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The academic field of animal sciences involves the scientific study of the breeding and husbandry of agricultural animals. Also part of this field of study is the production and distribution of agricultural animal products. If you like working with animals and have a mind for business, this could be your career calling. Continue reading to find out more about this major and the world of animal science scholarships.

An animal science bachelor's degree is often the program of choice for those that plan on continuing their studies in pursuit of becoming a veterinarian and also for those that plan on owning their own farm. Here you work directly with goats, pigs, sheep, cows and bulls as you learn about breeding, nutrition, reproduction, feeding and management. 

These programs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most programs feature a combination of instruction methods, involving both theoretical lecture-based courses along with practical hands-on training. Courses you might encounter in this type of program include livestock genetics, animal biotechnology, physiology of lactation, meat science, beef cattle production and reproductive management. Along with your core courses you'll also take liberal arts and humanities electives such as English, public speaking and social science courses.

Farm internships are a requirement in nearly all programs. These are usually designed so that the student spends a semester or more working on a farm or in some other agricultural animal setting. Many programs also feature a study-abroad option, where you can spend a semester working on a farm in an exotic location such as Costa Rica, Thailand or France.

The employment outlook for careers related to this major is mixed. Veterinarians are expected to see a 36% increase in jobs over the coming decade. The much faster than average job growth will be fueled by the nation's growing pet population. This increase, then, will probably not be felt as strongly in the agricultural sector of vet practitioners. Agricultural farmers are expected to see a decrease in jobs between now and 2020. This will result because of farm consolidation as well as increased efficiency.

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Western Union Foundation Global Scholarship Program

The Western Union Foundation Global Scholarship Program (WU Scholars) is a program designed to support young people and their efforts to pursue a post-secondary education. Selected scholarship recipients will receive USD $2,500 each to contribute toward tuition or school fees at an accredited post-secondary institution and will be selected based on criteria relating to the program's three pillars: Perseverance, Aspiration, and Community. To be eligible, students must be seeking an undergraduate degree in one of the following categories: science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and business/entrepreneurship. The application, which requires a letter of recommendation and an academic transcript, opens Wednesday March 8th. The application deadline is Wednesday, April 12 at noon Eastern Standard Time. Please contact with any questions.

Marina Sirtis Veterinary Science Scholarship

Ms. Sirtis is an animal rights advocate and wanted to encourage people to study veterinary medicine and related fields.

Celesta Simas Memorial Scholarship

School/Area Eligibility For Scholarship: * Elk Grove High * Sheldon High * Pleasant Grove HighMinimum Required Grade Point Average: 2.0Financial Need: NoPost Secondary Type of School: 4 Year College or UniversitySpecific Requirements for Applying: Animal Science or Veterinary MedicineAttendance Requirement: Full-Time StudentRequired Participation In School Activities: YesRequired Participation In Community Activities: YesAdditional Qualifications:Applicant should be a good citizen; preference given to school/community activities involving animals.Required Letters of Recommendation: Required 2 - 1 teacher, 1 individual who can comment on applicant's involvement with animals

Tyson Foods Inc. Scholarship

ELIGIBILITY: Pursuing a two- or four-year degree in general agriculture; animal nutrition or science; farm and ranch management; poultry science; agricultural communications, journalism or public relations; management and finance; marketing and sales; or select area science and engineering. Must be a resident of a community in which a Tyson Foods processing facility is located. Scholarship recipients will be provided information regarding possible internship/part-time employment opportunities at Tyson Foods Inc.AWARD: 10 scholarships at $1,000 each, non-renewable.

NMA Undergraduate Scholarships

ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS1. Only sophomores, juniors, and seniors pursuing an approved program in Animal Science, Meat Science, Food Science or related discipline at an accredited educational institution are eligible.2. Applicants must be attending 4-year colleges or universities with either Animal, Meat or Food Science departments.3. Applicants must have a cumulative 2.75 Grade Point Average (GPA) (A = 4.00) to apply.4. Applicants must have the recommendation of both the department head and a faculty member familiar with their work.5. Scholarship applicants must be enrolled in an approved program at the time the scholarship becomes effective.Freshmen who apply must be sophomores at the time the scholarship becomes effective.6. Applicants who receive an award must remain enrolled in the approved major and university during the term of their scholarship. Awardees who withdraw from school or transfer to another major during the term of their scholarship must return the unused balance of the award to the NMA Scholarship Foundation.7. Senior Students must enroll as undergraduates for two consecutive semesters (or equivalent ) beyond theeffective date of the scholarship.8. It is the policy of the NMA Scholarship Foundation to bar recipients in any one year from being eligible for two consecutive years.Financial need, age, gender, or national origin are not conditions of eligibility for any of the awards.

Caryl Beck-Miller Pets Alive Scholarship

Description: Awarded to a graduating senior of Ross Beatty High School in Cassopolis in memory of Caryl Beck-Miller, who founded and ran Pets Alive, a non profit organization dedicated to saving and caring for unwanted and discarded pets. The recipient must plan to enroll as a full or part time student at any school of higher education, and in a course of study designed to educate individuals for the provision of medical, health or life enhancing care of animals.Criteria: To qualify for this scholarship, the student must demonstrate a financial need, and must have maintained a B average in high school. Other selection criteria should include evidence of self-help, and demonstrated leadership and volunteer activity. A hand-written essay must accompany the scholarship application.Award: Amounts up to $500; nonrenewable

The Genevieve C. Geeve Scholarship Fund

Who is Eligible to apply? Graduating Maine high school seniors who are accepted in a degree program at any accredited institution of higher education. Students must major in Equestrian Science and/or related studies: performance, research or veterinary medicine. Volunteer and community service in these areas are special assets. Scholarship amount: $500 How are the scholarships awarded? Awards are based on merit and scholarship. Applications are available from the address of the sponsoring organization.

Belles of the American Royal (BOTAR) Presidents’ Scholarship

Provides four AFA Leader and Academic Scholarships to female, Midwest agriculture students with a special interest in agriculture education . This scholarship provides a $3,200 academic tuition/fees scholarship, $1,000 registration fee for AFA Leaders Conference and the opportunity for the student to attend the BOTAR General Membership Meeting in January of her initial scholarship selection year. This scholarship is renewable up to three times if all scholarship requirements are fulfilled and at the discretion of the BOTAR committee. If a student receives this scholarship an additional three times, she will be asked to attend the BOTAR General Membership Meeting in her senior year as well, to share about her experiences. Students eligible to receive the AFA Leader and Academic Scholarship provided by BOTAR must: Be a female student pursuing a four-year degree in Agriculture Education or related field in the Midwest. Attend the BOTAR General Membership Meeting in January of her initial scholarship selection year. Meet all the AFA scholarship criteria and requirements listed above.

NDS / Klussendorf / MCKown Scholarships

Six scholarships will be awarded to students successfully completing their first, second or third years at a 2-year or 4-year college or university in the United States or Canada majoring in dairy science, animal science, agri-business, or other related majors that will develop the skills needed to pursue a career in the dairy industry. Scholarships are based on activities, experience and future plans. These awards are made possible by donations from Chris Kampf, the McKown family and from Klussendorf members and friends.

Harold Davis Memorial Scholarship

ELIGIBILITY: Pursuing a two- or four-year degree in animal science (livestock or dairy), agricultural education or agribusiness. Applicants must have a livestock background in swine, beef, dairy or any combination and complete the financial analysis section of the application.AWARD: Approximately one scholarship at $400. Not guaranteed.

Jay Pumphrey Animal Sciences Scholarship

$6,000 four-year scholarship Ideal candidates are current AQHA or AQHYA members from Texas with a rural farming and or ranching background; has a minimum cumulative 3.0 grade point average, and who wishes to pursue a major in animal science or a large animal-related degree from Tarleton State University or Texas A&M University. Member must apply during their senior year of high school. Current or previous AQHF scholarship recipients are not eligible to receive this scholarship. Funding for this scholarship will be applied to a four-year undergraduate degree program as specified above.

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