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The academic field of aviation incorporates several educational and training pathways to joining this exciting industry. Two majors that are popular are aviation management and avionics technology. Continue reading below to learn more about this field and about the world of aviation scholarships.

Avionics maintenance and technology is most often offered at either the certificate or the associate degree level. In these programs, you'll study avionics systems as you learn about installation, integration, in-aircraft testing and troubleshooting methods. 

These programs are usually designed to prepare degree candidates for entry-level bench technician positions in the aviation industry. They are often offered at technical or community colleges. Among other things, this will mean lower tuition costs for you as compared to most 4-year colleges or universities. 

Another avenue into this industry is aviation management. Here you'll learn the art and science of managing aviation industry operations and services. As you train for professional administrative positions in the aviation industry you will learn about the technical and managerial skills that are needed to succeed in this arena. These programs can be found at the certificate, associate and bachelor's degree level. There are a small number of programs that are offered in a distance-learning format.

Graduates of either an aviation management or an avionics technology program will most likely seek employment with commuter airlines and airports. Other potential employers include federal and state governments, aircraft manufacturers, flight simulator companies and delivery companies such as UPS or Fed-Ex.

The employment outlook for positions in the aviation industry is not that strong. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that aircraft mechanics and avionics technicians will only see a 6% increase in jobs between now and 2020. This is slower than the average for all occupations. This slow growth will be largely the result of the outsourcing of maintenance work to other countries. Job opportunities will be best for those with a bachelor's degree and those willing to relocate.

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USAIG PDP Scholarship

1. Applicant must be a U.S. citizen. 2. At the time of application, applicant must be officially enrolled for the academic year at an NBAA - and University Aviation Association (UAA) - Member institution in an aviation-related program. Contact the department head or adivsor for the institution's NBAA and UAA membership numbers. This application is not complete if these numbers are missing. 3. Applicant will be an undergraduate sophomore, junior or senior in the academic year enrolled in an aviation-related two-year, four-year, or postgraduate degree program that incorporates the NBAA PDP. Proof of enrollment must be provided prior to distribution of the award. 4. Applicant must have a cumulative grade point average (g.p.a.) of 3.0 or above on a 4.0 scale.

EAA Young Eagles Next Step Air Academy Scholarships

Four Air Academy scholarships are offered annually to those who have taken a Young Eagles flight and completed both volume one and volume two of the Sporty’s Complete Flight Training Course prior to the year’s deadline for submitting admission applications. Transportation expenses may also be included in the award.Special considerations: must be age 15 or under during the summer of Air Academy enrollment; completed a Young Eagles flight and volumes one and two of the Sporty’s Complete Flight Training Course.

Schedulers & Dispatchers Training Scholarship

The NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers Committee is dedicated to promoting education and training as a means for business aviation schedulers and dispatchers to enhance their careers. To support this position, NBAA offers current and aspiring schedulers and dispatchers the opportunity to receive training awards. Scholarship recipients will be announced at the NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference. Schedulers & Dispatchers Training Scholarship awards will be redeemable under the conditions established by NBAA and its donors, and applicants are limited to receiving one award per person every other year; i.e., recipients of the 2014 scholarship are not eligible to apply for the 2015 awards, but they will be eligible to apply again in subsequent years. Scholarship recipients must complete all professional/educational training by March, unless otherwise noted, or risk forfeit of the award. Recipients also are responsible for costs associated with the scholarship, such as travel and lodging expenses, unless otherwise noted. See application for full details and award descriptions. Other Requirements: 18 years old, application, essay, resume and two signed letters of recommendation

Republic Airways "Nothing But Blue Skies" A&P Aircraft Technician Scholarship

Republic Airways Holdings will award a $5,000 scholarship to an aspiring female aircraft technician currently enrolled in a full or part time A&P program. Candidates will be evaluated on academic standing, personal accomplishments, teamwork, leadership skills, and community service involvement. The scholarship recipient will also be guaranteed an A&P Mechanic interview upon successfully being granted their temporary A&P certificate. Requirements: Applicants must meet all WAI scholarship requirements and guidelines. In addition to the qualities and information above, your essay must also include why Republic Airways is your "employer of choice." Your GPA must be 3.0 or better, and you must be enrolled in an accredited U.S. maintenance program. Applicant must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident of the United States. (Scholarship value $5,000) Submission Requirements: Applicants must be a member of Women in Aviation, International and may apply for no more than two scholarships. Internships are not included in the two per member scholarship limit. All application materials can be submitted in the same envelope. These requirements are the minimum for all scholarships unless otherwise indicated. Some scholarships may require additional information, please read the description thoroughly to make sure you meet all requirements. For each scholarship include three stapled (no folders) complete application sets (one original and two copies) of the following information: Official WAI application form Two one-page recommendation letters (originals - no photocopies) Typed, descriptive 500-word essay Professional résumé Copies of all aviation and medical certificates and the last three pages of your pilot logbook (if applicable)

Mick Schier Memorial Scholarship

Established by family and friends of Mick Schier who loved flying and who shared his love with others.Eligibility: To offset tuition costs of anyone in the area attending anaccredited flight school. Applicants must have completed ground school.Application: Contact the Marshfield Area Community Foundation for application information.Deadline: Open-ended.

Air Traffic Control Association Half- to Full-Time Scholarships

Criteria: 1. Must be studying coursework that is related to a planned aviation related career. 2. Must be enrolled in at least six units. 3. Must have a minimum 30 semester hours to be completed before graduation. Contact Information: Students interested in applying for this scholarship should view for more information and an application form.

Flight Attendants/Flight Technicians Scholarship

The NBAA Flight Attendants Committee is dedicated to promoting education and training as a means for business aviation flight attendants and flight technicians to enhance their professional careers.Sponsors will make scholarship awards available to recipients selected by the NBAA Flight Attendants Committee. For a full list of awards, refer to the scholarship application.The deadline for application submissions is March 31. Award recipients will be notified by e-mail or phone by May 31 and the awards will be given by June 30. Flight Attendants/Flight Technicians Scholarship awards will be redeemable under the conditions established by NBAA and its sponsors, and applicants are limited to receiving one award per person every other year; i.e., recipients of the 2009 scholarship are not eligible to apply in 2010, but they will be eligible to apply again in 2011. Recipients must complete all training by July 31 or risk forfeit of the award. Recipients also are responsible for costs associated with the scholarship, such as travel and lodging expenses, unless otherwise noted.A completed and signed application form must be accompanied by an essay, resume and two letters of recommendation. See application form for details.Applications must be received by NBAA on or before March 31. Direct all questions about this application to NBAA at (202) 783-9250 or

Neale Slater Memorial Scholarship

Provides a scholarship to attend an EAA Air Academy session or supports participation in other EAA education programs. Established to honor the memory of Neale Slater by retired USAF Colonel and long-time EAA member Raymond B. Bottom.

Vertical Flight Foundation Scholarships

Annual scholarships to undergraduate or graduate students interested in pursuing careers in some technical aspect of the helicopter or vertical-flight engineering. Open to Junior and Senior level undergraduate students interested in pursuing engineering careers in the helicopter or vertical flight industry and graduate students. Applicants must be full-time students at accredited schools of engineering.

Certified Aviation Manager Scholarship

Target Candidate: Current Certified Aviation Managers (CAMs) seeking to renew their CAM credential, or qualified CAM exam candidates wishing to pursue certification Award Designation: Monetary awards Award Amount: For current CAMs, $300 to cover the cost of renewing the credential; for CAM candidates, $1,225 to cover the cost of the exam application, the CAM Study Guide and the CAM exam registration fee Application Deadline: Typically March Notification/Award Period: Awarded each June U.S. Citizenship/Permanent / Resident Status Required? Yes Other Requirements: Qualified CAM exam candidates must be eligible to take the CAM exam within two years of the scholarship award date; review CAM requirements

Jan Jones Memorial Scholarship

The Jan Jones Memorial Scholarship has been made possible through an endowment from Jan's parents, William and Mary Jones and other generous donors. The scholarship provides a grant to be applied towards aerobatic training. The recipient must be a female, hold a private pilot's license, and write a short essay on why she wants to learn aerobatics. The recipient is selected by a panel of female aerobatic pilots, and announced at the International Council of Air Shows Annual Convention, held every December.

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