Natural Sciences / Resources Scholarships

This major is most often called natural resources and conservation. Here you'll study the Earth's resources in order to determine how best to use, conserve and enjoy them. If a passion for the great outdoors is what drives you, then this might be the major for you. Keep reading to find out more about this major and the world of natural resource and conservation scholarships.

This is an interdisciplinary field of study. This means that your core coursework will consist of courses from a number of different disciplines. These will include biology and chemistry but also economics, the social sciences and environmental studies. Examples of typical courses would include conservation law, ecotourism, soil and land use, plant and animal identification and geographic information systems. Rounding out your curriculum will be electives such as English, creative writing and public speaking.

The purpose of the wide-ranging nature of your coursework will be to teach you how to integrate disparate disciplines in order to identify and solve natural resource issues. Your courses will consist of traditional lecture and discussion formats along with hands-on fieldwork. For most of the fieldwork you'll be working as part of a team so communication and teamwork skills will be essential for your success in your studies.

Be certain to research your programs carefully as they are offered in a number of formats. Some programs cover only one component of conservation, such as forestry or wildlife conservation. These programs are not by nature inferior but they might lead to a more narrow career search than a program which takes a wider approach to conservation. Careful research will help ensure that the educational outcomes of your desired college matches your vocational goals and expectations.

The employment outlook for careers related to natural resources and conservation is a varied picture. If you want to conduct high-end research or teach at the university level you will need a graduate degree.  If the bachelor's is your terminal degree, you still have plenty of options. Conservation jobs are available in both the government and private sector. Jobs are predicted to continue increasing between now and 2020.

Follow the links below to learn more about the range of natural resource and conservation scholarships.

American Postdoctoral Research Leave Fellowship

One-year support for women who will have earned a doctoral degree by November 15. Sixteen fellowships are available: four each in the arts and humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences, one unrestricted, and one designated for a woman from an underrepresented minority group in any field. Designed to assist scholars in obtaining tenure and other promotions by enabling them to spend a year pursuing independent research. The primary purpose of the fellowship is to increase the number of women in tenure-track faculty positions and to promote equality for women in higher education. Tenured professors are not eligible.

Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo Scholarships

Eligibility: Scholarships are restricted to current residents of the eight counties of Western New York. Students must have been admitted to a nonprofit [501(c)(3)], U.S. Department of Education accredited school in the United States for full-time study at the undergraduate level. Applicants who permanently relocate outside Western New York are no longer eligible for funding. Students who attend college outside Western New York remain eligible if they maintain a permanent residence in Western New York. In addition, Pell eligible applicants will be given strong preference in the award decision process. A limited number of scholarships are available for graduate students in specialized fields (architecture, arts, engineering, medicine, nursing, piano, environment, and wildlife). Please check the website for deadlines and additional information. Limited to residents of the eight counties of Western New York.

Atlantic Canada Water and Wastewater Association (ACWWA) Lloyd Douglas Scholarship

Number and Value: Up to Four awards with a value of $1,000each (one for each Atlantic Canadian province: NB, NL, NS, and PEI) Tenure: One year (non-renewable) Eligibility: An applicant shall • be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada; • be registered as a full-time student in a postsecondary institution in Atlantic Canada; • have successfully completed at least one year of postsecondary education; and • intend to pursue a career related to the water or wastewater industry. Fields of Study: University degree in engineering/science or college diploma in water/wastewater field. Assessment criteria: • Academic record after at least one year completion of postsecondary education (30%); • Statement/essay (60%); and • Work experience and extracurricular activities (10%). Preference will be given to a candidate with a demonstrated interest in working in the water or wastewater treatment sectors. Application: The application shall include • a short biography, a recent photo and contact information including name, phone number, mailing and email addresses; • a 500-word statement or essay of the applicant's interest, knowledge and future goals in the water/wastewater industry together with applicable work experience or extracurricular activities; • a description/list of planned future studies; and • supporting documents including i) an official transcript completed to date, and ii) a copy of passport (the page showing your name, nationality and place of birth), citizenship/PR certificate or birth certificate

South Dakota Soil & Water Conservation Scholarship

Applicants must: Be currently enrolled in a South Dakota educational institution. Have completed at least one year of study in an accredited university, college (including tribal colleges), or technical school in South Dakota. For example, if the student graduates from high school in May of 2013 and enrolls in college in the fall of 2013 as a full-time student for the 2013-14 year, the student could apply in the spring of 2015. For students enrolled in a 2-year technical school, the scholarship may be awarded post-graduation, based upon time of scholarship application review and monetary disbursement. Have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.8 (on a 4.0 point scale). Be an undergraduate enrolled in an agricultural or natural science conservation related major/curriculum. Show reasonable need for financial assistance. Be involved in natural resource conservation activities (including leadership activities). Not have received a prior SD SWCS scholarship. Past applicants have majored in agronomy, soil science, agricultural systems technology, general agriculture, range science, forestry, agricultural journalism, agricultural education, biology, botany, environmental management, horticulture, park management, and wildlife management. Other majors related to conservation also qualify. Selection Criteria Demonstrated commitment to natural resource conservation (30%) Scholarship/academic record (20%) Written student narrative on application (20%) Natural resource conservation leadership activities (10%) Financial need (10%) Quality and completeness of application (10%)

NEWWA Scholarships

Additional scholarships may be awarded to students, regardless of field of study, with preference given to those candidates whose programs of study are related to the water works industry. Students who are attending or have been accepted into appropriate college/university programs at the undergraduate level are eligible to apply. Applicants must be members of NEWWA. Applicants must reside in New England or attend a college/university in New England to qualify. Student Application Requirements Student applicants must submit the following: • Official student application form • A two-page (maximum) résumé (that includes educational history) • Official transcripts of all university education (if applicant has not started higher education, official transcript from high school is required) • Two letters of recommendation (one must be from a teacher/professor; the second may be from a teacher/professor or professional reference such as an employer) • A one-page (maximum) statement of educational plans and career objectives demonstrating how these plans are beneficial to water works practice in New England • Copy of FAFSA (Free Applications for Federal Student Aid) confirmation Selection Criteria – Students The NEWWA Scholarship Committee considers application on the basis of merit, character and need to members and student members of the New England Water Works Association, with preference given to applicants whose programs are considered by the Scholarship Committee as beneficial to water works practice in New England.

Clair A. Hill Scholarship

Each year, ACWA awards the $5,000 Clair Hill Scholarship to a qualified student in a water resources-related field of study. Eligible students must be California residents attending California colleges or universities full-time the entire academic year as a junior or senior beginning the fall semester after they are awarded the scholarship. Applications must be postmarked by FEB. 1 each year. Guidelines and Award Criteria for the Association of California Water Agencies Scholarship Award Each academic year the Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) awards one Clair A. Hill scholarship in the amount of $5,000 to a qualified student in a water resources-related field of study. The guidelines and criteria for applying for the award are as follows: A. The scholarship will be known as the Clair A. Hill Scholarship. The scholarship funds associated with the award will be made available to the recipient at the beginning of each school year at the start of the fall term. B. The applicants who will be considered for the award must be California residents attending California schools. They should have completed their sophomore work and at the time of the award be full-time students in their junior or senior year. They must plan to attend school for the complete academic year. C. The award will be based not only on scholastic achievement, but also on the individual’s commitment and motivation to his / her chosen vocation. Financial need will also be given due consideration. D. The recipient should demonstrate commitment to the field of water resources by pursuing a degree related to, or identified with, engineering, agricultural and / or urban water supply, environmental studies or public administration. E. The top three candidates will be chosen by the Tehama Colusa Canal Authority scholarship committee upon receipt of a completed application form and at least two, but not more than three, recommendations for each candidate. ACWA’s Scholarship Subcommittee will select the final scholarship winner. F. The scholarship will be presented to the recipient’s school in a lump sum of $5,000. Actual payment will be made to the recipient by the school in accordance with regulations used at the selected school concerning such payment. G. Schools selected to participate will be chosen by ACWA’s Scholarship Subcommittee from a list of accredited schools located in California and recommended by the Association’s general membership.

AIST David H. Samson Canadian Scholarship

Objectives: The objectives of the AIST David H. Samson Canadian Scholarship are to reward and encourage Canadian students with scientific abilities to prepare for a career in engineering by providing financial support during attendance at a Canadian institution of higher education.Awards – One Scholarship, valued at US$2000 per year, is available each year for a maximum of four consecutive years or until graduation, whichever occurs first.Eligibility – Students eligible to compete for the Scholarship must, at the time of application, be the children (natural, adopted or ward) of a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant who is a member, in good standing, of the Association for Iron & Steel Technology. The student must also be accepted in an eligible full-time course at an accredited Canadian university or college studying engineering. If there is no engineering applicant, the award will be made to an eligible student studying chemistry, geology, mathematics or physics. Consideration will be given to extracurricular activities. The Scholarship may be awarded to a student entering a community college if there is no eligible student entering an accredited university.

American Chemical Society Scholars Program

These merit- and need-based scholarships are awarded to African American, Hispanic/Latino, and American Indian students with outstanding academic records who plan to pursue careers in chemically-related sciences (aside from medicine). Students planning careers in medicine or pharmacy are not eligible. The scholarships can be renewed for up to four years. Type: Undergraduate Study Eligibility Requirements: Class standing Freshman - Sophomore - Junior-Senior Discipline/Area of Study Natural Sciences Citizenship U.S. Citizen Permanent Resident Minimum GPA 3.0 Other Demonstrate financial need. Preferred groups - Minority Restricted: African America, Latino, Native American Submission Requirements: Application Form Transcripts All colleges attended Letters of Recommendation 2 One from professor in field. FinAid Eligibility Student Aid Report

Bowman Travel Grants

The Bowman Travel Grants provide assistance to students participating in educational programs in non-traditional destinations. Applicants must be undergraduate students participating in a study, work, or volunteer program in a designated country (a complete list is available at the foundation website), preferably where the student significantly interacts with the host population. Applicants should also demonstrate how the activity is related to their future academic and/or career interests. Applicants must be participating in a travel program sponsored by the grant foundation or a similar program at a member institution (UC Berkeley is a member.) Type: Undergraduate Study International Study Eligibility Requirements: Class standing: Freshman - Sophomore - Junior - Senior - Discipline/Area of Study Arts/Humanities Natural Sciences Social/Behavioral Sciences Business Engineering Citizenship: U.S. Citizen Permanent Resident Financial need is strongly considered. Submission Requirements: Application Form Transcripts All colleges attended Letters of Recommendation 2 Personal Essay 500 words in length Project proposal 100-150 words FinAid Eligibility Written financial aid statement and official statement from the school. Itemized budget

J.J. Barr Scholarship

To be eligible, an applicant must: 1. Be a United States citizen; 2. a) Be a graduating senior, have obtained a Bachelors degree prior to June 15, and entering a Masters degree program in the upcoming fall, OR be a current graduate student in a Masters degree program; and b) Be pursuing, or planning to pursue, a degree in engineering, biology, chemistry, business administration, or other field which may lead to a career in the investor-owned public water supply business. The following persons are not eligible: * Officers or directors of the NAWC, or members of their immediate families. * Officials, representatives, or employees of any agency regulating the water industry, or members of their immediate families.

Wildlife Leadership Awards

Source: Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Eligibility: By the completion of the spring semester/quarter, applicants must: 1) Be an undergraduate in a wildlife related natural resource program, in a four-year college/university in the united states or Canada; 2) Have junior or senior standing (completed a minimum of 56 semester hours or 108 quarter hours); 3)Have at least one semester or two quarters remaining in their degree program; 4) Be scheduled to be enrolled as a full-time student for the following fall semester/quarter. Previous recipients of the Elk Foundation's Wildlife Leadership Awards are ineligible. Awards: Full tuition and expenses: $2,000 Application Procedures: For further information and application visit their web site at

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