Law Enforcement Scholarships

Here are some of the Law Enforcement scholarships on our site for which you may qualify.

Law Enforcement Career Scholarship Program

The program is open to students who are citizens of the United States enrolled in a Law Enforcement or Police Administration course in an accredited college or university which offers a degree in these fields of study. Only applicants who have completed one year of study in a college are eligible. Students working toward an advanced degree are eligible if their graduate study is in Law Enforcement or Police Administration. Applications will be accepted from more than one member of the same family. Not more than one scholarship, however, will be granted to any one family. Past recipients of a scholarship are ineligible for consideration for a second grant. Please get in touch with the contact person below for deadline of application.

The Raymond W. Kelly Graduate Scholarship

For a degree in a Police-related or Governmental Administration program, at any of the following graduate schools: Brown University, Columbia University, Harvard University, Georgetown University, New York University, Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania, and Yale University.

Beaudry Administration of Justice Endowment

Applied Sciences & Arts - Administration of Justice For undergraduate and graduate students majoring in Administration of Justice with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

I Mua Mälama JROTC Ka`awaloa Takemoto Scholarship

This scholarship is intended to encourage graduating JROTC Cadets to attend a post-high educational institution and give back to their community and nation by pursuing a career in public service in such professions as the military, law enforcement, firefighting, teaching, nursing, etc.  Minimum GPA 2.0  Be a graduating high school senior and Cadet in Junior Reserve Officer Training (JROTC) program from Farrington High School, Nänäkuli High School, or Kapolei High School  Half-time enrollment allowed  Successfully completed minimum one year JROTC program and held a leadership position  Demonstrate high moral character and exemplify the Army Values of: Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage  Letter of recommendation signed by your respective schools Senior Army Instructor (SAI)

Brownstone Scholarship Program (2016)

This $1000.00 Brownstone Scholarship is awarded to the undergraduate or graduate student who presents a 1000 word essay on the following topic: Whether a 99 year state prison sentence-(without parole)-for a convicted, juvenile African American male is a de facto life-sentence that violates Eighth Amendment or, the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment? The scholarship is open to all current full-time and part-time undergraduate and graduate students in an ABA accredited law school or accredited graduate program.For applying the Scholarship Program, the candidates must write a 1000 word essay. Students may also email the Director of the Scholarship Program or learn more by visiting us Brownstone Scholarship. All applications and essays must be submitted via email to or U.S. Mail to: 201 North New York Avenue, Suite 200, Winter Park, Florida 32789. Please send in Word or PDF format.On the basis of academic merit and taking into account the overall performance of the essay portion of the Program, along with potential and goals. Brownstone also looks to personal characteristics, as evidence by community participation, vocational interests and outside work or other evidence of self-help. Applicants have no right to appeal a decision regarding the winners of the Program.

Alphonso Deal Scholarship Award

Rules for Scholarship Contest Applicants 1. Applicant must be a senior in high school. 2. Applicant must be a United States Citizen. 3. Applicant must be of good character. 4. Applicant must have a recommendation from his/her principal, counselor or teacher. 5. A current high school transcript must be submitted with the application. 6. Applicant is permitted to attend a two year college or university of their choice. 7. Applicant must be accepted by a college or university, prior to date of award.

Lyle F. Wohlers Scholarship Fund

Eligibility: An applicant must be the dependent child, between the ages of seventeen (17) and twenty-three (23), of a regular member as regular member is defined in the bylaws of the Association of Colorado State Patrol Professionals. All applicants must provide proof of acceptance by an accredited educational institution. All applicants must follow the process outlined in the application for financial assistance from this program. Benefit: Up to $2,500 per year will be awarded toward tuition and/or expenses at the college of the recipients choice. Once funds are awarded, they will be deposited with the recipients educational institution to be credited toward tuition or expenses. Qualifications for benefit: The recipient must pursue a criminal justice or law enforcement related degree. The recipient must graduate within six (6) years of his or her first enrollment in a bachelors degree program or within three (3) years of the recipients first enrollment in an associates degree program. The recipient must take at least twelve (12) credit hours per semester (full time student). The recipient must maintain a grade point average of 2.0 and remain academically eligible while on a scholarship. Recipient responsibilities: The scholarship recipient must provide official transcripts from the educational institution he or she is attending, to the foundation board, at the end of each semester. The scholarship recipient must write one article for publication in the official magazine of the foundation, during the first semester for which the recipient is receiving a scholarship. The scholarship recipient must donate eight (8) hours of community service to a non-profit organization of the recipients choice. At the completion of the community service, written documentation of community service hours must be submitted by the recipient to the foundation board for their review and approval.

The Peter Jasin AFIO Endowment

The late Peter W. Jasin, a member and generous supporter of AFIO from the early 1980s, who also served as an officer of one of our chapters, established upon his 2009 death a national AFIO scholarship endowment fund to enhance AFIO's educational mission to encourage career development and study in the fields of counterterrorism, homeland security, intelligence, counterintelligence and intelligence-related disciplines. In furtherance of those interests, the Jasin Endowment provides awards of $4,000 each to six applicants. Selected scholarship recipients must be enrolled as a graduate or undergraduate student undertaking a course of study at an accredited U.S. institution of higher education, and must show a history of taking courses in intelligence, foreign affairs, and/or national security studies towards the goal of serving in the U.S. Intelligence Community. Applicants should indicate whether they are applying for a graduate or undergraduate award. For Undergraduates scholarships, applicants must be entering their sophomore or junior year by the summer. For Graduate scholarships, applications must be submitted no earlier than your senior undergraduate year and no later than your second year of graduate studies. Evaluation criteria include merit, character, serious of academic commitment, and relevance of your studies to national security interests and career ambitions. Applications are evaluated by a special AFIO committee. Decisions are final. Tuition grants will be paid directly to the Bursar/Registrar of the University concerned –under NO circumstances will payments be made directly to awardees. All applicants must be U.S. citizens. No Scholarship will be awarded to students attending foreign universities or schools not US-accredited, nor to law, med, or business schools [foreign or domestic]; however, students intending to study in schools of engineering, science, technology and/or show extensive foreign language mastery and/or area knowledge in Arabic, Dari, Farsi, German, Hausa and other sub-Saharan African languages, Hebrew, Indonesian, Korean, Kurdish, Mandarin, Pashto, Punjabi, Russian, Somali, Swahili, Turkish, and Urdu are strongly encouraged to apply. Colleges need to be regionally accredited.

Herold and Retta Reuss Public Safety Scholarship

The Herold and Retta Reuss Public Safety Scholarship is awarded to one or more Marshall High School or Marshall Alternative High School graduates, previous recipients or Marshall area residents who are pursuing a career in the Criminal Justice, Emergency Medical Services, or other related fields, such as but not limited to, Fireman, Policeman, Legal Secretary or Dispatcher. Qualifying applicants must demonstrate the drive and ability to be successful in pursuing a college education and/or a certification process in the fields aforementioned. Financial need may be a deciding factor. MinimumGPA not required.Students must complete the application for scholarships administered by the Marshall Community Foundation. This Application can be downloaded from the Scholarship page at the Foundation website,, or contact the Foundation Office at 269.781.2273 or info@marshallcf.orgEssay Questions: What field have you chosen to pursue in your studies? What made you decide to pursue this career? How do you hope to impact the community around you?Recommendation Letters: Two required- one from high school educator/administrator or employer and one from an adult member of the community (not a family member).Financial Criteria: Yes, please complete financial aid information and return with scholarship application.GPA: N/A

Barton L. Collins Memorial Scholarship

College of Applied Science and Arts - Administration of Justice Must be an upper division undergraduate student majoring in Administration of Justice; must have a 3.25 GPA at SJSU in Administration of Justice major; complete an essay of 300-500 words; applicant must be interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement.

Justice Studies Scholarship

Two scholarships will be awarded to a male and female Justice Studies junior, respectively, based upon GPA and extra-curricular activities.

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