Nursing Scholarships

Nurses are an integral component of our healthcare system. Nursing programs come in a variety of formats, with 1- and 2-year associate degree programs available as well as 4-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree programs. These 4-year programs prepare graduates to become Registered Nurses (RN).

In RN degree programs, you'll study liberal arts and humanities electives in your first two years. Along with these courses, you'll be expected to enroll in natural science and nursing theory courses. In the third and fourth years of the program, you'll take more intensive nursing courses such as anatomy and physiology, microbiology, pharmacology and nutrition. Many programs feature an internship as a degree requirement. With a nursing internship, you'll receive course credit while working in an actual healthcare setting.

If you want to continue your education past the bachelor's degree level you have several options. Both masters and doctoral programs in nursing are available. At the graduate level you can specialize in fields such as neonatal care, women's health or adult acute care. 

The median salary for RN's was just over $65,000 as of May, 2012. The states with the highest levels of employment for nurses are California, Texas, New York, Florida and Pennsylvania.

Current stats and future projections regarding nursing employment opportunities can be somewhat confusing. On the one hand, most experts claim the nation is in the midst of a nursing shortage. At the same time, graduates of RN programs are increasing each year and many are having a difficult time finding employment. One reason for this is that as the nation continues its sluggish economic recovery older nurses are delaying their retirement. This in turn reduces employment opportunities for recent graduates.

Still, nurses are definitely needed and this need will grow larger as the average age of our citizenry increases. Also, technological improvements in healthcare technology and delivery will result in increased demand.

Continue reading below to explore the many nursing scholarship possibilities.

Master's Scholarships

PURPOSE: To provide scholarships to registered nurses who are interested in and committed to oncology nursing to continue their education by pursuing a master's degree in nursing. SCHOLARSHIP: Masters degree scholarships are awarded annually at $3,000 each. INSTRUCTIONS: The candidate must be currently enrolled in (or applying to) a masters nursing degree at an NLN or CCNE accredited School of Nursing. The candidate must have a current license to practice as a registered nurse and must have an interest in and commitment to oncology nursing. Upon completion of degree, the nurse shall submit a summary describing the education activities in which he/she participated. NOTE: An individual cannot receive this award more than one time. REQUIREMENTS: Submit $5 application fee (made through ONS eSource)

Edwards Medical Supply Scholarship for Continuing Education

To provide financial assistance to occupational and environment health nurses who are interested in pursuing continuing education. Amount Awarded: $1500 Number Awarded: 2 each year. Eligibility: This program is open to occupational and environmental health nurses who wish to participate in a continuing education activity that will further their professional development and continued competence. Selection is based on a statement of career goals as they pertain to the applicant's professional development and continued competence, how the continuing education activity will further the applicant's goals, commitment to ongoing continuing education activities, a letter of support, and financial need. Additional Information: These scholarships are not intended to supplement tuition in an academic program.

Pamela Balzer Career Mobility Scholarship

Eligibility Criteria Candidates must apply for the scholarships. Current full member of ANNA, having been a member for a minimum of the last 2 years as of the awards/scholarship application deadline date. Actively involved in nephrology nursing related health care services. Accepted or enrolled in a baccalaureate or higher degree program in nursing. Each sponsor may request candidates meet additional criteria to those listed. Any additional criteria will be listed annually in the call for applications published in the ANNA Update and on the ANNA website. Application The completed application must include: Documentation that the eligibility criteria are met. Certified transcript(s) of the applicant’s academic records, if currently enrolled, or if not currently enrolled, an official letter of acceptance from the academic institution into a course of part-time or full-time study to begin no later than 3 months following the receipt of the award. Three letters of recommendation using the ANNA prescribed form found on the ANNA Web site. Each letter author must send the completed form directly to the ANNA National Office. An essay of 250 words or less written by the applicant describing career/educational goals and addressing: Expected time frame for completion of the degree. Application of this award to meet the expected expenses. Impact of the completion of degree program on applicant’s nephrology nursing practice.

Charlotte McGuire Scholarship Program

Charlotte McGuire Scholarships are available to nurses who: - Are pursuing a holistic nursing education - Maintain a 3.0 grade point average (on a 4.0 scale) - Have experience and interest in healing and holistic nursing practice - Are member of ANHA (membership history will be verified by headquarters) - 6 months minimum membership for undergraduate degree - 1 years minimum membership for graduate award - Complete the application process

ENA Foundation State Challenge Scholarships

Funding is made possible through the generosity of the many ENA members, state councils and local chapters who participated in the 2008 ENA Foundation State Challenge. Requirements: This scholarship is awarded to an emergency nurse (RN) pursuing a Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN). Eligibility Requirements: * A minimum of a 3.0 Grade Point Average (GPA) is required for consideration. * Applicants must be attending a NLN or AACN accredited school.

Oncology Nursing Foundation Master's Scholarships

The candidate must have a demonstrated interest in and commitment to oncology nursing. The candidate must currently be enrolled in a graduating nursing degree program in an NLN-accredited School of Nursing. The program must have application to oncology nursing. The candidate must have a current license to practice as a registered nurse. The candidate may be a part-time or full-time student. At the end of each year of scholarship participation, the nurse must submit a summary describing the education activities in which he or she participated.

American School Health Association Scholarships

To provide financial assistance to undergraduate and graduate students interested in preparing for a career in school health. Amount Awarded: $500 Number Awarded: 3 each year. Duration: 1 year. Eligibility: Applicants must be full-time students majoring in one of the following areas: school health education, school nursing, or pediatric or adolescent medicine/dentistry. Other specialties are also considered if the application is accompanied by a letter from the academic advisor on official letterhead describing the academic program's preparation for the specialization. Applicants are required to be juniors or seniors in college or to be graduate students. They must have earned at least a 3.0 GPA. Financial need is not considered in the selection process. Additional Information: Recipients are also given a 3-year complimentary student membership in the association. .

AANP Foundation Practicing NP Research Grant

To provide funding to members of AANP who wish to conduct a research project. Amount Awarded: $1000 Number Awarded: 2 each year. Duration: 1 year. Eligibility: This program is open to members of the academy who are currently licensed, practicing NPs. Applicants must be new researchers. They must be the principal investigator on a research project with a focus on primary health care provided by NPs in the United States. Additional Information: There is a $10 application fee.

Friends of Rutland Heights Hospital Scholarship

For students enrolled in a course of study leading to certification and employment in direct patient care, preferably in the Worcester area.

Mary Morgan Wolf Memorial Scholarship Fund

The purpose of the Mary Morgan Wolf Memorial Scholarship Fund is to honor her life by making a two or four-year scholarship available to a Native Student from the Middle Kuskokwim Region who is entering into a health-related field.The scholarship will range in an amount based on the donations received for it from individuals, businesses, and corporations. The amount for the first year is $1,500. The amount for the following years will likely be $2,000 or more.Qualifications 1. Recipient must demonstrate motivation, academic, and leadership potential. 2. Recipient must be in good academic standing with a Cumulative G.P.A. above a 2.0. 3. Recipient must be attending a college or vocational institution the following fall. 4. Recipient must be going into a health-related field. 5. Recipient must be returning to the Kuskokwim area after degree is received or training completed. 6. Native Preference applies to this private scholarship.

Joan Camp Memorial Scholarship Foundation

The foundation provides scholarships to students of the Princeville School District who are interested in pursuing college, university, technical and similar advanced education and training in the R.N. and L.P.N. nursing fields. Limited to residents of Illinois.

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