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Engineers create, design and build the things that make our lives easier and more manageable. When they are at the top of their game, the things they create may even make our lives better. As a college major the field of engineering is as varied as it is challenging. You'll find over 40 varieties of engineering offered at the university level. Hopefully you'll find just as much variety in the engineering scholarships listed below.

While engineering fields cover everything from farms to space there are a few things they have in common. They all rely heavily on math and science. If you're thinking of this as a major you'll need to be strong in both these subjects. In most programs your first two years will be spent on math and science courses along with considerable lab time. In your final two years you'll enroll in the bulk of your core engineering courses.
Examples of the most popular engineering fields include mechanical, civil, electrical and computer engineering. Some of the newer kids on the block include robotics and nanotechnology. Other varieties include software, nuclear, mining and architectural engineering.

The employment prospects for many of these fields are quite robust for the coming decade. In addition, engineers have some of the highest earning potential of college graduates at both the bachelor and graduate levels. But be prepared for a lot of difficult academic work. As an engineering major you're going to have to spend more time in the lab and at the books than your friends studying social work or English literature. Less than 40% of engineering students finish their bachelor degree studies in four years. Make sure that you can count patience and fortitude among the attributes you're bringing to the college experience.

You'll also want to explore your desired programs with extreme care. Make sure that this is the program for you. Ask lots of questions. Is the program more theoretical or practical? Is it didactic or hands-on? Is there a senior thesis or Capstone project as a degree requirement? If so, what sort of projects have students submitted in recent  years? You'll also want to be certain that the program in question is accredited by ABET, the leading engineering accreditation board.

If you want to continue your education after your bachelor's you'll have plenty of options. Graduate level engineering programs spend more time on the research end of things. But there's still plenty of scope for hands-on problem solving in emerging and exciting areas such as pharmaceutical, wireless or hydrosystem engineering.

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Fellowships for Selected Professions

Selected Professions Fellowships are awarded to women in the final year of graduate study in designated fields where women's participation has been low. Women in engineering master's programs are eligible to apply for either first or final year of study. Applicants must be U.S. Citizens or permanent residents. Special consideration is given to applicants who show professional promise in innovative or neglected areas of research and/or practice in areas of public interest. All women are eligible to apply for fellowships in the following degree programs: architecture (M. Arch.), computer/information sciences (MS), engineering (ME, MS, PhD), mathematics/statistics (MS).

MSPE Scholarship Trust Grant

Eligibility Requirements: A high school senior and a resident of Michigan, and a citizen of the United States at the time of application. Have at least a 3.0 grade point average (based on a 4.0 scale) for the 10th and 11th grades. Attain a minimum composite test score of 26 on the American College Testing Program (ACT). Must be accepted at a Michigan ABET accredited college or university and enroll in an engineering program. Scholarship awards are contingent upon acceptance for admission and an intent to earn a degree in engineering and enter the practice of engineering after graduation. Submit a list of senior classes being taken.

Development Fund for Black Students in Science and Technology Scholarship

Eligibility Criteria:To be eligible for scholarships offered by DFBSST, all applicants must meet the following criteria: * African-American, undergraduate student majoring (or intending to major) in a technical field of study (i.e., engineering, math, science, etc.), * Be enrolled (or identify his or her intention to enroll) at one of the predominantly Black colleges or universities and * Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. Evaluation Criteria:Applicants are evaluated based on the following criteria: 1. Academic achievement (grades and SAT scores, especially science/math), 2. Personal essay describing career goals, current and past relevant extracurricular activities, etc., 3. Recommendations (teachers and guidance counselors), and 4. Financial need. Applicants are first ranked based on consideration of items 1, 2 and 3 above. If two (2) applicants are considered to be equal, the candidate with the greatest financial need is ranked higher. Award Determination:The amount of the scholarships awarded each student is determined by the DFBSST Scholarship Committee. Scholarships are based on merit and financial need. Scholarship awards are up to $2,000 per year. Support is renewed annually, for a maximum of four (4) years, as long as the students remains in good academic standing at the same institution, enrolled in a full-time, undergraduate science or engineering curriculum, and submits a renewal application.

YASME Foundation Scholarship

Award Amount: $1,000 Number of Awards: Multiple License Requirement: Technician class or higher Region: Any Field of Study: Sciences or Engineering Institution: Accredited four-year college or university Other: Preference to students active in a local Amateur Radio Club and in community service. Preference to high school applicants ranked in the top 5%- 10% of their class or to college students in the top 10% of their class. Previous awardees of a YASME Scholarship seeking renewal of must submit a new application and transcript each year.

Betty Shanahan Scholarship

The SWE Scholarship Program provides financial assistance to women admitted to accredited baccalaureate or graduate programs, in preparation for careers in engineering, engineering technology and computer science. A one-time only graduate student scholarship to recognize SWE's Executive Director & CEO Betty Shanahan's outstanding accomplishment over 10 year's of service. SWE membership required. Amount: TBD A few main eligibility points: Only women are eligible. You must be planning to study an ABET-accredited program in engineering, technology, or computing in the upcoming academic year. You must be planning to attend full time (exceptions are made for reentry and non-traditional applicants). You must not be fully funded for tuition, fees, and books and equivalent.

John F. Hinrichs Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is made possible through the National Robotic Arc Welding Conference, the AWS Milwaukee Section, the D 16 Committee, and the many friends and colleagues of John F. Hinrichs who wish to continue his legacy. This scholarship is for a student in high school, tech college, or other school in welding or engineering related program. The student may be full or part time, but must exhibit a financial need to qualify. Applicant is also expected to write an essay on a specific topic as noted in the application.

SAE Detroit Section $5,000 Technical Scholarship

Student Eligibility Requirements: * U.S. citizenship (not permanent resident). * Child or grandchild of a current member. * 3.0 or better grade point average on a 4.0 scale (required). * Demonstrated financial need. * Enroll in a two- or four-year engineering or science program at an ABET accredited college or university. Terms of Scholarship: * Two scholarships will be awarded each year for $5,000 per year. * Scholarship may be renewed at $5,000 a year for three additional years (total award $20,000). How to Apply: * Begin the application process online. * If you are qualified, you will be prompted to continue the process and submit the following: o An official copy of your high school transcript with SAT/ACT scores. o FAFSA forms. o At least one letter of recommendation from an adult, non family member (teacher, coach, pastor, etc.) * All information must be submitted by January 15. Selection and Announcement of Recipients: * Recipient will be selected by the SAE Detroit Section Scholarship Committee, in cooperation with the SAE Foundation, and notified by the end of June. * Applicants not selected will be notified by the end of July. Payment of Scholarship Funds: * This scholarship will be paid into your account at your selected university in July/August. * It can be used for tuition or any other incidental school expenses. Scholarship Renewal: * May be renewed for $5,000 per year for up to three additional years. * Must maintain a 2.5 grade point average. * Remain in good standing at the college or university. * A student who completed a two-year program may continue for an additional consecutive two years at a second school offering a complete engineering or science. * Complete the Detroit Section Scholarship renewal form.

Committee 12 Rail Transit Scholarship

General criteria for all scholarship applicants include having an interest in railway engineering, maintaining a minimum GPA of 2.0, and being available for interview by the AREMA Scholarship Committee. Enrolled student who has completed at least one quarter or semester in an accredited engineering program OR part time student working full time in the railway industry.

Arthur and Gladys Cervenka Scholarship Award

Scholarship applicants must: * Be full-time undergraduate students enrolled in a degree program in manufacturing engineering or technology. Preference will be given, but not limited, to students attending colleges or universities in the state of Florida. * Have completed a minimum of 30 college credit hours and be seeking a career in manufacturing engineering, manufacturing engineering technology, or a closely related field. * Possess and overall minimum grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. Students may submit a scholarship application in succeeding years. Need is not a consideration in awarding scholarships except when two or more applicants have equal qualifications.

Dorothy and Dick Burgess Scholarship

The Dorothy and Dick Burgess Scholarship Fund was established to provide deserving young students, who might otherwise be unable to afford it, the opportunity to attend a smaller Michigan college* *A smaller public Michigan college is defined as a 2 or 4-year College or University whose annual yearly tuition costs do not exceed $17,000. These schools include (but are not limited to) Central Michigan University, Eastern Michigan University, Grand Valley State University, Jackson Community College, Michigan Technological University, or Western Michigan University. Schools that will not be considered include (but are not limited to) the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Hillsdale College, or Spring Arbor University. Eligibility Requirements: Proof of financial need. Cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or above Demonstrate good citizenship, high moral character, and potential for leadership and academic success. Plan to pursue a course of study that leads to a degree in earth science, engineering, premedical, or Christian ministry. Proof of acceptance to a smaller, accredited Michigan 2 or 4-year college or university. Plan to complete a baccalaureate degree within four consecutive years. Who Can Apply: Home-schooled students Graduating high school senior Previous recipients Scholarship Criteria: An interview may be requested at the discretion of the scholarship committee. Scholarship Award: Up to $4,000. Scholarship Use: Tuition, books, fees, or other academic related costs

New York Central Railroad Memorial Scholarship

General criteria for all scholarship applicants include having an interest in railway engineering, maintaining a minimum GPA of 2.0, and being available for interview by the AREMA Scholarship Committee. General criteria applies. Priority given to a student at Clarkson University.

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