Graphic Arts Scholarships

Here are some of the Graphic Arts scholarships on our site for which you may qualify.

Worldstudio AIGA Scholarships

Worldstudio Foundation Acting on the belief that creativity holds enormous power for social change, Worldstudio established the Foundation in New York City in 1993 as a vehicle for the company to give back to the creative community. Since its inception, the Foundation has launched several initiatives dedicated to helping the next generation of artists, architects and designers realize their dreams while being pro-actively involved in their communities. The focal point of these efforts is a scholarship program aimed at increasing diversity in the creative professions and building a more socially responsive creative studio of the future. The scholarships are implemented in partnership with AIGA, the professional association for design. The first non-profit in the US devoted exclusively to encouraging social responsibility in the design and arts professions, Worldstudio Foundation dares young artists to dream – of new lives, new careers and new solutions for the world in which we live. Each year Worldstudio donates a portion of its profits to the Foundation. For students with scholarship inquiries, contact us at:, if you send an e-mail please be patient, it will take us a few days to respond. or write us at: Worldstudio AIGA Scholarships AIGA 164 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10010

Computer Graphic Design Scholarship

Scholarships of $2,000 will be awarded to full-time students working toward an undergraduate or graduate degree in Computer Graphic Design and related fields. Recipients will be chosen primarily on the basis of a competition of single-sample digital artwork. **Subject matter of artwork will impact the selection process. Please Note: Distance Learning or OnLine Programs will not qualify. Eligibility: Degree-seeking candidates must be enrolled full time in a Computer Graphic Design curriculum at an accredited college or university in the United States, be a U.S. citizen, and be at least a sophomore at the time of application - minimum second-year students only. If you have any questions regarding your eligibility, please contact the Educational Foundation via the email below. Important: Applications must be accompanied by two Letters of Recommendation from field-of-study faculty and current transcripts. Please refer to the application form for details. One sample of digital graphic artwork for intranets and/or internets, in particular web-based graphics, must be submitted per applicant in one of two categories: 1) Single Static Image 2) Graphic Image intended for interactive use at a website. Artistic creativity is important, as well as mastery of web technology (if appropriate). All work must be totally that of the applicant, not a group effort or an improvement on an existing website. Please submit selected image in .JPEG, .GIF or .TIF format on CD, zip disk, or diskette and send along with the application form and descriptive text. If the image is part of a website, please indicate which image is being submitted - only one image will be accepted for consideration. Please provide URL, if applicable. Submission of digital artwork must include text of at least 200-300 words describing the image submitted, how it was created, and for what specific intent or purpose it represents. Provide details, including programs used in creating the image, personal design techniques, and possible production values. Contact Info: Name: Norma Corrales Phone: (703) 631-6149 or (800) 336-4583 ext. 6149 E-mail:

The Vectorworks Design Scholarship

ELIGIBILITY Nemetschek Vectorworks values the different backgrounds and experiences that comprise the next generation of designers. We strive to provide funding to as many students as possible through a variety of scholarship options; however, a limited number of scholarships are issued each year. The is designed to meet the needs and qualifications of a variety of students. At the time of submission, scholarship applicants must be: 1) enrolled or accepted for enrollment in undergraduate or graduate studies for six or more credits at an accredited college or university, and 2) pursuing a design-oriented degree. Such degrees include, but are not limited to, architecture, engineering, construction, environmental design, urban design, urban planning, interior design, graphic design, landscape architecture, landscape design, lighting design, industrial design, machine design, theater design, scenic design, event planning, exhibit design, and woodworking.

MVP Visuals Design Scholarship

MVP Visuals is proud to help aspiring artists succeed towards a degree in Graphic Arts & Design or Applied arts. Our annual $500 scholarship is awarded to deserving students who create a digital visual design based on the University they are attending or will be attending. Support the University you are currently enrolled in or will be attending by creating a digital visual design. This can be based off the University logo, location, mission statement, sports team/mascot…etc. Here is your opportunity to get creative and show off your talent as an artist!

Megan Anne Beatty Art Scholarship Fund

Intend to pursue a degree in art or an art-related field. Limited to residents of central Indiana region.

National Scholarship Trust Fund Program

To be eligible to compete for a scholarship award, the student must be: 1. Interested in a career in gaphic communications. 2. A high school senior or a high school graduate who has not yet started college. 3. A college student who is enrolled in a two- or four-year college program. 4. A full-time student. Scholarships are not awarded for part-time study. 5. Able to maintain a 3.0 grade point average.

Raymond Rhodes Memorial Scholarship For Printing Technology & Graphic Arts

This award hopes to offer a scholarship of up to $2,000 for a student who will attend a full-time, post-secondary education pursuing a career in the field of printing technology or graphic arts. Strong preference is given to those pursuing a career in printing technology (press, prepress, or bindery operations). Requirements: Pursue a degree in printing technology or graphic arts

Ralph Weaver Behan Photography/Graphic Arts Memorial Scholarship

Applicant be a resident of the rural area within 125 mile radius of Dodge City; be majoring in photography and/or graphic arts. Instructions for Application: 1. All applicants must attach academic official transcripts to their applications.

Bill Coughlin Scholarship Fund

The fund provides scholarships to students enrolled in an undergraduate course of study with a family member employed in the graphic arts industry. Please contact the foundation through letter for more information.

John Allen and John Blank Memorial Scholarship

Sponsor: The Blank FamilyAmount: One award of $800Use: Two-four year college/universityCriteria: 1. Minimum GPA of 3.02. Child of a classroom teacher3. Shows interest in the artsFinancial aid will be considered

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Majors Scholarships

Eligibility Criteria:•Must be of Hispanic background•Must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident residing in the United States or Puerto Rico•Must be studying at an accredited university in the U.S. or Puerto Rico for the upcoming academic year•Must be (or plan to be) enrolled full-time as an undergraduate or graduate student for the upcoming academic year•Must have earned and maintain a cumulative Grade Point Average of no less than 3.0 on a 4.0 scale•Must demonstrate financial need•Must be studying a major that falls under the STEM Majors Application

Paul Arnold Memorial Scholarship

For young men and women studying interior, fashion, or graphic design.

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