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The academic field of ministry or ministry studies is as wide and varied as the ministry scholarships that may help you fund your education. This line of study is related to the fields of theology or religious studies. It can represent everything from Bible study to the study of sacred music. Continue reading to find out more.

What separates this major from similar fields such as theology is that it often serves as the educational training for a career as a minister or religious leader. Some colleges offer it as a major, while in other schools it consists of more of an advising program for students planning to continue their religious studies at a divinity school or seminary.

Another major differences among college ministry programs is the denominational emphasis of the program. Some programs study a range of religions and have as their academic emphasis comparative religion. Other programs are affiliated with a particular religion and study only the tenets, rituals and history of that faith. The type of program you select will depend on your educational and vocational goals and expectations.

Common coursework for ministerial studies includes Western philosophy, ethics, world religions, homiletics, Bible studies and intercultural communication. Your courses will most likely consist of lectures and seminars in a traditional classroom environment. However, you'll also most likely engage in field work and internships. These experiences will allow you to gain first-hand perspectives about the kind of problems you'll face as a religious minister. 

These types of programs are relatively few in number. Generally, to pursue ministerial studies at a seminary or graduate school, it is not necessary to have a ministry bachelor's degree. With most programs, any bachelor degree from an accredited institution will be good enough. At the same time, this type of program can provide you with a broad range of experiences and allow you to glimpse the religious life of a minister.

Career prospects for religious leaders should be strong over the coming decade. Employment prospects should be most robust for students with a graduate degree. Also, those individuals willing to work in urban areas and traditionally under-served areas should face the best prospects.

Listed below are a host of ministry scholarships that may help you realize your goals.

Fellowships for Doctoral Students of African Descent

Requirements to become an FTE Doctoral Fellow Applicants must be: Of African descent A U.S. citizen or permanent resident, Canadian citizen or landed immigrant Enrolled full time in an accredited Th.D. or Ph.D. program in religion, theological studies or biblical studies Finished with the course work stage of their doctoral program by the beginning of the fellowship year [If at dissertation stage] Prepared to write full time during the fellowship year Applicant’s dissertation committee must have approved the dissertation research proposal and writing plan, and given the student full approval to proceed before submission of an application for the fellowship Stipulations: Students enrolled in Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) programs are ineligible for this fellowship A student may be awarded an FTE Doctoral Fellowship a maximum of three times during his/her matriculation as a doctoral student Institutional Expectations: The recipient’s institution shall provide a full-tuition scholarship or remission, as a condition of the award As a condition of the award, the recipient’s institution shall host a visit (virtual or in-person) from FTE to assess the student’s needs and experiences. Each visit will include conversations with the student’s advisor and institutional leaders. Details of institutional visits will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Ministry Fellows Program

For students: * with excellent capacities for ministry and superior academic ability. * entering seminary in the fall to pursue ministry as a career.

The B. J. Dean Scholarship Fund

The B. J. Dean Scholarship Fund is for women preparing for full-time Christian ministry, but not limited to those seeking ordination or serving any particular denomination. Applicants must be residents of the State of Tennessee or the State of Texas. Applicants may also be students who are preparing to attend Yale Divinity School.

Magoichi & Shizuko Kato Memorial Scholarship

National JACL membership is a requirement to be considered for a JACL scholarship. Membership must be held by the applicant or applicant's parents only. Extended family ties do not apply for this requirement. Student memberships are available. For more information about membership categories, please contact the JACL Membership Department at National Headquarters. Applicants must also be planning to attend a college, university, trade school, business school or any institution of higher learning at the graduate school level in the upcoming fall. Preference for this award will be given to a student planning a career in medicine or ministry.

Casaday-Elmore Ministerial Scholarship

This one-year scholarship is awarded to a CAP cadet who has been accepted by an accredited college with plans to enter the ministry.

Barnes-Elrod Memorial Scholarship Fund

Scholarships for students attending Indiana Wesleyan University, as determined by IWU with preference given to Christian Ministries majors.

Ida V. Holland Missionary Scholarship

Course of study: christian education or ministry. Student must be a resident of Bexar County; be between the ages of 18-24 years old; and be studying missionary work (ministry or Christian education). Student must attend Moody School or one of equal standing. Submit request for application in writing to: First Presbyterian Church; Lindsay Blackmon; 404 N. Alamo; San Antonio, TX 78205. Determined by a selection committee. Please check the website for deadline of application.

Bishop Frank Murphy Scholarship Fund for Women

To women who are: * Members of the Women's Ordination Conference * Enrolled or accepted in a graduate program preparing for Catholic ministry (documentation required)

Jane Fryer McConaughy Memorial Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements: 1. Student pursuing training in the ministry (youth ministry, theology, divinity etc.), missionary or education fields. 2. Indiana State Resident and/or attending college in the State of Indiana 3. Planning to enroll or has enrolled in an accredited college, seminary, or recognized training facility for ministers, missionaries, or teachers 4. Traditional, non-traditional, F/T, P/T, and graduate students Awards: Multiple awards are given every year. The number and amount of the award varies each year and is at the discretion of the ECCF Scholarship Committee. This is a one-year award, however students are encouraged to apply each year for up to four years. Special consideration is given to students who received this award in the previous year(s). To Apply: Please complete the “Universal Scholarship” application on the Elkhart County Community Foundation website.

Ministerial Scholarships

Scholarship assistance for ministerial students preparing to teach the Science of Mind, as presented by Ernest Holmes, is available. Applicants may be enrolled in Holmes Institute (UNITED) or in INTERNATIONAL Centers for Spiritual Living ministerial training programs.Successful applicants will demonstrate a clear intention and devotion to beginning a new Science of Mind ministry. Scholarships are not awarded for students entering into staff ministry positions. The primary criteria are: financial need, strong letters of recommendation from Holmes Institute Deans or from INTERNATIONAL Center ministerial teachers, and a demonstrated capacity for successful ministry.Ministerial scholarships are awarded on a yearly basis. However a successful student may apply in succeeding years. A second scholarship may be awarded to a candidate who receives a “superior performance” report from the Holmes Institute Dean or INTERNATIONAL Center ministerial instructor. SCHOLARSHIP PREREQUISITES: (MINISTERIAL CANDIDATES) 1. Licensed Practitioner of Religious Science (INTERNATIONAL Centers for Spiritual Living or UNITED Centers for Spiritual Living) and accepted as a ministerial student in one of these organizations. 2. Active member of a Religious Science church or center for two years. 3. Demonstrated proficiency in written and verbal communications to include composition, spelling, grammar, and public speaking excellence. 4. Minimum of two years of academic or specialized training and /or documented life experience. 5. Financial, emotional, intellectual and spiritual maturity, evidenced by such factors as scholastic record, successful business or teaching background, as well as the reference of the current minister of applicant’s center or church and one other person who has known the candidate for at least two years. 6. Demonstrated commitment to the ministry of Religious Science. 7. Evidence of financial need. 8. Preference to applicants who intend to embark on a ministry of their own.

Dorothy and Dick Burgess Scholarship

The Dorothy and Dick Burgess Scholarship Fund was established to provide deserving young students, who might otherwise be unable to afford it, the opportunity to attend a smaller Michigan college* *A smaller public Michigan college is defined as a 2 or 4-year College or University whose annual yearly tuition costs do not exceed $17,000. These schools include (but are not limited to) Central Michigan University, Eastern Michigan University, Grand Valley State University, Jackson Community College, Michigan Technological University, or Western Michigan University. Schools that will not be considered include (but are not limited to) the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Hillsdale College, or Spring Arbor University. Eligibility Requirements: Proof of financial need. Cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or above Demonstrate good citizenship, high moral character, and potential for leadership and academic success. Plan to pursue a course of study that leads to a degree in earth science, engineering, premedical, or Christian ministry. Proof of acceptance to a smaller, accredited Michigan 2 or 4-year college or university. Plan to complete a baccalaureate degree within four consecutive years. Who Can Apply: Home-schooled students Graduating high school senior Previous recipients Scholarship Criteria: An interview may be requested at the discretion of the scholarship committee. Scholarship Award: Up to $4,000. Scholarship Use: Tuition, books, fees, or other academic related costs

Christian Workers Scholarship

To recognize those working in areas of ministry, discounts are awarded to undergraduate dependents of full-time foreign missionaries up to $3,000 annually, full-time church pastors up to $1,000 per year, and other church and parachurch workers up to $500 yearly.

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