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The Grand Canyon State of Arizona features a population of just under 7 million and is home to nearly 150 colleges and universities. Among these are large state universities such as Arizona State and the University of Arizona. Also, the state features an extensive and well-developed network of community colleges.

This sunny paradise enjoys exports such as cotton, cattle, copper and citrus. Since farming, food production and cattle ranching are so big here you'll find plenty of scholarship opportunities in fields such as agronomy, animal sciences and sustainable development.

But it's not all about farming here in Arizona. There are a host of state scholarship opportunities for a wide range of fields. We're talking about majors like architecture, construction management, nursing, accounting and occupational therapy to name just a few.

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The Adelaide Ryerson Smith Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Scholarships awarded to an occupational therapy student at the post-baccalaureate degree level or occupational therapy assistant level. Students must be enrolled in an accredited occupational therapy education program and must be residents of Arizona, attending any curriculum in the state of Arizona. Must be a current member of the Arizona Occupational Therapy Association. Scholarship amount TBD. See website for deadline of application

MGMA Western Section Scholarship

Individuals residing in MGMA Western section states (Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming) who are current MGMA members and enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program relevant to medical practice management. Eligibility Applicants must be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program relevant to medical practice management, including public health, business administration, healthcare administration and other related areas.The scholarships are not intended to support individuals pursuing degrees in: medicine physical therapy nursing or other clinically related professions

KASF Scholarship - Western Regional Chapter

A Korean student currently enrolled in a full-time undergraduate or graduate program is qualified to apply. Applicants are judged on the basis of financial need, academic achievement, extracurricular activities, and community service. .Applicants from the Western Region must attend a school in either: Washington, Oregon, Nevada, California, Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, or New Mexico. Qualifications: Undergraduate, graduate, and high school students enrolled full time during the scholarship application year. Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0. Students with a Korean heritage studying in the United States regardless of citizenship status (including Korean Nationals). If extra funds are available, other students (non-Korean) may qualify for some scholarships.

Innovation in Education Scholarship

LA Tutors awards a monthly $500 Innovation Scholarship to high school and college students who showcase their creativity and make a positive impact.

MusicAuthority’s Annual Music Lovers Scholarship

MusicAuthority recognizes the positive impact that music can have on a student’s learning experience. Studies have shown how music can enhance learning- from improving memory performance to relieving anxiety, music can be a great component to aid a student’s college experience. We are proud to offer our $1,000 scholarship to one current or prospective student. We will be offering this scholarship on a continual basis and we are excited to promote a passion for music and higher education.

MacDonald Wood Burn Survivor Educational Scholarship Program

The MacDonald Wood Burn Survivor Educational Scholarship Program is open to Arizona residents who have survived a serious burn injury that required grafting/surgery during hospitalization. First-time applicants should forward paperwork at least one month before the start of the semester/quarter in case there is additional paperwork required or missing items. Applicants who are renewing their scholarship requests should forward a copy of the previous semester/quarter transcript plus a copy of the invoice to be paid as soon as available. Eligibility • Resident of Arizona • Burn Survivor • 17 years of age or older, or else a special needs applicant • Registered or enrolled in undergraduate diploma or certificate program at a state licensed and accredited institution Application Requirements • Completed application form (plus letters, for first-time applicants) • Completed Family Financial Profile (must be completed by parents if they are claiming you as a dependent on their income taxes) • An up-to-date official transcript of grades from the previous quarter or semester or high school transcript for high school seniors • List of required classes for degree or certification program you are enrolling in • Renewal applicants are required to have passing grades in all courses and to retain a GPA at or above 2.5 (quarter/semester as well as cumulative) • Renewal applicants are required to have volunteered for at least one Arizona Burn Foundation sponsored event the previous quarter or semester Selection Criteria • Ability to achieve academically • Financial need • On the recommendation of a counselor, teacher, or person aware of applicant’s ability and commitment to the educational program Selection Decisions • Scholarship amounts will be a maximum of $1,500 per semester o Tuition will be paid directly to the educational institution o Books and supplies reimbursement will be paid either to the educational institution or directly to applicant upon delivery of receipt(s) • Scholarship applicants will be notified of the selection decision within two weeks after receipt of the completed application, financial profile form, official transcript, and required letters (for first-time applicants).

Arysta LifeScience North America Scholarship

ELIGIBILITY: Pursuing a four-year degree in agronomy, crop or plant science, horticulture, business/landscape/nursery or turfgrass management, agricultural communications, public relations, sales or marketing, entomology or plant pathology. Minimum 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale required. Must reside in Arizona, California, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota or Washington (state).AWARD: Five scholarships at $1,275 each, non-renewable.

Charles P. Lake - Rain for Rent Scholarship

ELIGIBILITY: One scholarship to applicants pursuing a four-year degree in general agriculture, agricultural business management, agricultural engineering, agriculture power and equipment or soil or water conservation with preference to those specializing in irrigation and soil technology. Must be a resident of Arizona, California or Idaho. One scholarship to applicants pursuing a four-year degree in environmental engineering. Must be a resident of Illinois, Louisiana or Texas. All applicants must have completed freshman year and have a minimum 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale required. Applicants will be considered on the basis of scholastic achievement, leadership skills, community involvement, then financial need. Recipients must be willing to provide a picture for publicity purposes and tour a Rain for Rent facility.AWARD: Two scholarships at $1,000 each, non-renewable.

Clubs of America

Eligible students will: Write an essay of no fewer than 600 words about their career aspirations and how their current course load will help them achieve success in their careers. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? Thinking outside the box is encouraged! Email their essay as a .doc or .pdf attachment to: YouTube submissions are optional, although not required. Video should be no longer than 5 minutes. (Essays submitted via YouTube must also be submitted in writing.)

ICSC CenterBuild Scholarship

Representatives from the scholarship committee of the successful ICSC CenterBuild Conference*, have agreed to endow one or more scholarships with the ICSC Foundation for a graduate student at Arizona State University enrolled in the Master of Real Estate Development program or an undergraduate student majoring in planning, architecture, interior design, construction management, engineering, landscape architecture or real estate development. CenterBuild supporters are enthusiastic when it comes to contributing to the next generation of students, leaving their legacy.*The ICSC CenterBuild Conference is a specialty conference dedicated to the issues of planning development, design and construction of shopping centers and retail stores.

Nazarene Matching Grant

For Nazarene students from the Southwest Educational Region of the Church of the Nazarene (#9), which is comprised of the following Districts(District/Maximum Amount): Anaheim $2,600; Arizona $2,800; Central California $2,650; Hawaii $2,600; Los Angeles $2,600; New Mexico $2,700; Northern California $2,600; Sacramento $2,800; Southern California $2,800; SW Latin America $2,600; Western Latin American $2,600. The program consists of three awards: the Church Scholarship, the Nazarene Grant-in-Aid, and a District Grant. In order to receive these three awards, the student's home Nazarene church must send PLNU a Church Scholarship check (up to $250 per year). PLNU matches this with the Nazarene Grant-in-Aid (up to $250 per year) and also applies the appropriate District Grant (amounts vary). A student whose home Nazarene church does not participate in the matching grant program may still be able to receive District Grant funds if the church's pastor sends a written request to the Student Financial Services (SFS) Office on church letterhead. For students living on-campus, these three awards can be used to help pay tuition and mandatory fees or on-campus room and board charges. For students living off-campus, the awards are restricted to tuition and fees. Neither the Church Scholarship nor the Nazarene Grant-in-Aid can be refunded to the student. However, for off-campus students whose total financial aid exceeds semester charges, the student may use District Grant funds to purchase meal tickets, provided that a FAFSA has been filed and the student demonstrates remaining financial need. Students may receive the Church Scholarship, Nazarene Grant-in-Aid and District Grant during the fall and spring semesters only, for up to ten regular semesters. Full-time enrollment (12 units or more per semester) is required through the end of the Refund Period. It is the student's responsibility for contacting the church and requesting that it send the Church Scholarship check to PLNU. If the church does not send the money, the Church Scholarship, Nazarene Grant-in-Aid, and District Grant will be removed from the student's financial aid package.

A.W. Bodine - Sunkist Growers Scholarship

Qualifications are: 1. A background in California or Arizona agriculture - a student or someone in the student's immediate family must have derived the majority of his income from agriculture; 2. Financial need; 3. GPA and extra curricular activities indicative of potential success. The scholarships are available to students entering any undergraduate grade level who are enrolled in or have applications pending at an accredited college and plan to pursue a course of study leading to a recognized degree. While the award amount may vary, it averages $2,000.00 per academic year. Scholarships are renewable based on an annual review for up to four years of full-time undergraduate study and it may be extended under special circumstances. While in college, the recipients must maintain good academic and disciplinary standings. carry at least 12 graded units per term and earn a minimum of 2.7 GPA.

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