Marine Science Scholarships

Here are some of the Marine Science scholarships on our site for which you may qualify.

Novus Biologicals Scholarship Program

Research is a critical component for the development and advancement in the life science community. We want to further scientific achievement by helping students who are interested in developing a career in science. The Novus Biologicals Scholarship Program is awarded to students pursuing a degree in a science related field twice a year. A $1500 (or international currency equivalent) scholarship will be awarded to one student for the fall and spring semesters.

The Heinlein Society

Three $1,250 scholarships will be awarded to undergraduate students of accredited 4-year colleges and universities. The “Virginia Heinlein Memorial Scholarship” is dedicated to a female candidate majoring in engineering, math, or biological or physical sciences. The other two scholarships may be awarded to either a male or female, and add “Science Fiction as literature” as an eligible field of study.

Woman's Seamen's Friend Society Scholarships

Eligibility requirements for Undergraduates: 1. There are no restrictions on courses of study for Connecticut residents who are merchant seafarers and/or their dependents attending any institution of higher learning. 2. Connecticut residents who are students at state maritime academies. 3. Legal residents of Connecticut majoring in the marine sciences at an in-state or out-of-state college, university or other approved educational institution. 4. Legal residents of other states who are majoring in the marine sciences at a college, university or other approved educational institution in Connecticut. The Scholarship Committee makes awards after considering financial need, academic achievement, letters of recommendation and proposed program of study. The awards are supplemental and are not intended to be the primary source of financial assistance. Financial Support for Graduate Work in the Marine Sciences Awards to assist graduate students carrying out research in the marine sciences. Awards are made payable to the department in which the individual is enrolled but are for use by that individual exclusively for research expenses. No part of an award may be used for payment of indirect costs to the student's institution. Equipment purchased becomes the property of the institution. Awards are not made for publication expenses, salary, tuition, travel to meetings, or other routine institutional obligations. Priority is given to students working on the first two years of their research . Awards will not normally exceed $500. Graduate students applying for financial support must meet the conditions of eligibility listed above. Graduate students are requested to fill out a REQUEST FOR GRADUATE STUDENT FINANCIAL AID FORM instead of a FINANCIAL AID FORM.

Western Union Foundation Global Scholarship Program

The Western Union Foundation Global Scholarship Program (WU Scholars) is a program designed to support young people and their efforts to pursue a post-secondary education. Selected scholarship recipients will receive USD $2,500 each to contribute toward tuition or school fees at an accredited post-secondary institution and will be selected based on criteria relating to the program's three pillars: Perseverance, Aspiration, and Community. To be eligible, students must be seeking an undergraduate degree in one of the following categories: science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and business/entrepreneurship. The application, which requires a letter of recommendation and an academic transcript, opens Wednesday March 8th. The application deadline is Wednesday, April 12 at noon Eastern Standard Time. Please contact with any questions.

Undergraduate Scholarship

1. Open to citizens of U.S. and Canada. 2. Study toward a degree in naval architecture, marine engineering, ocean engineering or marine industry related fields at one fo the following schools: * Florida Atlantic University * Maine Maritime Academy * Massachusetts Institute of Technology * Memorial Univerity of Newfoundland * Texas A&M University, College Station * University of British Columbia * University of California, Berkeley * University of Michigan * University of New Orleans * State University of New York Maritime College * Virginia Polytechnic Institute * Webb Institute 3. Must be entering junior or senior year. Membership in the Society at the time of the award. 4. Requests are made directly with schools listed above. 5. Schools present their nominations in biographical form for each applicant and include statement from student indicating their career goals and why interested in the marine field. 6. Selection of recipients is made by the colleges in accordance with their established procedures. 5. Nominations are presented to the Society's Scholarships Committee annually by May 1st for approval by the in June.

Office of Naval Research Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

Citizenship: Participants selected for support under the ONR Postdoctoral Fellowship Program must be citizens of the United States. Security Clearance: Participants must be eligible for a Department of Defense security clearance of Secret. In most cases, participants will be permitted to do research pending completion of the security clearance. All appointments are contingent upon Fellows obtaining the appropriate level of security clearance. Education and Experience: Before appointment, participants must present evidence of having received the Ph.D., Sc.D., or other earned doctoral degree recognized in U.S. academic circles as equivalent to the Ph.D. within seven years of the date of application, or must present acceptable evidence of having completed all formal academic requirements for one of these degrees. Prior Fellowships: A person who has received a prior postdoctoral fellowship at a navy laboratory under any program may not be eligible to participate in the ONR Postdoctoral Program at the same laboratory. Equal Opportunity: In accordance with Federal statutes and regulations and Navy policies, no person on the grounds of race, color, age, sex, national origin or disability shall be excluded from participation in, denied the benefits of, or be subject to discrimination under, any program or activity receiving financial assistance from the U.S. Navy.

NDSEG Fellowship Program

The NDSEG Fellowship Program is open only to applicants who are citizens or nationals of the United States. Persons who hold permanent resident status are not eligible to apply. NDSEG Fellowships are intended for students at or near the beginning of their graduate studies in science or engineering. Applicants must receive or be on track to receive their baccalaureate degrees by the upcoming Fall. Preference to applicants pursuing doctoral study and research in aeronautical and astronautical engineering, biosciences (including toxicology), chemical engineering, chemistry, cognitive, neural and behavioral sciences, computer science, electrical engineering, geosciences, materials science and engineering, mathematics, mechanical engineering, naval architecture and ocean engineering, oceanography, and physics (includes optics). Recommended GPA is 3.0 and higher. Applications are encouraged from women, persons with disabilities and minorities, including ethnic minority groups such as American Indian, Black, Hispanic, Native Alaskan (Eskimo or Aleut) or Pacific Islander (Polynesian or Micronesian). NDSEG Fellows may choose as their fellowship institutions appropriate United States institutions of higher education offering advanced degrees in science or engineering. During part of their tenure, fellows may study or engage in research or field work away from their academic institutions if, in the judgment of the faculty, such arrangements further the fellow's education and contribute directly to the attainment of an advanced degree, and the fellow is officially enrolled and earning academic credit.

Gretchen L. Blechschmidt Award

The Gretchen L. Blechschmidt Award supports research by women interested in achieving a Ph.D. in the geological sciences and a career in academic research, especially in the fields of biostratigraphy and/or paleoceanography, and who have an interest in sequence stratigraphy analysis, particularly in conjunction with research into deep-sea sedimentology. Only members of the Society are eligible. Grants are awarded only to individuals. Institutions, societies, universities, and so on are not eligible for grants. Only under the most unusual circumstances will postdoctorate and faculty research be supported. Undergraduate students are not eligible. GSA strongly encourages women, minorities, and persons with disabilities to participate fully in this grants program. Candidates for advanced degrees must present their projects under their own names and support them adequately by informative documentation. Grants will not carry allowances to institutions to cover overhead costs. Applications are evaluated on the basis of the scientific merits of the problems, the capability of the investigator, and reasonableness of the budget. Applications must be submitted on the current form.

Undergraduate Fellowships in Estuarine Sciences

Each summer, Maryland Sea Grant’s Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program supports fifteen students to conduct marine research on the Chesapeake Bay. It’s a special opportunity to develop your research skills and interests by working with top scientists to study one of America’s most significant coastal resources. The REU program, funded by the National Science Foundation, is designed for students majoring in marine science, ecology, environmental science, biology, chemistry, engineering, physics, and mathematics. During the 12-week program, each student works with a mentor on an individual research project at one of the two marine labs at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Sciences located on the Chesapeake Bay. Research areas include: Estuarine processes Benthic environment Physical oceanography Contaminants Fisheries Molecular biology and genetics Environmental chemistry Submerged aquatic vegetation Modeling and analysis Coastal observing systems Each REU fellow will receive: A stipend of $6,000 Housing costs Round-trip travel expenses Eligibility Applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents and have completed at least two years of study towards (but not yet completed) a bachelor’s degree. Preference is given to students who are rising seniors. Students from underrepresented groups and institutions with limited research opportunities are especially encouraged to apply.

Olin Fellowships

The Atlantic Salmon Federation offers Fellowships of up to $3,000 to North American residents seeking to improve their knowledge or skills in advanced salmon-related fields while seeking solutions to current problems in Atlantic salmon biology, management or conservation. The fellowship may be applied toward a wide range of endeavors including salmon management, graduate study and research. Applicants need not be enrolled in a degree program.

Haseko Training Fund

Requirements: Be an Ewa Beach resident. Attend a program within the UH Community College system.(Preference given to a student in a Marine related program within the UH Community College system).

Regeneron Science Talent Search

Regeneron STS is the nation’s oldest and most prestigious science research competition for high school students. Started in 1942 as the Westinghouse Science Talent Search, Regeneron STS recognizes and empowers our nation’s most promising young scientists who are developing ideas that could solve society’s most urgent challenges. Each year, nearly 2,000 students enter the Regeneron STS, submitting original research in critically important scientific fields of study. Unique among high school competitions, the Regeneron STS focuses on identifying, inspiring, and engaging the nation’s most promising future leaders in STEM. Eligibility: High school seniors living in the United States, and US citizens living abroad, who have completed independent research projects are encouraged to apply online for the chance to win up to $250,000! Deadline: Apply today through November 8 Learn more & apply:

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