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The study of communications at the college level involves analyzing the ways in which knowledge, thoughts and ideas are processed and shared in our modern society. If you are pursuing this major you should possess good listening skills and enjoy public speaking. If so, continue reading to explore the world of communications scholarships.

Examples of courses typically found in this major include media criticism, rhetoric, media and society, intercultural communication, introduction to digital media and public speaking. Many programs will expect you to choose a concentration for your studies. These can include topics such as journalism, film studies, new media or public relations. It is also common for communications programs to feature an internship requirement. Here you will receive course credit for working at a radio station, marketing firm or other media concern. Not only will this provide you with real life working experience, you'll also most likely make important professional contacts.

This is a popular major that is offered at many colleges and universities. Finding the program that is right for you will depend on your educational and vocational goals and expectations. Some academic programs will be geared more to journalism while other programs will stress the role of communications in the business world. Be certain to research your programs carefully. Find out as much as you can about the faculty, what they've published and what are their areas of expertise. Also, find out what the communications labs are like and how much exposure you'll receive with the technological tools you'll be using professionally.

Employment prospects for this major will depend largely on your interests. Owing to the encroachment of the Internet on traditional print media, advertising revenues are down and so is circulation. At the same time, there are increasing opportunities with digital communication and media. Also, there are plenty of career opportunities in the world of marketing and advertising as well as public relations. Here as well, experience with digital media may help you to stand out in a competitive field.

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Student Research in Early Childhood Language

The competition is open to any graduate or postgraduate student for support of research to be initiated in the area of early childhood language development. A single grant of $2,000 will be awarded.

Abe Voron Scholarship

Study toward a career in RADIO. Scholarships will be awarded for full-time degree work at the JUNIOR, SENIOR OR GRADUATE level. Scholarships must be used exclusively for tuition, student fees, university book store course purchases, and university dormitory room and board. Current scholarship holders are not eligible for reappointment in the year following their award. All scholarships must be applied to study at a campus where at least one department is a BEA institutional member. The applicant should be able to show substantial evidence of superior academic performance and potential to be an outstanding electronic media professional. There should be compelling evidence that the applicant possesses high integrity and a well-articulated sense of personal and professional responsibility.

Ohio Newspaper Women’s Scholarship

The Ohio Newspapers Foundation will award a $1,500 scholarship to a male or female student who is enrolled as a junior or senior in an Ohio college or university and majoring in journalism or an equivalent degree program.Eligibility * Applicant may be male or female and must be enrolled as a junior or senior at an Ohio college or university for the academic year.Include the Following With Your Application: * A recommendation from one college professor (non-journalism) and one college professor in the journalism or communications department. * A transcript of college grades * Three or four newspaper clippings demonstrating applicant’s writing skills. * Applicant’s answers to the following questions (limit of two typed, double-spaced pages per question):1. Who or what was your inspiration to get involved in the field of journalism and why did you select print journalism as your area of interest?2. Why do you need a scholarship? What do you think qualifies you for a scholarship?3. What do you hope to accomplish during your career as a professional journalist?

General Scholarships

Full-time graduate students in communication sciences and disorders programs demonstrating outstanding academic achievement are eligible to compete for master's or doctoral study at $4,000 per award. In order to be eligible to receive one of the graduate scholarships, students must meet the following criteria: Graduate Study 1. The student must be accepted for graduate study in a communication sciences and disorders program. Master's degree candidates must be in a program accredited by the Council on Academic Accreditation (formerly ASHA ESB-accredited program); this is not mandatory for doctoral degree candidates. 2. The student must be enrolled for full-time study (twelve or more credit hours) or the full-time standard. If the full-time standard is less than twelve credit hours, the student must provide documentation from the college or university stating what its standard is. Academic and Personal Merit 3. The student must submit official university transcripts of academic coursework, credits and grades. If the official transcript does not display the current G.P.A., the student must submit college or university documentation verifying his/her G.P.A. 4. The student must be recommended by a committee of two or more persons of the following status: a. faculty at the student's current college or university program; b. faculty at the student's past college or university program, for persons just completing undergraduate work; and c. colleagues (at least one supervisor) at the student's current place of employment, for persons returning to school after being in the workforce. Prior Funding 5. The student must not have received a prior scholarship from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation.

Norm Mineta Internship Program

Criteria: 1. Must be pursuing a degree in engineering, math/statistics, computer science/information technology, finance/accounting, economics/business, foreign languages, communications, political science/international studies. 2. Must be Asian American or Pacific Islander. 3. Must be an undergraduate student. 4. Must have a minimum 45 units completed before beginning internship. 5. Must have a minimum 2.95 GPA (cumulative OR major). 6. Must be a United States citizen without dual citizenship status. Contact Information: Students interested in applying for this scholarship should view for an application form.

John D. Graham Scholarship

Award: First place $3,000; two runners up $1,000 each The scholarship check will be payable to the winner’s university for use on his or her behalf, and can only be used to directly fund the winner’s educational pursuits. This scholarship is made possible by the PRSA Foundation. Eligibility You must be enrolled in a journalism program, public relations studies or courses preparing for a career in public relations, and entering your senior year of undergraduate studies in fall after the application deadline to apply for this scholarship. Judges will be looking for the following qualities: Academic achievement in public relations and overall studies. Demonstrated leadership. Practical experience in internships, other work/service. Commitment to public relations, particularly as expressed in the candidate’s statements in the application form. Writing skills demonstrated throughout the application form. Application To apply for this award, submit four copies of the following materials: The completed application form (Word or PDF), including signatures from you and a faculty member or PRSSA Adviser. A letter of recommendation, no more than two pages, from either a faculty member or PRSSA Adviser. No more than two additional letters of recommendation from internship employers, educators or others. A one page résumé.

The Quinn Martin Scholarship

To assist students planning a career in any area of the theater arts, including acting, dance, television, directing, script writing, production design, or production techniques. All Theatre Arts and Communication sophomores and juniors may apply, as long as they have a cumulative GPA of 2.7 at the time of application. The scholarship money is awarded initially for the junior year and automatically renewed for the senior year if scholarship requirements are met. Occasionally a scholarship is also awarded for senior year as well. Also for students majoring in Communication.

The Buena Park Cultural Arts Foundation

Scholarship awards to graduating seniors or current college students, who are residents of the City of Buena Park, California, and majoring in Communication. Some giving for the promotion of public access and local programming for the citizens of Buena Park. Application form required. Application address: c/o Buena Park Cable Foundation Attn.: Scholarship Comm. 8150 Knott Ave. Buena Park, CA 90620-3159 tel.: (714) 236-3869 FAX: (714) 827-9782

ISF-IIOC Scholarship

ISF supports Islamic organizations and mosques by planning and managing joint scholarships. ISF is honored to host the ISF-IIOC scholarship of the Islamic Institute of Orange County (IIOC). The ISF-IIOC Scholarship program is only open to members and individuals affiliated with this center. Description and Eligibility: ISF accepts online applications once a year starting in December for a period of three months. Each Eligible Applicant Must Be: Muslim and active member of the Muslim Community; Attending an accredited university in the U.S.; Majoring in an ISF supported field of study; Maintaining a minimum 3.0 Grade Point Average; A Citizen or Permanent Resident of the U.S.; An undergraduate (junior/senior) or of graduate standing.

Women’s Press Club of New York State Scholarship

The Women’s Press Club of New York State Scholarship is awarded annually to a student or students who are residents of New York State and who are or will be enrolled full-time in a college or university located within New York in a communications-related field of study. Eligibility Requirements Each scholarship applicant must be a matriculated, i.e. continuing, already-enrolled, college student who is pursuing a communications-related field of study at either a two-year or four-year college or university located in the state of New York. In addition, applicants must demonstrate: • Clear career goals • Academic achievement • Writing ability • Leadership skills

John Eiden Radio Scholarship

Scholarship Criteria: A) Must be a telecommunications major at Ball State B) Minimum GPA 3.0 overall C) At least junior standing at the time of application D) Radio experience at IPR, WCRD or commercial station and E) Essay (maximum 500 words) on “What I’ve Learned in Radio.”

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