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Education is one of the most potentially rewarding college majors you can choose. It is the educational pathway to the career of teaching. But teaching is more than a career. Teaching is about enlightenment, it's about the power of knowledge and helping people understand the world and realize their potential. There are a host of education scholarships out there to help you on your way to helping others.

There are several concentrations within the major of education. You can specialize in early childhood, elementary or middle school education. Also, there is physical, secondary and special education. Your choice will, of course, depend on your career goals and objectives. Whatever your choice, be prepared for a challenging academic experience as you master the subject or grade levels you plan to teach.

With early childhood education you learn to teach a range of subjects for the pre-kindergarten to 3rd-grade levels. For this major you'll need to love working with small children and teaching them all the subjects offered by your school. You should be creative and patient and a large reservoir of stamina wouldn't hurt either.

With elementary education as a major you'll learn to teach children from kindergarten up to grade 8. Degree candidates study how to teach a broad range of subjects, including language arts, mathematics, science and reading. The actual grade levels you'll end up teaching will depend on the school system that hires you. Some states have special requirements for teaching grades 6-8.

The major of middle school education prepares you to teach specific subject matter to grade levels 4-9, depending on the state where you teach. You'll take courses such as classroom management, content methods, curriculum development and instructional technology. You'll spend at least one semester student-teaching.

Physical education is a more difficult college major than many people would guess. The ideal student for this major will be good at a range of sports and physical activity. But just as important will be the ability to lead, to communicate and to inspire. As with other education programs, you'll spend at least one semester student teaching.   

Secondary education is also known as high school education. Here you will learn how to teach, inspire and motivate teenagers through the teaching of a specific subject, such as English, math or science. Over the coming decade job opportunities will be best for those teaching math, science and foreign languages. Education scholarships will most likely be more prevalent for these topics, also.

The major of special education trains you to teach children and young adults with disabilities. Job prospects for this major are excellent. Special education scholarships are also widely available. The ideal degree candidate will be patient, nurturing and will enjoy an intellectually challenging career. 

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CTA Scholarship for Members

This program offers up to five scholarships in the amount of $3,000 to current "active" CTA members completing college coursework. Eligibility : 1. Be a current “active*” member of CTA (including members working on an emergency credential). *Pursuant to CTA Bylaws 2. Applications must be submitted online or postmarked by set deadline date (see website). A complete application consists of pages 1-6 plus official transcripts. 3. College coursework should demonstrate high academic achievement. Explain any unique circumstance related to medical, physical or emotional difficulties which may have affected your grades. Note: ESP applicants refer to the applicant’s statement directions (page 3 of application)

Janice M. Kyne Memorial Scholarship in Special Education

Awarded periodically in memory of Janice M. Kyne to a student in special education who exemplifies Kyne's qualities of leadership, collaboration, sensitivity to parent concerns for their special children, and the ability to advocate for special-needs children, even in the face of adversity.

District Educators Scholarships

General Eligibility  Applicants must be a minimum of eighteen years of age  Applicants must possess a high school diploma or GED  Financial need is not required  Applicant must be a current welding educator or pursuing a career in welding education District Level Eligibility  Applicants may use funds for professional development courses  Preference will be given to applicants pursuing an AS, AAS, BS, MS, or PhD degree in an area related to Welding (eg. Welding Technology, Welding Engineering Technology, Welding Engineering, Materials Science, Metallurgical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry or Physics) or Education related to welding (eg. Technical Education, Trade and Industrial Education, etc.)  Applicant must attend an educational institution within the boundaries of the pertinent AWS District in which they apply Application Requirements  AWS Scholarship Application  AWS Verification of Enrollment  Two letters of reference  Personal statement that includes  General background information  How the degree or course will help the applicant be a better welding instructor  Education and career objectives  Demonstrated welding experience  Demonstrated teaching experience  Participation in class, campus and outside organizations  Participation in AWS Student and Section activities  Participation in AWS Technical or Education Committee activities  For applicants seeking funding to complete a degree or short course:  Official transcripts from current and past schools including course information on welding-related or education-related emphasis  Plan, schedule and budget for degree path or professional development course

Swanson Scholarship

Gertrude Swanson was a beloved English teacher at MarshfieldHigh School who established this fund as a bequest.Eligibility: A graduating senior of Marshfield High School expressing clear intentions of entering the field of education.

Marion B. Pollock Fellowship

The fellowship will be presented to a talented and committed teacher of health education at middle school or high school level for full-time graduate study at the master's level. To be eligible, the applicant must be currently admitted to an accredited university health education program and must have a minimum of three (3) years of teaching experience in a middle or high school. A the end of the academic program, the participant must be willing to present a brief written description of a contribution that advances the goals of the health education profession.

Gladys Nation Tate Endowed Scholarship

For the encouragement and support of students who are entering the field of Education. Recipients must be a junior or senior Teacher Education major who demonstrates financial need.

Sams, Earl C. Foundation Scholarship

Scholarship Value: Up to $3000Classifications: OpenMinimum GPA: 2.5Eligible Majors: EducationEligible Schools: Jarvis Christian College, Paul Quinn College, Wiley CollegeEligible Locations: Texas Scholarship Detail:This scholarship is targeted to students who major in either elementary or secondary education.Donor/Sponsor Name: Earl C. Sams Foundation, Inc.

Continuing Education Scholarships – Credentialed Classroom Teachers and Counselors

Purpose – California State PTA offers scholarships ($500) to encourage PTA members to continue their education and pursue studies in higher education in California. The Continuing Education Scholarship Program recognizes volunteer service by providing funds for PTA members to register for courses at accredited colleges, universities, trade or technical schools in the State. Eligibility – For the Continuing Education Scholarship for Credentialed Classroom Teachers and Counselors, successful applicants meet the following criteria: Current member of PTA unit in good standing with full time teaching or counseling contract at that PTA school for current year Teacher or counselor employed full time in California public school during preceding academic year Minimum of three (3) years' teaching/ counseling experience in California public school Plan to continue as a teacher or counselor Scholarship used for advanced studies at accredited colleges, universities, trade or technical schools in California Scholarship utilized during the period January 1 to December 31 with courses completed by December 31 of year following award of scholarship Provide proof of enrollment and completion of coursework to California State PTA by June 1 Completed application and reference forms with letters received by California State PTA by October 15. Selection – Each year, the California State PTA Scholarship and Grant Committee carefully reads and vets each scholarship application. All applicants are notified of their status in January. Continuing Education Scholarship winners receive a letter of congratulations and recognition certificate from California State PTA along with a check. Application Tips – Before submitting your scholarship application packet to California State PTA, please remember to check that it includes: Completed application form and packet submitted by October 15. Copy of your current PTA membership card on 81/2" x 11" sheet of paper Descriptive essay (maximum 2 pages) outlining: Your current teaching/ counseling assignment Other teaching/ counseling assignments and dates of service How course(s) specified in the application will improve your effectiveness as a teacher/ counselor Your involvement in PTA/ school/ student extracurricular activities Two (2) completed reference forms and letters, written specifically for this application, which provide an evaluation of your abilities and characteristics as an applicant, comment on your personal and professional qualifications and discuss your PTA/ school/ student extracurricular activities First reference – Written by your current administrator, or representative Second reference – Written by current PTA president, or representative Remember to ask that reference forms and letters be given to you in a sealed envelope for you to include in your scholarship application packet.

Susan K. & Douglas E. Dodge Scholarship

Eligibility Criteria:•Applicant must be a graduating senior of Reed City or Shepherd Community Schools. •Demonstrate academic ability with a minimum 3.25 GPA.•Demonstrate positive attitude toward school and community.•Demonstrate strong community involvement and volunteerism.•Have an interest in pursuing a career in public service (i.e. careers in the fields of education, health care, social services, ministry or political science)

Irene F. and W.J. Billinger Scholarship

A renewable scholarship available to a graduate Special Education major. Awarded in even numbered years.

The Renshaw Fellowship

The Renshaw Fellowship Program supports the study and shaping of school curricula by providing grants to those seeking to become superintendents; curriculum developers; or influential scholars teaching, writing, and lecturing on educational issues. Each Renshaw Fellowship recipient receives a $12,000 grant. Eligibility: The Renshaw Fellowship is granted to current doctoral students or applicants to doctoral programs in education. Applicants must be members of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute. Graduate Fellowship applicants must engage in graduate studies for the purpose of teaching at the college level or seeking to become a superintendent or curriculum developer. Applicants must be U.S. citizens, who will be enrolled in a full-time graduate program. Those attending pre-professional (medical, law, divinity, business, etc.) schools are ineligible. Applicants may apply for more than one fellowship in any given academic cycle. For each fellowship sought, applicants must submit separate copies of all components of the application. Required Application Materials An original, five- to ten-page essay responding to the following question: What role do educators have in maintaining a free society? Headshot One-page outline of prior education, awards, fellowships, and internships Three- to five-page personal, philosophical, and professional autobiography Five- to ten-page academic writing sample Three academic letters of recommendation (Must be sent by the recommender and include the Graduate Fellowships Program Letter of Recommendation Form) Official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate work (May be mailed by the issuing institution or the applicant) Brief responses to the following four questions: Why the applicant has chosen teaching as a profession Why the applicant desires a fellowship How the applicant heard about the ISI Fellowship Program Signed declaration of intent to teach Personal philosophical statement and academic writing samples must be 12 point standard font and double spaced.

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