Biological Science / Physiology Scholarships

The field of the biological sciences is a fascinating, intricate and varied educational gateway to an understanding of life and living organisms. This field includes majors such as biochemistry, biotechnology, entomology, genetics and zoology. Biological science scholarships can be found for most of these majors, with keen interest being shown in emerging fields such as genomics, biostatistics and molecular modeling. Continue reading below to find out more about biological science scholarships.

If you think this major is for you, you must have taken a good deal of science at the high school level. You'll need a sturdy background in areas such as chemistry, earth science and biology. You'll also need to be familiar with math courses such as trigonometry and calculus. Due to the quantitative nature of life science research a strong math background is essential for your understanding as well as your job prospects.

Many career opportunities related to the life sciences require a graduate degree. Some junior research positions can be obtained with a master's degree. However, most of these positions require a doctoral degree. The same is true for teaching the life sciences at the college level. Also, many life science research positions require separate certification in addition to your college degree. For instance, to secure a research job in the field of cell biology, you may need to be certified in histotechnology as well as possessing a graduate degree in cell biology. 

The employment outlook for biological science jobs is as varied as the positions themselves. Fields such as marine biology may not expand with the same energy and zeal as more popular areas such as genetics. Also, some majors offer few job opportunities for those with only a bachelor's degree. At the same time, technological innovations such as genome sequencing and DNA arrays have fundamentally altered the role of some of the biological sciences in our lives. Who's to say what tomorrow's changes will bring?

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Lung Health Dissertation Grant

The objective of the Lung Health Research Dissertation Grant is to support pre-doctoral dissertation research in the various disciplines of social science examining risk factors affecting lung health including:  Psychosocial lung health research  Behavioral lung health research  Health services and health policy research  Epidemiological/Biostatistical lung health research  Public Health education research ELIGIBILITY Education and Experience At the time of application, the applicant must be a matriculating student in good standing in a full-time academic program leading to a doctoral degree in one of the above-mentioned fields. Nurses pursuing a doctoral degree in any field are eligible. Individuals with an MD degree who wish to acquire a PhD or those conducting bench research not involving patients or patient data are not eligible to apply. Citizenship At the time of application, candidates must be United States citizens or foreign nationals holding one of the following visa immigration statuses: permanent resident (Green Card), exchange visitor (J-1), temporary worker in a specialty occupation (H-1B), Canadian or Mexican citizen engaging in professional activities (TN), Australians in Specialty Occupation (E-3 visa) or temporary worker with extraordinary abilities in the sciences (O-1). Lung Health Dissertation applicants may hold a student (F-1) visa. At the time of application and throughout the award, an applicant must be employed by a U.S. institution. Applicants are required to submit one signed original plus two copies of all application materials to: American Lung Association 21 W. 38th Street, 3rd Floor New York, NY 10018 ATTN: Research Division

Rocci and Marianna Pisano Scholarship

College of Science - Biology For applicants majoring in marine biology, entomology, zoology, and/or botany who are in financial need, good scholarship standing and have participated in community service.

Entomological Foundation Scholarships

To be eligible: - You must be enrolled as an undergraduate student majoring in entomology, biology, zoology, or a related science at a recognized university or college in the United States, Canada, or Mexico. - You must have accumulated a minimum of 30 college credit-hours at the time the award is presented in August. - You must have completed at least one course or project in entomology.

Anthony Anderson Scholarship Program

ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: MINIMUM GPA 2.5 RESIDENCY STATUS U.S. Citizen, U.S. national or permanent resident COLLEGES / UNIVERSITIES HBCUs ACADEMIC CLASSIFICATION College Freshman, College Sophomore, College Junior, College Senior, College 5th Year Senior, Master's Student, Doctoral/Professional Student MAJORS Actuarial Science, Aeronautical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Animal Science, Applied Mathematics, Art, Biological Sciences, Biomedical Engineering, Biotechnical, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Communications, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Science/MIS, Computer Technology, Construction Engineering, Controls Engineering, Earth Science, Electrical Engineering, Engineering, Engineering Technology, Engineering Construction Technology, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Science(s),, Food Science, Forestry Engineering, Geological Engineering, Geoscience, Geotechnical, Industrial Engineering, Information Technology, Manufacturing Engineering, Marine Sciences, Material Science, Materials Engineering, Mathematical Sciences, Mathematical Statistics, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Packaging Engineering, Paper Science, Petroleum Engineering, Physical Sciences, Planetary Science, Plastics/Polymers Engineering, Pulp & Paper Engineering Engineering, Science, Science Technology, Software Engineering, Systems Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, Wood Science

Charles M. Goethe Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship grant is administered by the Sacramento Bodies of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. It is awarded to students in any academic major, but preference will be given to the studies of Eugenics, Genetics, Biological or Life Sciences. Grants are made without regard to race, creed or ethnic background. ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: 1. Grants are limited to students who are members or Senior Members of the Order of DeMolay. 2. Or, the sons and daughters of a member or deceased member of a constituent Masonic Lodge of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of California. 3. Applicant must be enrolled at an accredited college or university. FIELD OF STUDY: Any academic major is acceptable, but preference will be given to students majoring in Eugenics or similar studies such as genetics and the biological or life sciences. APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS: 1. Application Form must be filled out. 2. Current transcripts. 3. Small photograph. 4. Brief biographical sketch. 5. Applicant will be required to meet with a screening committee. 6. Candidate must be a citizen of the United States. 7. Two Masonic references, who are familiar with the applicant's Masonic interest and academic studies is also necessary.

Belfield-Watt Student Scholarship Fund

An endowment fund established to honor the grandparents of Ward Watt. Given annually to coursework students. Award decisions will be based on financial need and academic merit. You will be able to complete a financial aid form when completing the Coursework Application. Please note: students receiving fellowship and scholarship funds are expected to maintain a B average in their courses. Performance will be reviewed mid-way through the summer and students not in compliance will be asked to leave the field station at their own expense.

SNMTS Susan C. Weiss Clinical Advancement Scholarship

Description In honor of Susan C. Weiss, SNMTS Past-President & former Executive Director of the Education and Research Foundation for SNM, the SNMTS Susan C. Weiss Clinical Advancement Scholarships serve to support certified nuclear medicine technologists (CNMTs) who are pursuing clinical advancement through didactic educational programs. This scholarship is made possible through a grant from the Education and Research Foundation for SNM. Requirements: To be eligible for the SNMTS Clinical Advancement Scholarship, candidates must: • Demonstrate financial need. • Be currently enrolled in a didactic educational program(s) (ex. CT, MR, DEXA, EKG, tomography, sonography, exercise pysiology, physics, statistics,) which is/are college/continuing education credit eligible. • Complete the said class or program. It is not required that class/program completion results in a degree. • Be a member of the SNMTS. Serious applicants only, please. Questions regarding eligibility requirements or application contents should be directed to Nicole Mitchell, Program Manager, at or by calling 1.703.652.6795.

Budweiser Conservation Scholarship Program

Criteria: 1. Must be majoring in environmental science, natural resource management, biology, public policy, geography, or political science. 2. Must be an undergraduate (sophomore or junior) or graduate student. 3. Must be a United States citizen at least 21 years or older. Contact Information: Students interested in applying for this scholarship should view for more information and an application form.

Cancer Federation, Inc. Scholarship

College of Science - Biology Biology majors with research interest in cancer, especially immunology and microbiology.

Ronald D. Liudahl Endowment

The Ronald D. Liudahl Endowment will support undergraduate students whose interests and activities are to enter into an academic field of wildlife management and/or fisheries biology.(Check website for applicable programs)The ideal scholarship recipient would have the following requirements: * Be a resident of North Dakota * Have completed at least 30 semester credits in one of the four programs * Clearly indicate career objectives in wildlife resource protection and management in a brief essay or statement * Have a grade point average and extracurricular/volunteer activities commensurate with good academic standing and citizenship.

Glenn & Martha Vargas Scholarship

College of Science - Biology Students will be nominated and selected by the faculty of the Biological Sciences Department. Students must be graduate students in pursuit of a graduate degree. Major in Biology

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