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The major of English is about a lot more than just reading. It requires highly developed critical thinking and writing skills. You also need to be able to think creatively, conduct research and budget your time wisely. If you think you have these skills then continue reading to learn more about the major of English as well as the world of English scholarships.

Your studies will most likely begin with a year-long survey course examining English-language literature. Subsequent courses will focus on chronological periods of literature and specific genres. Core courses will cover topics such as Shakespeare, the short story, poetry, American literature, grammar, English drama and the Romantics. 

Most programs feature a range of concentrations that will allow you to tailor your studies towards a specific educational or vocational goal. Examples of these concentrations include linguistics, drama, creative writing and ethnic literature. 

You will be doing a large amount of writing as an English major. The majority of your core courses will demand at least two lengthy term papers per course. Also, you will be assigned more reading than seems possible. Even habitual, avid readers will need to plan their schedules carefully in order to complete all the assigned material. Your core classes will most likely be small and your grade will be based partly on the level of your discourse and observations as you contribute to class discussions.

The employment picture for graduates of English programs is mixed. An undergraduate degree in English can be the educational pathway to careers in fields such as publishing, media communications, social work, technical writing and other fields. 

And while teaching positions at the university level are few and far between (as well as requiring graduate studies) competent and enthusiastic elementary, middle and high school English teachers are in demand. This demand will fluctuate by region with traditionally under-served communities offering more opportunities than larger metropolitan areas.

To explore the scope of English scholarships follow the links below.

NFB Humanities Scholarship

Each year at its National Convention in July, the National Federation of the Blind gives a broad array of scholarships to recognize achievement by blind scholars. All applicants for these scholarships must be (1) legally blind and (2) pursuing or planning to pursue a full-time post-secondary course of study in the upcoming fall semester, in the United States, except that one scholarship may be given to a full-time employee also attending school part-time. Recipients of Federation scholarships need not be members of the National Federation of the Blind. The winner must be studying in the traditional humanities such as art, English, foreign languages, history, philosophy, or religion. Scholarship is for one year. Renewals possible upon reapplication.

English Honor Award

Available to incoming freshmen who declare an English major. Awards range from $200-$600.

James C. Caldwell Scholarship

The purpose of this scholarship is to provide a college opportunity for a student who has shown high academic potential and career commitments to an elementary and/or secondary education. This award is $1,500.00, renewable for four (4) years, and may be matched annually. Consideration requirements are a GPA of 3.0 or higher, four (4) years of English, three (3) years of mathematics and science and two (2) years of social studies and foreign language.

Dr. Kay E. Meadows Memorial Scholarship

The purpose of this scholarship is to provide a college opportunity for a student who has shown high academic potential. This award is $1,500.00 per year and will be matched, restricted to The University of Toledo and renewable for four (4) years. Consideration requirements are a GPA of 3.0 or higher, four (4) years of English, three (3) years of mathematics and science and two (2) years of social studies and foreign language.

Ruth Lilly Poetry Fellowships-Creative Writing

Description:Established to provide financial assistance to undergraduate and graduate students who are studying poetry. Eligibility:This program is open to undergraduate and graduate students in creative writing or English who have not yet received a master’s or doctoral degree. Program directors and department chairs at colleges and universities in the United States are invited to nominate one student-poet from their program. Nominations must be accompanied by samples of the candidate’s work.

Dorothy Pritchard Wright Children's Literature Scholarship

College/Department: Humanities & the Arts - English & Comparative Literature Sponsor: (Founding) Family, Friends and Colleagues of Dorothy Wright Award: Annual Criteria: Call number 408-924-4425 for more information.

America's Next Top Namer

Directions Develop five (5) new name candidates for a fictitious intelligent personal digital assistant and academic navigator that works on your tablet, Smartphone or computer anytime, anywhere. This innovative software is exclusive to college students and is designed to support every facet of the collegiate journey. Applicants are encouraged to develop coined or suggestive names. An online search for pre-existing trademarks should be completed before submitting. The name candidates should not include any obvious existing trademarks in the name. Strategic Name Development, Inc. will not consider any submissions that include well-known brand names (Citi®, Gillette®, Xerox®, etc.) or technology names that already exist (Siri®, Evo®, Blackberry®, Twitter®, etc.) Required Material 1. A 1,000-word essay that includes justification for each of the five name candidates developed 2. Your name, gender, age, year in school, college, major, GPA, email address, phone number, and permanent address

Doug Taylor Memorial Scholarship

Major: English GPA: 3.00 Class Level: Continuing student

Michael Marks Literature Scholarship

Junior English major, 3.0 GPA or better, renewable for senior year if criteria are met.

Martin J. Svaglic Humanities Scholarship

Two $2,500 per year scholarships will be awarded to qualified new freshmen or transfer students who have been admitted into one of the following areas in the humanities: classical studies, communication, English, fine arts, history, modern languages, philosophy, theology or theatre. Prospective candidates must have a minimum 3.0 cumulative grade point average on a 4.0 scale. New freshmen must: have a minimum 26 on the ACT or an 1170 on the SAT; and be admitted to Loyola prior to February 25. All qualified, admitted students should complete the application and it must be returned by March 1. The recipients will be notified by April 1.

Ohio University Scholarship

This award is to provide a college opportunity for a student who has demonstrated the commitment to attend Ohio University. The award is for $1,500.00 per year, renewable for four (4) years. This award also includes a $1,500.00 match per year from The 50 Men & Women of Toledo, Inc. Consideration requirements are a GPA of 3.0 or higher, four (4) years of English, three (3) years of Mathematics and Science and two (2) years of Social Studies and Foreign Language.

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