Engineering Scholarships

Engineers create, design and build the things that make our lives easier and more manageable. When they are at the top of their game, the things they create may even make our lives better. As a college major the field of engineering is as varied as it is challenging. You'll find over 40 varieties of engineering offered at the university level. Hopefully you'll find just as much variety in the engineering scholarships listed below.

While engineering fields cover everything from farms to space there are a few things they have in common. They all rely heavily on math and science. If you're thinking of this as a major you'll need to be strong in both these subjects. In most programs your first two years will be spent on math and science courses along with considerable lab time. In your final two years you'll enroll in the bulk of your core engineering courses.
Examples of the most popular engineering fields include mechanical, civil, electrical and computer engineering. Some of the newer kids on the block include robotics and nanotechnology. Other varieties include software, nuclear, mining and architectural engineering.

The employment prospects for many of these fields are quite robust for the coming decade. In addition, engineers have some of the highest earning potential of college graduates at both the bachelor and graduate levels. But be prepared for a lot of difficult academic work. As an engineering major you're going to have to spend more time in the lab and at the books than your friends studying social work or English literature. Less than 40% of engineering students finish their bachelor degree studies in four years. Make sure that you can count patience and fortitude among the attributes you're bringing to the college experience.

You'll also want to explore your desired programs with extreme care. Make sure that this is the program for you. Ask lots of questions. Is the program more theoretical or practical? Is it didactic or hands-on? Is there a senior thesis or Capstone project as a degree requirement? If so, what sort of projects have students submitted in recent  years? You'll also want to be certain that the program in question is accredited by ABET, the leading engineering accreditation board.

If you want to continue your education after your bachelor's you'll have plenty of options. Graduate level engineering programs spend more time on the research end of things. But there's still plenty of scope for hands-on problem solving in emerging and exciting areas such as pharmaceutical, wireless or hydrosystem engineering.

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Fellowships for Selected Professions

Selected Professions Fellowships are awarded to women in the final year of graduate study in designated fields where women's participation has been low. Women in engineering master's programs are eligible to apply for either first or final year of study. Applicants must be U.S. Citizens or permanent residents. Special consideration is given to applicants who show professional promise in innovative or neglected areas of research and/or practice in areas of public interest. All women are eligible to apply for fellowships in the following degree programs: architecture (M. Arch.), computer/information sciences (MS), engineering (ME, MS, PhD), mathematics/statistics (MS).

Resistance Welder Manufacturers Association Scholarship

The purpose for this scholarship is to provide financial assistance to those individuals who express an interest in the resistance welding process while pursuing a career in welding engineering. Eligibility This scholarship is available to U. S. and Canadian citizens who are students majoring in Welding Engineering or Welding Engineering Technology. These students must be in good academic standing and meet the following criteria. 1. Junior level student in a four-year program only. 2. Applicant must have a minimum 3.0 overall grade point average. 3. Financial need is not required. 4. Applicant must be a citizen of the United States or Canada, and plan to attend an academic institution located within the United States or Canada. 5. Applicant must be working towards a four-year degree in Welding Engineering or Welding Engineering Technology. 6. Applicant must submit a completed application. 7. Applicant must provide an essay of 500 words or less about why the student wishes to become involved in the resistance welding industry. 8. Candidates must submit a letter of recommendation from a faculty member or an Academic Advisor using the RWMA Scholarship Recommendation form. 9. Candidates must submit a second letter of recommendation from another party, such as an employer, using the RWMA Scholarship Recommendation form. 10. Candidates must submit a personal statement to include the following information: demonstrated timeliness and completion of assignments, creativity in solving problems, demonstrated responsibility on own initiative, ability to work well with others, organization skills (ability to handle multiple tasks, time management), participation in class, campus and outside organizations, participation in AWS Student and Section activities, and career objectives.

National Football Hall of Fame

San Gabriel Valley/Pasadena Chapter – Scholarships of $500 each are presented to Southern California, graduating high school varsity football players, who demonstrate leadership on the field and in the classroom, and will pursue a college degree in STEM. Basic Scholarship Requirements: Applicants must demonstrate leadership through academic achievements and campus/community activities Applicants must be Science, Technology, Engineering or Math related majors Applicants must have an overall grade point average of 3.0 or higher Applicants must be of Hispanic origin and/or must significantly participate in and promote organizations and activities in the Hispanic community Online Application Must Include: Application A 700-word essay based on a predetermined topic (tbd) Current resume One peer letter of recommendation from a friend, classmate, lab partner, roommate, teammate, or fellow member of a campus or community organization One faculty letter of recommendation from a faculty, teacher, mentor, advisor, counselor, principal, dean, or MEP Director Official transcript with the seal of your college or high school Self-photo (used for publication purposes only) Application Submission Process: Complete the online HENAAC Scholarship Application Form and upload your essay, resume, letters of recommendation and official transcript(s) and photo. Documents must be uploaded no later than 11:59 PM PST on April 30. Paper copies will no longer be accepted. An email will be automatically sent verifying receipt of your application. If you do not receive an automatic confirmation, please contact our office.

Billy Brockmann Memorial Endowment

Requirements: County: Bond County, IL Clinton County, IL De Witt County, IL Madison County, IL McLean County, IL Peoria County, IL St. Clair County, IL Tazewell County, IL Woodford County, IL GPA Min: 3.00 Specific Major: Engineering Medical Teaching State: Illinois Applicant must be one of the following: • A senior high school student who will be an incoming college freshman student with a minimum non-weighted cumulative GPA of 3.00 on a 4.00 scale, OR a minimum score of ACT 22 OR SAT [verbal / critical reading and math] 1030 OR GPA designated by specific endowment; • A College student presently enrolled in an accredited college / university who has maintained a "B" average [3.00 GPA on a 4.00 scale] during his / her college career OR GPA designated by specific scholarship; • A College student applying for graduate scholarship must have GPA of 3.50 on 4.00 scale or higher and enrolled in a US accredited college / university

Undergraduate Fellowships in Estuarine Sciences

Each summer, Maryland Sea Grant’s Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program supports fifteen students to conduct marine research on the Chesapeake Bay. It’s a special opportunity to develop your research skills and interests by working with top scientists to study one of America’s most significant coastal resources. The REU program, funded by the National Science Foundation, is designed for students majoring in marine science, ecology, environmental science, biology, chemistry, engineering, physics, and mathematics. During the 12-week program, each student works with a mentor on an individual research project at one of the two marine labs at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Sciences located on the Chesapeake Bay. Research areas include: Estuarine processes Benthic environment Physical oceanography Contaminants Fisheries Molecular biology and genetics Environmental chemistry Submerged aquatic vegetation Modeling and analysis Coastal observing systems Each REU fellow will receive: A stipend of $6,000 Housing costs Round-trip travel expenses Eligibility Applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents and have completed at least two years of study towards (but not yet completed) a bachelor’s degree. Preference is given to students who are rising seniors. Students from underrepresented groups and institutions with limited research opportunities are especially encouraged to apply.

SPECAF Program

Description: This program provides scholarships to eligible persons for completion of the last two years of university study. Type: Undergraduate Study Research Eligibility Requirements Class standing - Sophomore - Junior - Senior - Discipline/Area of Study Arts/Humanities Natural Sciences Social/Behavioral Sciences Business Engineering Public Service Citzenship U.S. Citizen Permanent Resident Other Visa Status

Robert N. Colwell Memorial Fellowship

Purpose * The purpose of the Award is to encourage and commend college/university graduate students or post-doctoral researchers who display exceptional interest, desire, ability, and aptitude in the field of remote sensing or other related geospatial information technologies, and who have a special interest in developing practical uses of these technologies.Eligibility * The Award is made to a graduate student (Masters or Ph.D. level) currently enrolled or intending to enroll in a college or university in the United States or Canada, or a recently graduated (within three years of graduation) post-doctoral researcher, who is pursuing a program of study aimed at starting a professional career where expertise is required in remote sensing or other related geospatial information technologies.Award * The award consists of a certificate and a check in the amount of $5,000 and a one-year student or associate membership (new or renewal) in ASPRS. * The award is presented by the ASPRS Foundation from funds donated by students, associates, colleagues, and friends of Robert Colwell, one of the world's most respected leaders in remote sensing, a field that he stewarded from the interpretation of World War II aerial photographs to the advanced acquisition and analysis of many types of geospatial data from military and civilian satellite programs.ApplicationA current or beginning graduate student or post-doctoral researcher who wishes to be considered for the award must submit an application that includes the following items: * A listing of courses taken, and/or those to be taken, in remote sensing or other related geospatial information technologies, recognizing that instruction in remote sensing is often embedded in courses taught in many different disciplines. * An official transcript of all college/university level courses completed and grades received to demonstrate scholastic ability. * A listing of internships, special projects or work experience; technical papers, research reports or other documents; courses taught as a lecturer or teaching assistant; and presentations made that may support the applicant’s capabilities in this field. * Three letters of recommendation from faculty members or professionals having knowledge of the applicant’s capabilities (demonstrated or potential). * A statement, not to exceed 2 pages, detailing the applicant’s educational and/or research goals that relate to the advancement of remote sensing or other related geospatial information technologies and the applications of these technologies for mapping, monitoring and/or assessing land (including coastal) resources and helping solve land resource planning or management issues. (Note: Dr. Colwell’s research focused mostly on developing and demonstrating practical uses of remote sensing.)Award Selection * The Selection Committee evaluates each applicant, applying equal weight to each of the five items listed above. The applicant who, in the opinion of the majority of the Committee, has the highest overall ranking is designated as the winner.

Ray Greenly Scholarship

Do you have what it takes to win up to $25,000? Have you ever wondered exactly how retailers manage to bring their brick-and-mortar stores to life on a mobile app? Or perhaps you’ve visited your favorite retailer’s Twitter page and thought, “I’d love to manage their social media!” Digital retail is a popular, fast-growing field in the retail industry that requires top performers – from app developers to social media gurus to web designers. Interested in this subject? There’s a scholarship for that! To apply you must: • Be enrolled full-time as a sophomore, junior, or senior undergraduate or graduate student when the scholarship is awarded in October 2014. • Be a U.S. citizen or legal U.S. resident to be eligible. • Have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or above on a 4.0 scale. Applicants do not have to be in a retail program or major to apply, but should be able to explain how their chosen major is relevant to digital retail. Students pursuing majors in ecommerce, engineering, marketing or advertising, journalism, graphic design and IT are all critically important for the future of digital retail and are encouraged to submit an application. Check out the Ray Greenly Scholarship for more information.

Selected Professions Fellowships

Criteria: 1. Must be a minority. 2. Must be female. 3. Must be entering their final year of graduate study in fields such as architecture, computer/information sciences, engineering, mathematics, business administration, law, and medicine. 4. Must have potential as a practicing professional and promise as a role model in new or innovative or non traditional fields of study, research or practice. 5. Must have the intent to contribute to societal well being and commitment to the advancement of women. 6. Must demonstrate financial need. Contact Information: Students interested in applying for this scholarship should view for more information and an application form.

MC / SAE Donald D. Dawson Technical Scholarship

Student Eligibility Requirements: * U.S. citizenship (not permanent resident). * 3.25 grade point average. * SAT I math 600 or above and critical reading 550 or above and/or an ACT composite score 27 or above. * Pursue an engineering degree through an ABET accredited program. * Students transferring from accredited four-year colleges/universities must have a 3.0 or higher grade point average. * Students transferring from post-secondary technical/vocational schools must have a 3.5 or higher grade point average and meet all other requirements of the engineering program to which they apply. Terms of Scholarship: * One scholarship will be awarded each year for $1,500 per year. * Scholarship may be renewed at $1,500 a year for three additional years (total award $6,000). How to Apply: * Begin the application process online. * If you are qualified, you will be prompted to continue the process and submit the following: o Official copy of your college transcript and high school transcript o SAT/ACT scores o An essay which demonstrates evidence of hands-on automotive experience or activity (e.g., rebuilding engines, working on cars/trucks, etc.). * All in information must be submitted by January 15. Selection and Announcement of Recipient: * Recipient will be selected by the SAE Scholarship Committee and notified by the end of June. * Applicants not selected will be notified by the end of July. Payment of Scholarship Funds: * This scholarship will be paid into your account at your selected university in July/August. * It can be used for tuition or any other incidental school expenses. Terms for Renewal of Scholarship: May be renewed for $1,500 per year for three additional years. * Must maintain a 3.0 grade point average. * Must continue enrollment in engineering. * Complete the TMC/SAE Donald D. Dawson Technical Scholarship renewal form.

Richard Schroeck Hospitality Engineer Scholarship

This scholarship is intended specifically for hourly hospitality engineers and maintenance personnel, as well as their dependents. More specifically for hourly hospitality engineers and maintenance personnel who are employed in lodging establishments which are members in good standing of the California Hotel & Lodging Association. It does so by providing scholarships to those employees or their dependents who have demonstrated a desire to either make engineering/maintenance or the lodging industry a career, and who have applied to or are enrolled in either a two or four year college or program related to facility engineering and/or operating maintenance. (These programs can include courses such as refrigeration or electrical maintenance, for example, and they do not have to be of any minimum length.)All applications must be filled out properly and the correct documentation. All applicants must be a California resident. All scholarships are self-nominated. An interview will be required (either in person or by phone). Must have graduated from high school with a 2.7 or better GPA (based on the four point system). Or industry experience for Richard Schroeck Scholarship . Each scholarship is for one academic year. They may be renewed by re-application. For transfer or university students, the scholarship will be activated after the first completed semester. All scholarships are merit based, however, if two candidates are otherwise equally qualified, preference may be given to applicants demonstrating a financial need. Failure to meet all requirements may cause the CH&LA Education Foundation to revoke a scholarship and/or be repaid by the recipient.

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