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The study of communications at the college level involves analyzing the ways in which knowledge, thoughts and ideas are processed and shared in our modern society. If you are pursuing this major you should possess good listening skills and enjoy public speaking. If so, continue reading to explore the world of communications scholarships.

Examples of courses typically found in this major include media criticism, rhetoric, media and society, intercultural communication, introduction to digital media and public speaking. Many programs will expect you to choose a concentration for your studies. These can include topics such as journalism, film studies, new media or public relations. It is also common for communications programs to feature an internship requirement. Here you will receive course credit for working at a radio station, marketing firm or other media concern. Not only will this provide you with real life working experience, you'll also most likely make important professional contacts.

This is a popular major that is offered at many colleges and universities. Finding the program that is right for you will depend on your educational and vocational goals and expectations. Some academic programs will be geared more to journalism while other programs will stress the role of communications in the business world. Be certain to research your programs carefully. Find out as much as you can about the faculty, what they've published and what are their areas of expertise. Also, find out what the communications labs are like and how much exposure you'll receive with the technological tools you'll be using professionally.

Employment prospects for this major will depend largely on your interests. Owing to the encroachment of the Internet on traditional print media, advertising revenues are down and so is circulation. At the same time, there are increasing opportunities with digital communication and media. Also, there are plenty of career opportunities in the world of marketing and advertising as well as public relations. Here as well, experience with digital media may help you to stand out in a competitive field.

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Student Research in Early Childhood Language

The competition is open to any graduate or postgraduate student for support of research to be initiated in the area of early childhood language development. A single grant of $2,000 will be awarded.

Wilbur W. Bateman Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund

For students who have a declared major in Communication Studies or Psychology.

Re-Entry Scholarship

College/Department: Applied Sciences and Arts - Journalism & Mass Communication Must be a Print Journalism major or graduate student in Mass Communications with a B average. Selections will be based first on merit and second on financial need. Submit essay to support application.

Rigo Chacon Reporting Scholarship

Up to $2,000 for undergraduate students ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS Scholarship applicants: • must be actively engaged in a collegiate-level curriculum in one or more areas of the television industry and be attending a college in Northern California (Visalia to the Oregon border), Hawaii, or Reno, Nevada; • have completed at least one undergraduate academic year of television studies, • have at least one remaining year of undergraduate study for the undergraduate scholarships. Entrants may receive only one scholarship per year. Scholarship recipients are not eligible for a second scholarship in the year following their award. APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS Please specify which scholarship competition you are entering. Undergraduate students may apply for more than one scholarship, but you must submit a separate application form. The video entry must be specific to the category for which you are applying. Each application must include: 1) a completed scholarship application form; 2) a copy of your college transcript indicating your GPA and class standing (PDF); 3) a one-page essay summarizing your television academic and work experience, related activities and personal goals (Word or PDF); 4) a letter of recommendation from your dean or professor at your school explaining why you are a good candidate for an award plus the names of two faculty members we can contact for more information about your work. (Word or PDF) VIDEO REQUIREMENTS Undergraduate: Reporting – Submit a composite of at least three stories showing your skills as a writer/reporter. 10 minutes maximum)

Rochester Telecommunications Scholarship

Purpose of Scholarship To support local college students interested in the fields of telecommunications and technology who have a strong desire to attain an education and need financial assistance. Number and Size of Awards Two awards, up to $5,000.00 each Allowed Use of Award Tuition, books, and course-required expenses only. Room and/or board and personal expenses will not be covered. The award may not exceed the actual cost of expenses. Eligibility Criteria For graduating seniors of public, private, or parochial schools in the 8-county area (Monroe, Wayne, Livingston, Ontario, Orleans, Seneca, Yates, and Genesee) who Will be attending a college in the 8-county area Are pursuing an undergraduate degree in telecommunications, technology, information or data technology, or a related program Have financial need Have a minimum GPA of 2.5 Are active in community service activities

Bell Labs Graduate Research Fellowship Program

Criteria: 1. Must be either a woman or a member of a minority group underrepresented in the sciences. 2. Must be a United States citizen or permanent resident. 3. Must be a graduating college senior or a first-year graduate student. 4. Must be pursuing a doctoral degree in one of the following: Chemical engineering, chemistry, communications science, computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering, information science, materials science, mathematics, mechanical engineering, operations research, physics or statistics. Contact Information: Students interested in applying for this scholarship should view for more information and an application form.

Calixto Manriquez Scholarship

Applied Sciences & Arts - Journalism & Mass Communications Intended for Update News

Wilson W. Carnes Scholarship

ELIGIBILITY: Pursuing a four-year degree in agricultural communications.AWARD: Approximately one scholarship at $300. Not guaranteed.

Lowell C. Pratt Public Relations Scholarship

College/Department: Applied Sciences & Arts - Journalism & Mass Communications For a public relations with junior class standing major who shows promise of success in the field of public relations

ISF-MCC Scholarship

ISF supports Islamic organizations and mosques by planning and managing joint scholarships. ISF is honored to host the ISF-MCC Scholarship of the Muslim Community Center East Bay, MCC. The ISF-MCC Scholarship program is only open to members and individuals affiliated with the MCC. Description and Eligibility: ISF accepts online applications once a year starting in December for a period of three months. Each Eligible Applicant Must Be: Muslim and active member of the Muslim Community; Attending an accredited university in the U.S.; Majoring in an ISF supported field of study; Maintaining a minimum 3.0 Grade Point Average; A Citizen or Permanent Resident of the U.S.; An undergraduate (junior/senior) or of graduate standing.

Roy Rowan Scholarship

Roy Rowan, correspondent, writer, editor and former OPC President, spent 35 years at Time serving as bureau chief in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Rome, Tokyo, Bonn and Chicago, and as Assistant Managing Editor for the weekly Life in charge of news. Graduate and undergraduate students, studying at American colleges and universities, or Americans studying abroad, who aspire to become foreign correspondents, are invited to apply for one of 15 scholarships or fellowships to be awarded by the Overseas Press Club Foundation. Winning an OPC Foundation scholarship or fellowship is more than a cash award. Winners are invited to join the Overseas Press Club family. They are encouraged to network and keep the organization apprised of their career moves. Foundation fellowships pay for travel and living expenses for awardees to intern in foreign bureaus at such leading news organization as the Associated Press, Forbes, GlobalPost, Reuters and Wall Street Journal, among others, and at foreign English-language media companies like the South China Morning Post and Cambodia Daily. In many cases, winning a prestigious OPC Foundation award has helped launch careers. The judges require that applicants submit a Cover Letter, Resume and Writing Sample. The applicant’s name and school should appear at the top of each page. The Writing Sample of approximately 500 words should concentrate on an area of the world or an international issue that is in keeping with the applicant’s interest and experience. Judges prefer a reported story, especially one that demonstrates a journalist's perspective or initiative. Winners have written on such diverse topics as playing black jack on the Trans-Siberian iRailroad, political activism in Morocco, and social upheaval in China. Essays that are exceedingly long may be disqualified. Because four of the 15 awards are reserved for international business or economic coverage, the Foundation invites applications from students who show a strong understanding of, or interest in, global economic issues such as trade, finance, emerging markets, immigration or environmental impacts. The substance of the essay may have appeared in an individual's previously published work but should be reformatted to meet the requirements of the application. Do not send a clip or URL. The Cover Letter should be autobiographical in nature addressing such questions as how the applicant developed an interest in this particular part of the world, a story pitch, or how he or she would use the scholarship to further journalistic ambitions. The judges respond well to applications showing strong reporting skills, color, and understanding or passion. Winners will be contacted in December so arrangements can be made for them to attend the Foundation Scholarship Luncheon in New York City. Recipients are expected to attend. The Foundation will cover the cost of travel and hotel.

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