Central Iowa chapter.Qualification:Applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements: 1. Be accepted to or attend an undergraduate or graduate degree program at an accredited college or university in Iowa in any field related to project management. 2. Demonstrate an interest in project management.

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