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The academic field of animal sciences involves the scientific study of the breeding and husbandry of agricultural animals. Also part of this field of study is the production and distribution of agricultural animal products. If you like working with animals and have a mind for business, this could be your career calling. Continue reading to find out more about this major and the world of animal science scholarships.

An animal science bachelor's degree is often the program of choice for those that plan on continuing their studies in pursuit of becoming a veterinarian and also for those that plan on owning their own farm. Here you work directly with goats, pigs, sheep, cows and bulls as you learn about breeding, nutrition, reproduction, feeding and management. 

These programs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most programs feature a combination of instruction methods, involving both theoretical lecture-based courses along with practical hands-on training. Courses you might encounter in this type of program include livestock genetics, animal biotechnology, physiology of lactation, meat science, beef cattle production and reproductive management. Along with your core courses you'll also take liberal arts and humanities electives such as English, public speaking and social science courses.

Farm internships are a requirement in nearly all programs. These are usually designed so that the student spends a semester or more working on a farm or in some other agricultural animal setting. Many programs also feature a study-abroad option, where you can spend a semester working on a farm in an exotic location such as Costa Rica, Thailand or France.

The employment outlook for careers related to this major is mixed. Veterinarians are expected to see a 36% increase in jobs over the coming decade. The much faster than average job growth will be fueled by the nation's growing pet population. This increase, then, will probably not be felt as strongly in the agricultural sector of vet practitioners. Agricultural farmers are expected to see a decrease in jobs between now and 2020. This will result because of farm consolidation as well as increased efficiency.

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R&D Systems Scholarship Application Fall 2018

R&D Systems is proud to support education in science with a scholarship program established to students who are pursuing a degree in a science related field. The R&D Systems Scholarship Program will be awarded to students pursuing a degree in a science related field. A $1500 (or international currency equivalent) scholarship will be awarded twice a year for one student in the fall semester and one student in the spring semester.

Caryl Beck-Miller Pets Alive Scholarship

Description: Awarded to a graduating senior of Ross Beatty High School in Cassopolis in memory of Caryl Beck-Miller, who founded and ran Pets Alive, a non profit organization dedicated to saving and caring for unwanted and discarded pets. The recipient must plan to enroll as a full or part time student at any school of higher education, and in a course of study designed to educate individuals for the provision of medical, health or life enhancing care of animals.Criteria: To qualify for this scholarship, the student must demonstrate a financial need, and must have maintained a B average in high school. Other selection criteria should include evidence of self-help, and demonstrated leadership and volunteer activity. A hand-written essay must accompany the scholarship application.Award: Amounts up to $500; nonrenewable

NDS Junior Merit Scholarship

(1st - $1,500; 2nd through 4th - $1,000) (Number of awards is dependent on number and quality of applicants). These scholarships are provided to encourage undergraduate junior students to pursue careers in the dairy industry. Major areas can include: Dairy Science, Agricultural Economics or Accounting, Dairy Genetics, Dairy Equipment, Dairy Nutrition, Dairy Feed or Pharmaceutical Marketing or Sales, Dairy Consultant, Dairy Extension or Dairy Researcher or Professor. Scholarships are based on leadership, activities, academic ability and interest in the dairy industry. Application Deadline is April 15

NDS / Dairy Management Inc.

(1st - $1,500; 2nd through 7th - $1,000)(Number of awards is dependent on number and quality of applicants).These scholarships are provided to encourage undergraduate sophomores and junior students to pursue careers in marketing of milk or dairy products. Major areas can include: Dairy Science, Animal Science, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Communications, Agricultural Education, General Education and Food and Nutrition. Awards are based on experience ability and interests in dairy/product marketing. Co-sponsored with Dairy Management Inc

Mack Kennington Scholarship

Eligibility criteria Open to: Cal Poly Pomona Students who are Sophomores and Juniors Major: Animal and Vet Sciences Minimum GPA: None Unit load required: Full-Time (undergraduates 12 units, graduates 8 units) Required activities or participation: Participation in University, College, Department and student activities Limited to students with calculated financial need: No Other criteria: Must have completed a minimum of 2 quarters at Cal Poly Pomona; interested in care, management, and promotion of livestock, poultry, and companion or exotic animals/birds; students interested in post-harvest technology and/ or associated business aspects are encouraged to apply

AVS Retired Faculty Scholarship Endowment

Eligibility criteria: Open to: Entering Freshman or Entering Transfer and Cal Poly Pomona Students who are Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, or Seniors Major: Animal and Vet Sciences Minimum GPA: 2.7 Enrollment for period of award: At least half-time (undergraduate 6 units, graduate 4 units) Required activities/sport participation: None Limited to students with calculated financial need: No Other Requirements: Demonstrated academic excellence in university, college, department and/ or student activities; genuine interest in and talent in animal and veterinary science careers.

Pfizer Animal Health Scholarship

ELIGIBILITY: Pursuing a four-year degree in agribusiness or animal sciences.AWARD: Approximately one scholarship at $1,250. Not guaranteed.

Agriculture - Academic Opportunity Award

Scholarships are awarded to students in the following areas of study: General Agriculture, Animal Science, Agronomy, Beef Cattle Management, Pre-Veterinary Medicine, and Agricultural Business. These awards are for incoming freshmen only.

Western Union Foundation Global Scholarship Program

The Western Union Foundation Global Scholarship Program (WU Scholars) is a program designed to support young people and their efforts to pursue a post-secondary education. Selected scholarship recipients will receive USD $2,500 each to contribute toward tuition or school fees at an accredited post-secondary institution and will be selected based on criteria relating to the program's three pillars: Perseverance, Aspiration, and Community. To be eligible, students must be seeking an undergraduate degree in one of the following categories: science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and business/entrepreneurship. The application, which requires a letter of recommendation and an academic transcript, opens Wednesday March 8th. The application deadline is Wednesday, April 12 at noon Eastern Standard Time. Please contact with any questions.

Vet Tech & Other Veterinary Support Careers Electric Dog Fence DIY Scholarship

Our goal is to provide a deserving student the opportunity to have some financial relief that will allow him or her to better focus in their studies and be able to better serve humanity, in particular our best friends. This year we want to offer the opportunity to a student studying to be a Vet Tech or other vocational career path that supports the work done by vets. Award Amount ▪ One $1000 scholarship is available. The scholarship will be disbursed in two payments of $500 ▪ To be used at the student’s discretion for living expenses, educational expenses or quality of life expenses Award Criteria and Eligibility -Vet Tech program enrollment -Undergraduate biology or pre-veterinary studies program, or the equivalent -Vocational program or community college working on technical or support degrees associated to the service of animals -Graduate program focused on animal assisted therapy -Must be enrolled full-time and in good standing at an accredited university -Hold a minimum 3.5 grade point average (GPA) or equivalent -Submit a 1,000 word essay on when to recommend an electric wireless or wired dog fence. Renewal Guidelines ▪ The student must maintain a 3.5 GPA in order to receive each increment ▪ The student must maintain full-time enrollment and must remain in good standing at their institution Application Deadlines ▪ September 1, 2016 -Dog Fence DIY will notify the recipient of the scholarship no later than September 30, 2016 About is a world class distributor of wireless dog fence solutions for self installation. is family owned at takes pride in providing high quality affordable options to vendor-installed electronic and invisible dog fences®. has assisted thousands of families in creating safe outdoor environments for their dogs in a cost effective format. The dog containment systems available at our website meet the highest criteria for quality and safety. is proud to extend a helping hand to future veterinary professionals because we are all part of the bigger picture when it comes to improving the lives of canine companions. Other community outreach efforts include educational material for dog shelters as well as bulk supply donations to deserving dog charities.

Research Internships at Lincoln Park Zoo

Scholarship DescriptionLincoln Park Zoo’s Research Internship program focuses on training young scientists to conduct independent research projects that are relevant to the management and conservation of small captive populations. These internships are funded through generous grants from the Dr. Scholl Foundation, The Chicago Community Trust, the Rice Foundation, and in memory of Lincoln Park Zoo’s former Curator of Reptiles, Ed Almandarz. The zoo provides unique opportunities for undergraduates and recent graduates to gain research experience on exotic species in a captive setting.The internship program is based in the Department of Conservation and Science and offers a unique opportunity to conduct research in a variety of areas and gain valuable experience while being a part of the zoo’s team approach to research and management of small populations. Interns have the opportunity to conduct research projects under the guidance of staff scientists in one or more of the following areas:-Demography-Population Genetics-Population Modeling-Animal Behavior-Nutrition-Epidemiology-ConservationInternships are a minimum of three months and a maximum of one year in duration. Three-month internships are usually filled in the summer months by college sophomores, juniors, or recently graduated seniors. Recent college graduates are also eligible for longer internships (maximum of one year).Since its inception the program has trained more than 60 undergraduate and graduate students. Student projects have resulted in published papers, scientific presentations, undergraduate honors theses, master’s theses, or Ph.D. dissertations. All the students have gained important and substantive research experience that is vital to their future success in the biological sciences. The majority of previous interns go on to professional careers in science, including veterinary school, and graduate school in the biological sciences; several have obtained jobs in Lincoln Park Zoo’s Department of Conservation and Science.DETAILSInternship availability varies throughout the year. When internship positions are available, they will be posted here on the zoo’s employment page. If no internship positions are posted but you would like us to keep your information on file for future openings, e-mail a copy of your resume to Be sure to mention the internship area (behavior, population genetics, etc.) and time-frame you are interested in.

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