Print Journalism Scholarships

Here are some of the Print Journalism scholarships on our site for which you may qualify.

NAHJ PepsiCo Scholarships

These Scholarships of up to $2,500 will be awarded to students pursuing careers in print, broadcast, online and visual journalism. College-bound high school seniors, college undergraduates and graduate students are eligible as long as they have a 2.0 average. These scholarships are made possible by PepsiCo, an effort to support young aspiring Latino journalists.

Stanford Chen Internship Grant

The Stanford Chen Internship Fund Grant supports college students needing help to bridge some of the costs that might otherwise keep them from taking an internship and expanding their journalism skills in an internship. AAJA awards one or more news internship grant(s) of $1,750 to current college juniors, seniors and graduate students. The grants are for print, online, broadcast or photography interns at any-sized media outlets (though APPLICANTS interning at small- to medium-sized outlets will be given priority). Eligibility and Rules: 1. Applicants have a serious interest in pursuing journalism as a career. 2. Applicants must have already secured a summer internship before applying for the internship grant. The stipend is to be used toward living expenses and/or transportation during your internship. Accepted applicants will be required to sign a waver acknowledging this. 3. AAJA student membership is strongly encouraged for all applicants, but not required to apply. Those selected to receive grants will be required to sign up for AAJA student membership.

The DRG John S. Robinson Memorial Scholarship

CRITERIA: The one-year scholarship is given to an undergraduate student in journalism who has demonstrated active involvement in the department, student media and student organizations. Preference is given to students majoring in magazine or working with Expo/ball bearings magazine and with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Dairy Farmers of America Scholarships

At Dairy Farmers of America, we believe it is important to invest in the next generation of leaders to ensure a bright future for the dairy industry. That is why we established the DFA Cares Foundation Scholarship Program. The Foundation awards scholarships to three categories of students: Incoming freshmen: High school seniors or recent graduates who have been accepted to college, but have not yet started classes Undergraduate students: Students who are currently participating in an associate’s or bachelor’s degree program, but have not yet graduated Graduate/professional students: Students enrolled in a graduate or professional degree program Scholarships are available to students pursuing a career in the dairy industry or a related field: Dairy herd management/production Large animal veterinary medicine Marketing/economics/finance Processing/manufacturing Communications/journalism Quality assurance Dairy nutrition Dairy foods Education Engineering Policy Genetics Law Others Criteria Must be enrolled in or applying for an accredited degree program during the next scholarship year Applicant’s commitment and passion for a career in the dairy industry, as demonstrated through responses to three essay questions Extracurricular activities, awards, recognition and work experience Academic achievement

Ruben Salazar Scholarship Program

Requirements: * Applicants must be high school seniors, college undergraduates, or first-year graduate students who are pursuing careers in English or Spanish-language print, photo, broadcast, or online media. * See website for additional information

Union Leader Charitable Fund, Inc. Loeb Educational Grant

William Loeb and Nackey Loeb, the late publishers of the Union Leader and New Hampshire Sunday News, loved New Hampshire and its young people’s spirit of independence. Strong advocates of independent journalism, the Loebs worked tirelessly to sustain the autonomy of New Hampshire’s largest daily newspaper.Each year, the Union Leader Charitable Fund, Inc. Board of Directors will award one $5,000 educational grant to a person who best exemplifies the Loebs’ spirit of independence and journalistic integrity.Educational grants are open to all individuals who meet the following criteria, regardless of age or educational status:- Have been New Hampshire residents for at least two years- Plan to attend a post-secondary education program- By June, have proof of acceptance and/or enrollment in the post-secondary program within one year of the award- Applicants must submit an essay, letter of recommendation, and transcript to be considered for the award.- This award is not based on financial need or grade point average, but rather on the applicant’s vision of journalistic integrity.

ISF-MCA Scholarship

ISF supports Islamic organizations and mosques by planning and managing joint scholarships. ISF is honored to host the ISF-MCA Scholarship of the Muslim Community Association of the Bay Area, MCA. The ISF-MCA Scholarship program is only open to members and individuals affiliated with the MCA. Description and Eligibility: ISF accepts online applications once a year starting in December for a period of three months. Each Eligible Applicant Must Be: Muslim and active member of the Muslim Community; Attending an accredited university in the U.S.; Majoring in an ISF supported field of study; Maintaining a minimum 3.0 Grade Point Average; A Citizen or Permanent Resident of the U.S.; An undergraduate (junior/senior) or of graduate standing.

Zip Conferencing Scholarship

Purpose: The Zip Conferencing Scholarship was created to foster a new generation of effective communicators and promote industry innovation through the application of new technologies by emerging scholars. Scholarship: The Zip Conferencing Scholarship is open to all communications, marketing and business school students. Zip Conferencing will award one $2500 scholarship to the student who writes the best response to the following questions: In what ways have the use of new communication technologies affected the way that you interact with the world around you? How do you plan on employing the skills learned from those experiences in pursuit of your professional goals? Requirements: Students must be enrolled at a 2 year, 4 year, graduate level or certification program for business or communication related studies. All entries must be a minimum of 500 and maximum of 1000 words. Diagrams, schematics, illustrations and photographs may be included as supporting documents. All entries must be submitted no later than June 30, 2015. How to Enter: Please include your name, contact information, institution, major and expected date of graduation/certification and completed essay in Word doc. Format and submit as a post on the Zip Conferencing Facebook page ( Winner: The scholarship winner will be announced on the Zip Conferencing Facebook page ( on Monday, July 15, 2015, and the scholarship funds will be dispersed pending confirmation of enrollment. Read more:

Durwood McAlister Scholarship

Established in 1992 by The Atlanta Journal, this scholarship is awarded annually to an outstanding student majoring in print journalism at a Georgia college or university. The McAlister Scholarship is named in honor of Durwood McAlister, former editor of The Atlanta Journal. All applicants must be a Georgia resident attending a Georgia college or university. The deadline to apply is March 1 of each year.

Re-Entry Scholarship

College/Department: Applied Sciences and Arts - Journalism & Mass Communication Must be a Print Journalism major or graduate student in Mass Communications with a B average. Selections will be based first on merit and second on financial need. Submit essay to support application.

Sam Smith News-Editorial Scholarship

CRITERIA: Recipient of this one-year scholarship must be an undergraduate news-editorial major who has completed the pre-journalism program and has a serious commitment to newspaper journalism.

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