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The academic field of medicine is not technically a college major. Instead, med school is something you attend after you've obtained your undergraduate degree.  If you are planning on going to med school, you can major in anything that interest you at the bachelor's level.

Of course, some majors make more sense than others if you're planning on attending med school.  Any field of study that encourages critical reading, thinking and writing skills would be good. There are courses that you'll need to apply to med school, including biology, chemistry, physics, math and English.  And there's the traditional premedicine degree path. 

Premed is not essential to getting into med school. But some students find it advantageous in that it provides you with an exposure to the math and science courses that you'll need to continue your studies. Another advantage to premed is that you'll meet teachers who can then function as advisers for you on the med school selection and application process.

If you are planning on studying medicine, be prepared for a long and challenging experience. All of the process is competitive, even the admission process. But, if you're committed and passionate about medicine, then the career can be very fulfilling. It offers opportunities for actually making a difference that can be found in few other disciplines.

Medical school degree programs come in all sorts of formats. There are 7-year programs that combine bachelor's level study with a med school program. A larger number of programs are of the 4-year variety and require a bachelor's degree to apply. You'll also need letters of recommendation and competitive scores on the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT).

Not all of the scholarships listed here are for individuals attending med school. There are also scholarship opportunities for technical fields, such as medical office computer specialist or medical radiologic technician. Some scholarships may be open to applicants from a wide range of medical fields, including nursing.

The career outlook for physicians and surgeons is quite strong. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that career opportunities for these professions is expected to increase by 24% over the coming decade. This is much faster than the average for all occupations. This increase will be fueled, in part, by the growing percentage of the elderly portion of the population.

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Scientist Development Grant

This grant is designed to support highly promising beginning scientists in their progress toward independence; bridges the gap between completion of research training and readiness for competition as an independent investigator. - 4-year project and salary support for MD's, PhD's, DO's or persons with equivalent doctoral degrees - U.S. citizen or permanent resident - $65,000 annually for salary, fringe benefits, indirect costs, and project costs (at least $35,000 for project support) - Applications may be submitted for reveiw in final year of postdoctoral research fellowship or in initial years of first faculty appointment - Applicants cannot hold or have held any other national award

Dr. Hans and Clara Zimmerman Foundation Health Scholarships

Description:Dr. Hans Zimmerman established this foundation to provide financial assistance to individuals in Hawai‘i wishing to pursue an education in a health field. During his long and productive career in Hawai‘i, Dr. Zimmerman encouraged countless individuals to choose careers in medicine. At his death, additional assets came into the foundation so that it is now one of the largest scholarship funds in Hawai‘i. Requirements: Plan to major in a health-related field in a school in the USA (not including sports medicine, psychology unless clinical, social work). Be a college junior, senior or graduate student. Minimum GPA 3.0. Personal statement should include a description of your participation in community service projects or activities.

International Fellows-in-Training Travel Scholarship

PROGRAM International Fellows-in-Training Travel Scholarships are designed to financially assist research and non-research fellows and residents-in-training in allergy/immunology in attending the AAAAI's Annual Meeting. PROGRAM GOALS This program offers international allergy/immunology fellows-in-training the opportunity to attend the meeting and to: Meet other allergists/immunologists and to learn from others’experiences; Keep abreast of the current research in the field; and Contribute to the scientific development of the field. Present original research at the AAAAI Annual Meeting. GRANT To assure greater equity, financial support reflects variable air travel costs. Based on available estimates, the following maximum grant amounts (USD) have been established by the AAAAI Grant Review Committee: Mexico recipients - $900.00 Europe recipients - $1400.00 East Asia recipients - $1900.00 Australia/New Zealand recipients - $2200.00 Africa/South Asia recipients - $2100.00 South America recipients - $1800.00 Middle East recipients - $1800.00 Please note grant amounts are for actual expenses incurred and receipts must be submitted within one month after the meeting. This grant will reimburse travel, hotel, and meal expenses only. Rental car, registration fees, and abstract fees are not eligible for reimbursement. ELIGIBILITY Grants are awarded to postdoctoral applicants in training in allergy/immunology who are within 7 years at the time of application of their latest doctoral degree and who are outside the U.S. and Canada; Residents of the U.S. and Canada should apply for a domestic travel grant. The applicant is an International FIT Member of the AAAAI or has a completed membership application on file at the time of the submission of their International Fellows-in-Training Scholarship application. Information about International FIT membership is available at No more than 2 scholarships will be provided to the same medical center Priority will be given to applicants who have not received a scholarship in the past. SELECTION Applicant must be listed as an author for an abstract accepted for presentation at the Annual Meeting. Grant selection is made by an ad hoc committee consisting of regional representatives from the AAAAI. Grants are based first and foremost on merit. The quality of the candidate’s credentials, training, research and environment are major factors in the selection. The applicant’s future in the field of allergy/immunology will also be considered. Due to the limited availability of funds and interest in honoring geographic diversity, some applicants may not be accepted for funding. All applicants will be notified of the review results in late December. INSTRUCTIONS Applications are submitted online and should include a complete curriculum vitae, a summary of clinical/laboratory research and a copy of the submitted abstract. Applicants must provide the name and email address of a supervisor or program director. If the supervisor or program director is not an AAAAI Fellow, then the application must also include the name and email address of an AAAAI Fellow. Incomplete applications will be considered ineligible. Please check the website for any changes in deadline application.

SNMTS Advanced Practitioner Program Scholarship

Description The SNMTS Advanced Practitioner Program Scholarship serves to support a student who is pursuing an advanced practitioner program to advance their career in nuclear medicine. This scholarship is made possible through a grant from the Education and Research Foundation for SNM. Requirements: To be eligible for the SNMTS Advanced Practitioner Program Scholarship, candidates must: • Demonstrate financial need. • Be currently accepted into the Nuclear Medicine Advanced Associate Degree Program offered by the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. • Be a member of the SNMTS. For information on the Advanced Associate Degree Program offered by the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, please visit: Serious applicants only, please. Questions regarding eligibility requirements or application contents should be directed to Nicole Mitchell, Program Manager, at or by calling 1.703.652.6795. Health Care Leaders Scholarship

Just Home Medical—the online resource for all your home medical supplies—is proud to announce our first ever Health Care Leaders Scholarship! As part of our ongoing commitment to helping families maintain healthy lifestyles, we will be awarding a $1,000 scholarship to one health care student. Best of all, we don’t require any boring essays or long application forms. To apply, simply make a video answering the question: "What are your long and short term goals as a future health care leader?" How to Apply: Make a video answering the question—What are your long and short term goals as a future health care leader? Videos must be under 3 minutes. They’ll be judged on creativity and thoughtfulness. Include our URL somewhere in your video and video description. Email a link to your video to In your email, include your full name, school year & what health care program you are/will be attending. All applications are due by December 31. Requirements: The winner must be enrolled in an accredited US school. The winner must be in some type of health care program, whether they’re studying to be a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, physical therapist, dentist or medical technician. Not sure if you qualify? Just email us at The winner must be a legal US resident. The winner cannot be an employee or relative of Funds will be sent directly to the winner’s school. By applying, the winner grants us full permission to use their video on our site.

Nicholas & Mary Trivillian Scholarship

ELIGIBILITY•College/University: Any•Financial Need: Yes•Renewable: Yes•Specific preferences:(1) Field of study in Medicine or PharmacyGeneral Criteria:·must be a resident of West Virginia·must be a full time student (minimum of 12 Credit Hours)·must demonstrate academic achievement (at least a 2.5 GPA)·minimum score of 20 on the ACT ·must demonstrate good moral character

Alliance Medical Education Scholarship Fund (AMES)

To financially assist deserving medical students enrolled in a Pennsylvania medical school, the Pennsylvania Medical Society Alliance established the Alliance Medical Education Scholarship (AMES) Fund. This fund, established in April 2000, is supported by Alliance fund-raising events and general and memorial contributions.Awarded to second- or third-year medical students (when applying) who are residents of Pennsylvania and enrolled full time in a Pennsylvania medical school.

Gilberto and Lennetta Pesquera Medical Scholarships

The Glens Falls Foundation Gilberto and Lennetta Pesquera Fund offers scholarship grants for medical education on an annual basis to assist qualified men and women who have graduated from local area schools and have successfully completed the first year of medical school. The current amount for each grant is $4,000 per year.These grants are restricted to tuition, fees, books and supplies. The payments are remitted directly to the educational institution for credit to the student’s account.All applications received on or before the due date will be referred to the Pesquera Scholarship Committee for evaluation and rating. Grants will be awarded on academic performance and achievements, financial needs and a letter of recommendation relating to character, motivation and potential of the individual.Applicants must request the Office of Student Records to provide a copy of their current school academic record to the Committee Chairman. The record may be mailed under separate cover.In addition, each applicant is required to attach a letter from the Dean stating that completion of the current year has been achieved and that the student will continue next year. A letter from the applicant should indicate their academic and occupational career goals, interests and activities, plus any other information deemed pertinent to support the student’s application. All personal summaries and data must be typed or printed. Failure to furnish the requested documentation with your application will void its eligibility.

AABB–Fenwal Specialist in Blood Bank Scholarship Awards Program

These awards, created in 1982 and funded by Fenwal, Inc., recognize individuals who are enrolled, accepted for enrollment in, or who have recently completed training (within12 months) leading to SBB certification from an AABB-accredited institution. Recipients will receive a $1,500 honorarium. (The AABB-Fenwal SBB Scholarship Awards are presented annually as distinguished candidates are identified.)

James C. & Elizabeth R. Conner Foundation

Scholarship awards to individuals who receive a Bachelors degree and desire to obtain a Masters degree or a Doctorate in the fields of engineering, physical science, medical science or business. Recipients must be U.S. citizens, unmarried, have no dependents, and their GPA during their entire undergraduate studies there would place them in the upper ten percent of their graduating class. Applications accepted only from students residing in the southwestern U.S. who are citizens and who are not married. Application form required. Initial approach: Letter or telephone

Otological Research Fellowship

The Deafness Research Foundation's Otological Research Fellowship will be sponsored by a Department of Otolaryngology conducting otological research. Where a unique opportunity exists in a related discipline, the fellowship may be conducted in that discipline while maintaining liaison with the Department of Otolaryngology. Examples of such related disciplines might include Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology or Basic Immunology. The Fellowship would be for a period of one year and be funded in the amount of $11,500, plus up to $3,500 for animals and consumable supplies. The Fellowship would be scheduled as a one-year block of time at the end of the third year of medical school - thus requiring a one-year leave of absence from the medical school curriculum and assurance that the student will have a place in the fourth-year class at the conclusion of the year of research.

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