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Education is one of the most potentially rewarding college majors you can choose. It is the educational pathway to the career of teaching. But teaching is more than a career. Teaching is about enlightenment, it's about the power of knowledge and helping people understand the world and realize their potential. There are a host of education scholarships out there to help you on your way to helping others.

There are several concentrations within the major of education. You can specialize in early childhood, elementary or middle school education. Also, there is physical, secondary and special education. Your choice will, of course, depend on your career goals and objectives. Whatever your choice, be prepared for a challenging academic experience as you master the subject or grade levels you plan to teach.

With early childhood education you learn to teach a range of subjects for the pre-kindergarten to 3rd-grade levels. For this major you'll need to love working with small children and teaching them all the subjects offered by your school. You should be creative and patient and a large reservoir of stamina wouldn't hurt either.

With elementary education as a major you'll learn to teach children from kindergarten up to grade 8. Degree candidates study how to teach a broad range of subjects, including language arts, mathematics, science and reading. The actual grade levels you'll end up teaching will depend on the school system that hires you. Some states have special requirements for teaching grades 6-8.

The major of middle school education prepares you to teach specific subject matter to grade levels 4-9, depending on the state where you teach. You'll take courses such as classroom management, content methods, curriculum development and instructional technology. You'll spend at least one semester student-teaching.

Physical education is a more difficult college major than many people would guess. The ideal student for this major will be good at a range of sports and physical activity. But just as important will be the ability to lead, to communicate and to inspire. As with other education programs, you'll spend at least one semester student teaching.   

Secondary education is also known as high school education. Here you will learn how to teach, inspire and motivate teenagers through the teaching of a specific subject, such as English, math or science. Over the coming decade job opportunities will be best for those teaching math, science and foreign languages. Education scholarships will most likely be more prevalent for these topics, also.

The major of special education trains you to teach children and young adults with disabilities. Job prospects for this major are excellent. Special education scholarships are also widely available. The ideal degree candidate will be patient, nurturing and will enjoy an intellectually challenging career. 

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CTA Scholarship for Members

This program offers up to five scholarships in the amount of $3,000 to current "active" CTA members completing college coursework. Eligibility : 1. Be a current “active*” member of CTA (including members working on an emergency credential). *Pursuant to CTA Bylaws 2. Applications must be submitted online or postmarked by set deadline date (see website). A complete application consists of pages 1-6 plus official transcripts. 3. College coursework should demonstrate high academic achievement. Explain any unique circumstance related to medical, physical or emotional difficulties which may have affected your grades. Note: ESP applicants refer to the applicant’s statement directions (page 3 of application)

Charles F. Mitchell Fund

Male resident of Waterbury for 5 years or more - Majoring in arts or education - Scholarships will not be awarded to students attending colleges which replace internal grants with outside scholarships. For residents of the Foundation’s 21-town service area: Beacon Falls, Bethlehem, Bridgewater, Cheshire, Goshen, Litchfield, Middlebury, Morris, Naugatuck, New Milford, Oxford, Prospect, Roxbury, Southbury, Thomaston, Warren, Washington, Waterbury, Watertown, Wolcott, Woodbury.

Lindbergh Grant

Lindbergh Grants are awarded to individuals for research or public education projects, not to affiliated organizations for institutional programs. The Foundation welcomes candidates who may or may not be affiliated with an academic, non-profit institution or for-profit organization. The Lindbergh Grants Program is international in scope. Citizens of all countries are eligible. Letters of request, applications and Endorser's Reports and required progress and final reports must be submitted in the English language. The Foundation does not provide support for overhead costs of institutions, tuition or scholarships.

South Pacific Islands Scholarship

Criteria: 1. Must be majoring in liberal arts, agriculture, business administartion, economics, education, environmental studies, information technology and management, journalism, political science, public administration and other related fields. Contact Information: Students interested in applying for this scholarship should view for more information and an application form.

Herbert R. Baker Scholarship

Recipient to be an Education major.

CTA Scholarship for Dependent Children

Twenty-five (25) $2,000 scholarships are awarded annually. - Twenty-three (23) scholarships are provided by the California Teachers Association. - One scholarship, provided by the D.A. Weber Scholarship Fund, is designated for a student attending continuation high school. - One scholarship is provided by the Ralph J. Flynn Memorial Fund. Applicant must be claimed as dependent status on current year's IRS tax forms. Applicants may be dependent child of an active, retired-life or deceased member of California Teachers Association (CTA). In order to receive funds, scholarship recipients will be required to show proof of registration in an approved credential or degree program in an accredited institution of higher learning.

Menzel Memorial Scholarship

Thomas Menzel, in memory of his parents Irving and Emmaleen Menzel, who were both teachers in the Traverse City Public Schools District, established the scholarship in 1988. A 3.0 or better grade point average is required and the recipient must be pursuing a career in education and also demonstrate financial need. One $400 scholarship is awarded annually.

NDS / DMI Education & Communication Scholarship

(1st - $1,500; 2nd through 5th - $1,000) (Number of awards is dependent on number and quality of applicants). These scholarships are provided to encourage undergraduate sophomores and junior students to pursue education or communication careers in dairy or food related industries. Major areas can include: Education, Social Media & Communications, Public Relations, Marketing, Food Science, Nutrition (Human), and Journalism. Scholarships are based on leadership, experience, academic ability and interests in education or communications. Co-sponsored with Dairy Management Inc. Application Deadline is April 15

Dr. Hans and Clara Zimmerman Foundation Education Scholarship

Requirements: Major in Education with emphasis on teaching. Preference given to non-traditional students with at least two years of teaching experience. Preference given to students of Hawaiian ethnicity. Minimum GPA 2.8. Two letters of recommendation required. Include in your Personal Statement any community service you have been involved in, and explain why you are involved in these activities. Include in your Personal Statement the answer to the question -- What is your teaching philosophy? And how is your philosophy being applied in the classroom today (provide an example)? IMPORTANT: Applicants are automatically disqualified if they do not address their teaching philosophy in the Personal Statement.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is supported by voluntary contributions from the CTA membership and corporate donors. CTA recognizes the shortage of ethnic minority teachers and the demand for continuing professional growth. The goal of the Fund is to encourage ethinic minority students to become educators and to promote professional growth for ethnic minority teachers. Scholarships vary each year depending on the amount of contributions and on the financial need of individual applicants. Applicants must be an ethnic minority and be: * An Active member of California Teachers Association (CTA); or * A dependent child of an active, retired-life or deceased CTA member; or * A member of Student California Teachers Association (SCTA). Must be pursuing a degree or credential for a teaching-related career in public education. Applicants may be graduating high school seniors, undergraduate or graduate students. In order to receive funds, scholarship recipients will be required to show proof of registration in an approved credential or degree program in an accredited institution of higher learning.

CAP Scholarship

A number of three-unit tuition credit scholarships are awarded each fall and spring to School of Education students who demonstrate financial need and show promise as a future teacher counselor or administrator.

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