Visiting Scholarships

Scholarship Description

Providing opportunities for scientists who wish to use the Field Museum’s collections, funds are earmarked for travel and for subsistence while visitors are conducting their research. Applications must be endorsed by a Field Museum curator. Please identify a scientist from the list of curators who is responsible for the collection you wish to study. Please contact him or her beforehand to communicate your background, goals and objectives. Applications require statements regarding:  a) purpose and significance of the proposed research,  b) relevance of field Museum’s collections to the project,  c) collaboration(s) with Field Museum curators, if any,  d) procedures and methods used in the project.A current full Curriculum Vitae (In English), including a list of references (other than a Field Museum curator), must be uploaded with the application (pdf or doc formats only). You may also submit an additional file of supplemental material (figures, tables, or letters) that you might want considered with your application.Finally, one of your references must send a letter to the committee before the application deadline. Letters should be addressed to the Chair of the Scholarship committee, or sent via e-mail to, with the name of the applicant in the subject lineApplications are considered once a year. The deadline is November 1st. Proposals reviewed by the November 1st panel can be funded no sooner than the first week of the following January.Young professionals and graduate students can be funded for periods of a few days to several weeks from the Thomas J. Dee, the Karl P. Schmidt, and the Visiting Scholar funds. Awards are typically less than $1,500 per scholar, owing to the limited availability of these funds. However, requests up to $2500 may be submitted by overseas scholars with expensive airfares.Short or extended-term visits by distinguished national and international scientists can be funded for periods of several weeks up to one year through the Robert O. Bass Visiting Scientist Fund.

Year of Need: 1st Year Grad, 2nd Year Grad, 3rd Year Grad, Beyond 3rd Year Grad,

Type: Merit Based

Num Awards: Multiple

Min Award:

Max Award: 2500

Deadline: 2022-11-01


Sponsoring Organization The Field Museum
Chair, Scholarship Committee, Office of Academic Affairs 1400 S. Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, IL 60605

Contact Person:

Phone: 312-922-9410