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Here are some of the Ministry scholarships on our site for which you may qualify.

John Q. Schisler Award

This award is designed to assist outstanding graduate students who have chosen a career as a professional Christian educator, ordained deacon, diaconal minister or lay professional in the local church. Not for students pursuing a career as an ordained elder. Applicant must be enrolled at a University Senate approved theological seminary (Pacific School of Religion is an approved school). The applicant must also have been a full, active member of the United Methodist Church for at least 3 years prior to the application. For more information, contact: General Board of Higher Education and Ministry - Office of Loans and Scholarships (615) 340 7344

Knights Templar of California Christian Ministry Scholarship Fund

Summary: To provide financial assistance to students at designated protestant seminaries in California. Eligibility: This program is open to students at one of the following Protestant seminaries: American Baptist Seminary of the West, Church Divinity School of the Pacific, Pacific School of Religion, San Francisco Theological Seminary, and School of Theology at Claremont. Candidates must be nominated by the scholarship committee of their seminary. They must demonstrate financial need, better than average academic achievement, and a desire to prepare for a career in Protestant Christian ministry. Finalists are interviewed. Financial data The stipend is $1,500. Duration 1 year. Number awarded Twenty each year: four at each of the five seminaries. Knights Templar of California Attn: Knights Templar Educational Foundation 801 Elm Ave. Long Beach, CA 90813 (562) 436-8271

Lawrence and Donna Taylor Scholarships

Amount: $750 - $1,000 Description: To provide academic training for persons preparing for the ordained ministry or certification as Director of Christian Education, Minister of Christian Education or Associate in Christian Education for service within a member denomination of the World Methodist Council.

Marion T. Burr Scholarship

Native American students enrolled full-time in college or seminary who are pursuing a career in human services are eligible for this scholarship. National Ministries Ministries of Financial Aid and Continuing Education National Ministries administers an American Baptist Financial Aid Program that supports college students, seminarians, and ministerial leaders with grants and scholarships. Request application forms for the scholarships and grants listed below from the Financial Aid Office, National Ministries, American Baptist Churches USA, P.O. Box 851, Valley Forge, PA 19482-0851 (phone 1-800-ABC-3USA, ext. 2067; Fax 610-768-2453). Please specify which scholarship or grant you wish to apply for.

Ministry Fellowship

The Fund for Theological Education offers financial aid and a network of support for first-year seminarians pursuing vocations in ministry and theological scholarship. These fellowships provide assistance to outstanding candidates who might not otherwise have the means to complete their studies. The Ministry Fellowships provide support to enrich the preparation for pastoral ministry the summer after the first year of seminary. For the outstanding student entering a Master of Divinity program, FTEs Ministry Fellows Program provides the support needed for a serious exploration of ministry over the summer following the first year of seminary. The program encourages initiative and independent learning opportunities not routinely included in the seminary curriculum. It provides a network of mentoring support and guidance during the first year of seminary, culminating in a summer project of the seminarians own design - offering an early opportunity for creative preparation for ministry that is often not otherwise available so early in the journey. To apply for this program, you must be preparing to enter your first year of a Master of Divinity program in the fall at a seminary accredited by the Association of Theological Schools. (Youre not eligible if youre already enrolled for an M. Div., M.T.S., Th.M. or M.A.) You must be a U.S. or Canadian citizen 35 years of age or younger. You must already be demonstrating excellent abilities for ministry and a deep commitment to the life of the spirit and ministry as a career, as well as a record of high academic achievement. You must have a relationship with and dedication to a particular denomination of the Christian church. You must have a drive to understand others needs and act on their behalf. Finally, you must bring imagination, creativity, compassion, vision, a capacity for critical thinking, leadership, personal integrity and good communication skills to your work. Ministry Fellows are awarded up to $5,000 for ministry projects of their own design that promise to enrich their theological education during the summer after their first year in seminary. The fellowship also includes other special enrichment and extracurricular opportunities to further expand the fellows growth and education. Each fellow also attends two sessions of the FTE Conference on Excellence in Ministry, in the summer before the fellowship year and the summer afterwards. A stipend is provided for conference travel and expenses. Up to 40 Ministry Fellows will be named for the upcoming academic year. Applications are available now for online download, by fax and as printed copies. For more information about applying, contact Nikol Reed, Fellowships Administrator. For more information, contact:

Mist Scholarship

This scholarship is for United Methodist students who are pursuing a career in Pastoral Counseling or hospital chaplaincy. Scholarship amount is $1,500. For more information, contact: General Board of Higher Education and Ministry - Division of Ordained Ministry - Section of Chaplains and Related Ministries (United Methodist Church).

Mount Olivet Foundation

Grants of $500 to $1,000 are available to seminary students. Preference will be given to those with direct connection with Mount Olivet, next to Methodists from northern Virginia/greater Washington, DC, and finally to Methodists from the mid-Atlantic region. Mount Olivet Foundation 1500 North Glebe Rd. Arlington, VA 22207-2199

Myron J. Walker Scholarship

Applicants must be a resident of Iowa and plan to study in a seminary in preparation for the ministry, priesthood, or rabbinate. For more information, contact: Myron J. Walker Scholarship School of Religion University of Iowa 308 Gilmore Hall Iowa City, IA 52242

Native American Seminary Award

Candidates must be born of Native American parentage (at least one parent) and indicate tribal affiliation. Must also be a member of the United Methodist Church for 3 years; be accepted and enrolled in a University Senate approved school of theology (Pacific School of Religion is an approved school) as a full time student and demonstrate financial need. For more information, contact: General Board of Higher Education and Ministry - Office of Loans and Scholarships (United Methodist Church) (615) 340-7344

Sabbatical Grants for Pastoral Leaders

The program is open to Protestant and Roman Catholic clergy, church staff members, denominational and diocesan staff, and others employed full time in recognized positions of pastoral leadership, ordained and lay. Seminary administrators and faculty members are not eligible for this grant program. The program is open to pastoral leaders in the United States and Canada. Past recipients of Louisville Institute sabbatical (SGPL), study (SGPL), and research (RGRL) awards for pastoral leaders are not eligible. Recipients must be released from all pastoral duties during the entire grant period. A note to Doctor of Ministry degree and other degree candidates

Seminary Student Tuition Aid (From Wisconsin)

Eligibility: - Students must be members of Lutheran congregations in the State of Wisconsin. - Students entering the seminary, must be members of Lutheran congregations in the state of Wisconsin prior to their application to the seminary. - Student must be enrolled, full-time, in an accredited seminary and plan for ordination in the Lutheran pastoral ministry. Grant money can be used only for tuition, fees, books, supplies and/or equipment required for courses of instruction. Students serving a vicarship or internship are not eligible. The Siebert Lutheran Foundation, Inc. annually makes a limited number of grants to Lutheran congregations in Wisconsin on behalf of seminary students. In order to be considered for funding, it is necessary for a congregation, of which the student is a communicant member, to prepare a formal proposal. Grants are based on financial need rather than on scholastic achievement. Please do not submit an application if there is no financial need. No grants will be given for travel, graduate post-graduate or professional study. Notification of grant awards will be made to the seminaries by August 20. The seminaries will notify the students of the amount of money each student is to receive. Checks will be mailed from the Foundation directly to the seminaries at the end of September. Application: (Note: Though not on the website, PLTS students are welcome to apply!) For further information:

Stevenson Scholarship

Amount: $200 - $400 (can reapply each year) Description: This scholarship is available to members of First United Methodist Church who are working toward professions in areas that will benefit people and the environment: education, medicine, environmental, seminary, social service, etc.

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