Agriculture Production Scholarships

Here are some of the Agriculture Production scholarships on our site for which you may qualify.

PGMS Scholarship

Each year the PGMS scholarship committee awards monetary scholarships to students in horticulture or related fields. Applicants must be at least in their first year of college or may be recently graduated from high school (within the calendar year). The top recipient will also have the opportunity to attend the GIE+Expo in Louisville in the autumn. PGMS will pay for the scholarship recipients’ conference registration and a travel allowance as well. What are the criteria? The applicant must be a current student of horticulture or a related field, must be sponsored by a PGMS member and will need to submit a cover letter and resume. The applicant will also need to submit their current college transcript and two letters of reference. All applicants must submit the following by mail to PGMS: The completed scholarship application. Download the application form at website. A cover letter. Typed. Please include introduction, educational and professional goals, and intent for use of scholarship funds. A current resume. Typed. Please include past employment history, awards, and certificates earned. College or school transcripts. Two (2) letters of recommendation. These should be from an instructor, employer, etc. A letter from the PGMS member who is sponsoring the applicant.

Elmer J. and Hester Jane Johnson Memorial Scholarship

ELIGIBILITY: Pursuing a four-year degree in agricultural education. Applicants must complete financial analysis section of application. Financial need, leadership ability and academic standing will be considered.AWARD: Approximately one scholarship at $1,000. Not guaranteed.

Mahindra USA Women in Ag Scholarship

ELIGIBILITY: Pursuing a two- or four-year degree in agriculture, excluding food service, packaging, biosciences and/or technology, engineering, marine biology, natural resource management, parks and recreation studies, public service or dietetics. Minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale required. Must be female, exhibit strong leadership skills and financial need and have participated in community service.AWARD: Four scholarships at $2,500 each, non-renewable.

Fort Worth Stock Show Syndicate Scholarship Program

The Fund currently grants four $10,000 scholarships each year to Texas high school students. The scholars must attend a Texas institution in pursuit of a four-year bachelor degree in an agricultural or life sciences curriculum. They must enroll in and complete at least twelve hours each semester. The scholarships are granted through and administered by 4-H and FFA. The Fund stays in touch with its scholars' progress through reports from 4-H and FFA as well as direct communication with the scholars.

Morris K. Udall Scholarship Program

Criteria: 1. Must be pursuing a degree related to the environment, Native American health care, or tribal public policy, such as environmental science/studies/engineering, agriculture, biology & other natural sciences, natural resource management, political science, sociology, anthropology, geography, cultural studies, American Indian Studies, philosophy, tribal policy, economic development, history, English, theater, ecology, landscape architecture, public health and/or be a Native American or Alaskan Native. 2. Must be an undergraduate student. 3. Must be a sophomore or junior student. 4. Must have a minimum 3.0 GPA. Contact Information: Students interested in applying for this scholarship should download the attached nomination packet.

FarmAid Scholarship

ELIGIBILITY: Pursuing a four-year degree in any area of agriculture. Applicants must be from family-owned farms and complete financial analysis section of application. Minimum 2.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale required.AWARD: Approximately four scholarships at $3,000 each. Freshman year is $1,500, sophomore year is $1,000, and $500 for junior year. The second and third year scholarships are provided if a minimum 2.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale is maintained. Not guaranteed.

Maynard and Clara Eldridge Scholarship

The Maynard and Clara Eldridge Scholarship Fund was established to provide scholarship support to two Hampden Academy students each year who plan to continue post-secondary education for careers in agriculture, veterinary science, environmental protection, or a comparable pursuit.Contact: Hampden Academy guidance office

Chief Industries Scholarship

ELIGIBILITY: Pursuing a four-year degree in select areas of agriculture. Resident of Indiana or Nebraska required.AWARD: One scholarship at $1,000, non-renewable.

MFA Foundation Scholarships

MFA Foundation scholarships are offered to high school seniors in communities where MFA agencies (such as MFA Agri Service Centers, MFA Oil Company Bulk Plants and Propane Plants, and other MFA agencies) are located and are willing to contribute $350 to the MFA Foundation as joint sponsors of the scholarship.The amount of the scholarship is $2,000 and is applied toward the student's freshman year of college. It is not renewable.High school seniors can apply for the scholarship by obtaining an application from their high school counselor during the month of February. The scholarship winner is selected by a local committee of three to five persons. The Committee should include a farmer, a businessman, and a high school official. In making its selection, the committee considers:•The applicant's interest in furthering his/her education by engaging in studies relating to agriculture or other fields of study that benefit rural life•The applicant's participation and leadership in school, church, and community activities•The applicant's reputation for good citizenship and good moral character•The applicant's financial need, sources of income, and willingness to work•The applicant's satisfactory academic progressThe winner is announced at either the awards assembly or graduation ceremony, and he/she receives a certificate that acknowledges his/her accomplishments.The scholarship may be used at any accredited college or university to pursue any course of study.The amount of the scholarship will be paid directly to the school against tuition, fees, books, supplies, and equipment required for courses at the educational institution. Recipients must be enrolled in school as a full-time student by September 1 or the funds will be allocated to the runner-up.

Norm-E-Lane Scholarship

Established by the MHS FFA Alumni in honor of Norm & ElaineMeissner and named after the Meissner’s dairy business.Eligibility: Graduating senior of Marshfield High School who has identified production agriculture as a career goal.Application: Available from the Marshfield High Schoolagriculture department. Selection made by the FFA Alumni Scholarship Committee.

NPFDA Scholarships

To qualify, each applicant must: * be a junior or senior in college the year the scholarship is received * be enrolled as a full time student * be enrolled in an agricultural college or university Selection criteria for the scholarship is also based upon: * consideration of academic excellence * past and current involvement in poultry and food related activities * professional objectives

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