Scholarships of county 'Stafford' within Virginia

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The Sofia Silva Scholarship Fund

This scholarship fund is established to preserve the memory of Sofia Silva, an active teenage member of Acteens and Fairview Baptist Church. Sofia demonstrated a strong commitment to academics and to living a careful Christian life. The scholarship will be given to the student who promotes the pursuit of youth excellence and who developed through involvement in church, community service, and academics. The applicant must be a graduating senior at a Fredericksburg, Stafford or Spotsylvania County school. A scholarship of at least $500.00 will be awarded. Eligibility: To be eligible for the scholarship a student must: be a student from any Fredericksburg, Stafford or Spotsylvania County. * Have an overall grade point average of 3.3 or better. * Show significant involvement in a Christian church. * Exhibit qualities of hard work, honesty, trustworthiness, reverence, cleanliness, and friendship. How to Apply: * Download and print a copy of the application. Send two (2) copies of the completed application to the Community Foundation, postmarked by the deadline date, including: * Four letters of reference: three letters from teachers and/or counselors, and one from your religious leader * Complete the Demonstration of Need form found on Part II of the CFRRR application * A personal essay up to three (3) pages that includes the following information: o primary extracurricular activities (for example: scouting, athletics, coaching, music, church, community service), and indicate time spent in each activity and any specific contributions and awards that you have received; o List work/volunteer experience, including length of time employed and hours per week worked/volunteered. How has this work made you a better person? o What are your academic and personal strengths? Give one example of each. o Identify one of your academic and personal weaknesses, and indicate how you are trying to improve yourself. o List any hobbies, travel experiences, or other personal experiences that have contributed to your personal growth. o What do you plan to study in college? How did you become interested in this area? o Do you have a career goal in mind at this time, and what influenced your interest? o Comment on any unusual circumstances or expenses that might be a financial burden to your family. (Note financial need information requested on general application is still required.) o What distinguishes you from every other student applying to college? Send To: CFRRR Scholarship Committee P.O. Box 208 Federicksburg, VA 22404-0208 (p) 540-373-9292 (f) 540-373-3050 email: web: Giving limited to City of Fredericksburg, Stafford or Spotsylvania County.