Museum Studies Scholarships

Here are some of the Museum Studies scholarships on our site for which you may qualify.

Frances M. Schwartz Internship

Applicants must have completed the B.A. or the equivalent. Provides support for students to obtain practical experience in numismatics.

Pat O'Connell Memorial Fellowship in Medieval Art

Awarded to a promising young scholar for one year's study or research in the field of Medieval Art. This fellowship is reserved for talented individuals with promising art historical projects that will contribute to the field at large and who will benefit most from using the resources of the Department of Medieval Art, its collections, and the guidance of its curatorial staff.

The Slifka Foundation Interdisciplinary Fellowship

Early Netherlandish and German Painting, Department of European Paintings: Awarded to a completed M.A. or a Ph.D.-level candidate for training in an interdisciplinary approach, joining art historical research with technical investigation of the Museum's Northern Renaissance paintings. Please note: The recipient of the fellowship will conduct research with the curator on the collection catalogues of early German and Netherlandish paintings. Applicants applying for this fellowship only must contact the Grants Office prior to submitting an application at

Donald Groves Fund

Through the Donald Groves Fund, the American Numismatic Society seeks to promote publication in the field of early American numismatics involving material dating no later than 1800. Funding is available for travel and other expenses in association with research as well as for publication costs.

The Douglass Foundation Fellowship in American Art

Awarded in honor of John K. Howat to a promising young scholar for one year's study or research in the American Wing (in either the Department of American Paintings and Sculpture or the Department of American Decorative Arts) on an aspect of the Museum's collection. Applicants should have been enrolled for at least one year in an advanced degree program in the field of American art or culture.

Visiting Scholarships

Providing opportunities for scientists who wish to use the Field Museum's collections, funds are earmarked for travel and for subsistence while visitors are conducting their research. Applications must be endorsed by a Field Museum curator. Please identify a scientist from the list of curators who is responsible for the collection you wish to study. Please contact him or her beforehand to communicate your background, goals and objectives. Applications require statements regarding: a) purpose and significance of the proposed research, b) relevance of field Museum’s collections to the project, c) collaboration(s) with Field Museum curators, if any, d) procedures and methods used in the project.A current full Curriculum Vitae (In English), including a list of references (other than a Field Museum curator), must be uploaded with the application (pdf or doc formats only). You may also submit an additional file of supplemental material (figures, tables, or letters) that you might want considered with your application.Finally, one of your references must send a letter to the committee before the application deadline. Letters should be addressed to the Chair of the Scholarship committee, or sent via e-mail to, with the name of the applicant in the subject lineApplications are considered once a year. The deadline is November 1st. Proposals reviewed by the November 1st panel can be funded no sooner than the first week of the following January.Young professionals and graduate students can be funded for periods of a few days to several weeks from the Thomas J. Dee, the Karl P. Schmidt, and the Visiting Scholar funds. Awards are typically less than $1,500 per scholar, owing to the limited availability of these funds. However, requests up to $2500 may be submitted by overseas scholars with expensive airfares.Short or extended-term visits by distinguished national and international scientists can be funded for periods of several weeks up to one year through the Robert O. Bass Visiting Scientist Fund.

CFI Sid Solow Scholarship

The CFI Sid Solow Scholarship is supported by The Thomson Foundation for Film and Television Heritage. It was created in 1999 and named in honor of the founder of CFI. To be eligible for the award, a student: * must be enrolled FULL TIME in a graduate-level or other advanced program in moving image studies or production, library or information services, archival administration, museum studies or a related discipline; or must be accepted into such a program for the next academic year; and * must have a grade point average of at least 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) in his/her most recent academic program. Students from any country may apply. Important factors in the selection of the scholarship recipients include: a students commitment to pursuing a career in moving image archiving; the quality of a students academic record; and the strength of a students program of study as it applies to moving image archiving.

The Hanns Swarzenski and Brigitte Horney Swarzenski Fellowship

Awarded to a promising young scholar for study and research at the Museum. Preference will be given to applicants with a proven interest in museum work or those planning to pursue a museum career in the field of Medieval Art. Should in any given year the Grants Committee find no suitable candidate for a fellowship in Medieval Art, the Museum may instead select a suitable candidate in the field of European Decorative Arts.

Hagley/Winterthur Flwps in Arts & Industries

These fellowships are intended to support serious scholarly work. They enable individuals to pursue advanced study and research in the collections of both Hagley and Winterthur. They are available to both degree candidates and senior scholars, as well as applicants without advanced degrees. Applications are welcome from scholars and writers working independently as well as college and university teachers, librarians, archivists, museum curators, and scholars from fields other than the humanities. Fellowship recipients are required to spend their time in residence at Hagley and Winterthur, or at least to travel there on a regular and consistent basis. Low-cost rental accommodations may be available at both institutions. As much as possible, recipients should be prepared to devote their full time to the fellowship for the duration of their appointment. The fellowship program is also valuable for the collegial association it provides. As centers for advanced study in the humanities, Hagley and Winterthur are focal points for a community of scholars. Fellows are expected to participate in seminars which meet at both institutions, as well as attend noontime colloquia, lectures, concerts, exhibits, and other public programs offered during their tenure. Stipends are for a minimum of one month and a maximum of six months at no more than $1,200 per month.

Undergraduate Internships

Four or five internships per year are available for undergraduate students or recent graduates to work directly with collections and research staff at the Museum. Internships are 10 weeks long and are usually taken in the summer.

Theodore Rousseau Fellowships

Intended to develop the skills of connoisseurship by supporting first-hand examination of paintings in major European collections, rather than by supporting library research. The fellowships are awarded for the training of students whose goal is to enter museums as curators of painting. Applicants should have been enrolled for at least one year in an advanced degree program in the field of art history. Short-term fellowships of at least three months will be considered along with twelve month requets. All fellowships must take place between September 1 and August 31.

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