History Scholarships

Here are some of the History scholarships on our site for which you may qualify.

Anna Knoll Scholarship

Recipient must be a History major with an interest in ethnic studies, who is a native of Kansas, with a preference given to students from western Kansas. Undergraduates and graduates are eligible.

Campbell Family Scholarship

Must be juniors, seniors or graduate students majoring in History with a 3.0 GPA or higher.

Charles H. and Nita M. Landrum Memorial Scholarship

Scholarships are for junior and senior students majoring in History and Political Science. In even years, the scholarship will be presented to a History major; in odd years, the scholarship will be presented to a Political Science major. Students must have a 3.0 GPA or higher and show strong leadership ability.

Corwin and Mabel Smith Fund

Awarded to a junior History major who has maintained a 3.5 GPA, exhibited academic excellence, and demonstrated a commitment to the study of History for his/her senior year. The scholarship amount will be $1,000, with half of this amount awarded each semester.

David Miller History Scholarship

Preference for students majoring in History with a minimum 3.0 GPA.

Eugene R. Craine Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to a sophomore, junior, or senior History major with at least a 3.0 overall GPA. Applicant must include a one-page essay linking his or her career goals with interest in the study of history.

Frank and Wilma Craft Scholarship

Preference to juniors or seniors majoring in Technology Studies with an emphasis in woodworking, drafting, or construction; or History with an emphasis in Education. Applicants must have a minimum 3.5 GPA in their major field of study with a minimum 3.3 GPA overall, demonstrate financial need and show promise of post-graduate work.

Frank Pechanec Memorial History Scholarship

Awarded to a junior or senior History major with a 3.0 GPA.

History - Academic Opportunity Award

These awards are for incoming freshmen only.

History Department Scholarship

The Department of History offers several scholarships in varying amounts annually to History majors based on scholarly performance. Transfer students are encouraged to apply for these awards. Undergraduate and graduate students are eligible.

James A. Wickizer and Eleanor Winters Wickizer Scholarship

Eligibility: 1. Applicant must be an Athlete, English, History or Journalism major. 2. Promising junior or senior. 3. Native Kansan.

Linda Michaelis Davis Scholarship

Preference to students majoring in History with a minimum 3.0 GPA. Financial need shall be considered.

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