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Dissertation Fellowships

The purpose of these fellowships is to encourage African-American, Hispanic, and Native American students (U.S. citizens) to pursue college and university teaching careers in New England. Successful applicants will spend a year completing their dissertations at the host campuses listed below. In addition, Scholars will be given special opportunities to consider possible teaching positions at the host campus or elsewhere in the region or nation. These fellowships are offered under the auspices of the newly launched Compact for Faculty Diversity. Applicants must have completed all doctoral work except the dissertation by the end of the current academic year and be in a strong position to complete the dissertation within a year.

Target Teachers Scholarships Program

This scholarship is offered to full- or part-time teachers working 20 hours or more per week at schools that are participating in Take Charge of Education. Eligible schools will be determined by Target.

Minoru Yasui Memorial Scholarship

National JACL membership is a requirement to be considered for a JACL scholarship. Membership must be held by the applicant or applicant's parents only. Extended family ties do not apply for this requirement. Student memberships are available. For more information about membership categories, please contact the JACL Membership Department at National Headquarters. Applicants must also be planning to attend a college, university, trade school, business school or any institution of higher learning at the graduate school level in the upcoming fall. Preference for this scholarship will be given to a student with a strong interest in Human and Civil Rights. Fields of study may also include sociology, law or education.

Litherland/FTE Scholarship

* Applicant must be member of the International Technology Education Association (Membership may be enclosed with scholarship application). * Applicant must not be a senior by application deadline. * Applicant must not be a current, full-time (as defined by the respective institution) undergraduate majoring in technology education teacher preparation.

Maley/FTE Teacher Scholarship

Applicant must be member of the International Technology Education Association. (Membership may be enclosed with scholarship application). - Applicant must be a technology teacher at any grade level who is beginning or continuing graduate studies.

Gerrish/FTE Graduate Fellowship

Applicant must be member of the International Technology Education Association. (Membership may be enclosed with scholarship application). - Applicant must be a technology teacher at any grade level (K-12), accepted into a graduate degree program.

Larry Acterman Public Education Award

Eligibility Applicants for this scholarship award must: 1. Be a high school senior (and US citizen) graduating from the Long Beach Unified School District. 2. Plan to enroll in a full-time course of study which leads to a degree and a teaching credential at an accredited four-year public college or university in the state of California. 3. Demonstrate a strong commitment and interest in pursuing a career in public education as a K-12 public school teacher in California. 4. Demonstrate outstanding scholastic ability, and a determination to graduate from college and become a public school teacher. For this scholarship you must arrange for at least two letters of recommendation. • At least one letter must be from a member of your school staff (e.g. teacher, academic counselor, principal, etc.). • At least one letter must be from an unrelated adult who has been involved with you in some significant activity outside of school.

Lindbergh Grant

Lindbergh Grants are awarded to individuals for research or public education projects, not to affiliated organizations for institutional programs. The Foundation welcomes candidates who may or may not be affiliated with an academic, non-profit institution or for-profit organization. The Lindbergh Grants Program is international in scope. Citizens of all countries are eligible. Letters of request, applications and Endorser's Reports and required progress and final reports must be submitted in the English language. The Foundation does not provide support for overhead costs of institutions, tuition or scholarships.

AASA Educational Administration Scholarship Award

AASA’s Educational Administration Scholarships were created in 1949 to provide incentive, honor and financial assistance to outstanding graduate students in school administration who intend to make the school superintendency a career. The scholarships in the amount of $2,500 each for outstanding graduate students are named for each of AASA's seven former executive directors. Recipients are honored at AASA's National Conference on Education and a $500 travel allowance is provided. Nominations and Deadlines Applications are available online by April 15 or from chairs of educational administration departments at universities that have such a program. Only one candidate may be submitted by each college or university campus and each candidate must be recommended by the dean of the school of education in which the candidate is enrolled. If a nominee is selected to receive this award, the nominee must be a member of or apply for membership with AASA at the aspiring superintendent rate.

Undergraduate/Advanced Graduate College Schps

National CAP scholarships are available for annual award to selected CAP members who haver received the Billy Mitchell Award or the Senior Rating in Level II of the Senior Training Program. These awards are offered in four disciplines: engineering, science, education, and humanities. If you are applying for an advanced undergraduate scholarship, ensure you meet all the criteria.

Ford Fndn Postdoctoral Fellowships for Minorities

Open to United States citizens who are members of one or more of the following ethnic minority groups: Alaskan Natives (Eskimo or Aleut), Native Americans, Black/African Americans, Mexican Americans/Chicanas/Chicanos, Native Pacific Islanders (Polynesian or Micronesian), and Puerto Ricans. Awards for postdoctoral research are made in the behavioral and social sciences, humanities, engineering, mathematics, physical sciences and life sciences, education, and interdisciplinary programs composed of two or more eligible disciplines. Applicants may not have held their degree for more than seven years at time of application. Approximately 25 one-year felowships offered to scholars in an academic teaching and research career, or those planning such a career.

Hearlihy/FTE Grant for Excellence in Teaching Tech

* Applicant must be a member of the International Technology Education Association. (Membership may be enclosed with scholarship application). * Applicant must be a teacher (elementary or secondary) who is successfully integrating technology education within the school curriculum. (Applicant above the elementary school level must be a Technology Teacher.)

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