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Music programs and degrees come in all shapes and sizes and so do the scholarships that will help you realize your musical dreams. There are general music degree programs as well as programs in areas such as music management, performance and theory and composition. 

In general music degree programs, you'll study music from a number of angles and perspectives. You'll take courses in styles of music such as classical or jazz. You'll also study key concepts such as composing, sight reading and orchestration. This general degree will not prepare you for any specific career in the field of music. However, it will provide you with a broad base of musical knowledge and can also be preparation for graduate school.

With music management you study the business of music and music performance. You'll enroll in courses such as music theory and ear training but you'll also study accounting, marketing and management theory. To pursue this major, you should have strong leadership and critical thinking skills. Also, be prepared for stiff competition when it comes time to job search.

Music performance degree programs train individuals for professional performance careers. Your concentration will be your instrument and you'll also study music theory, history and voice and piano skills. The specifics of your program will depend on your choice of institution, with conservatories differing widely from more traditional 4-year institutions. 

The music theory and composition major often resembles the major of music performance. Here you'll also study music theory, history and performance skills. But the emphasis will be more on composing than performing music. You'll study counterpoint, orchestration, notation and music psychology. These degree programs are offered in a variety of formats and can be quite different. Be certain to explore your program thoroughly when choosing an institution. If you are not interested in a career as performer or composer, you might want to look at another major.

Music is many things; music, after all, is beauty. And if we are to believe the poet Keats, beauty lasts forever. But if you decide to pursue any of these performing arts degrees, be prepared for a long and arduous road. Not only will your job search be competitive but, most likely, your college experience will be also. Then again, if you're talented, smart and patient, these degrees can lead to a satisfying and rewarding career.

Explore the scholarships listed below to find out more.  

Rome Prize Fellowships

In general, all applicants for the Rome Prize fellowships must be citizens of the United States at the time of application. (Permanent Residents or individuals who have been residents in the U.S. for at least three years at time of application may apply for the post-doctoral fellowships in the School of Classical Studies. Please read carefully the specific eligibility requirements provided below.) Undergraduate students are not eligible to apply. Graduate students may apply for predoctoral awards in the School of Classical Studies if they meet the other criteria provided below. Winners of the Rome Prize may hold other fellowships concurrently, as long as the requirements of such fellowships do not conflict with the Academy's fellowship rules. Applicants are required to disclose all fellowships and awards they may hold during their proposed residency in Rome. The Academy may make adjustments to the stipend awarded if substantial additional resources are made available. Rome Prize winners may not hold full-time jobs while at the Academy.

Betty I. Boggs School of Music Fund

The recipient must maintain a 2.75 overall grade point average, continue to make good progress in the studio and ensemble (as determined by the respective applied faculty member), and perform a senior recital (minimum).

Ross Burghardt Scholarship

These performance awards can amount to the equivalent of one-half of tuition and are available in both vocal and instrumental music. However financial need is not a factor when determining a talent award

Kate Neal Kinley Memorial Fellowship, The

Criteria: 1. Must plan on pursuing a graduate degree in art, dance, design, music or theater. 2. Must receive a bachelors degree before receiving the scholarship. Contact Information: Students interested in applying for this scholarship should view for more information and an application form.

Byron Rhoades Scholarship

These performance awards can amount to the equivalent of one-half of tuition and are available in both vocal and instrumental music. However financial need is not a factor when determining a talent award

Walter J. Hildie Memorial Scholarship

For a Music major who demonstrates financial need.

AMCA Music Scholarships

This annual program is open to all qualified and deserving students of music. This year, successful candidates will be awarded scholarships ranging in value from $1,000 to $1,200 each. To be eligible, applicants must be enrolled in undergraduate university/college music programs during the next academic year. Preference is for students specializing in vocal music studies, though students of instrumental music are also eligible. Candidates MUST be sponsored by a member chorus of the Associated Male Choruses of America. Interested candidates are required to complete an AMCA application form, submit it with three letters of reference plus a copy of their most recent transcript of courses/grades. Completed application forms and accompanying documents, including a completed Chorus Sponsorship Form, must be received by the Associated Male Choruses of America Scholarship Chairman no later than March 1st for the following academic year.

Frank Huntington Beebe Fund for Musicians

Awards scholarships and fellowships to musicians for postgraduate study abroad; also awards grants for projects involving the achievement of a specific objective in the musical field. Application form required. Initial approach: Proposal Copies of proposal: 1 Deadline(s): Dec. 15 Application address: 290 Huntington Ave., Boston, MA 02115

The YMF/ASCAP Foundation Leiber & Stoller Music Scholarship

Applicants must be residents of Southern California. If an applicant is not a U.S. citizen and is under age 18, the applicant's parents MUST live in Southern California. Open to graduating high school seniors only. One winner will receive $2,500 per academic year ($10,000 over four years) in tuition support to their college of choice, beginning in Fall. All applicants must be: Either vocalists, pianists, or orchestral instrumentalists Completing their senior year of high school during academic year Already accepted/enrolled into either a music conservatory OR a leading collegiate music program Planning to pursue a major in music See website for more information.

George Veeh Scholarship

These performance awards can amount to the equivalent of one-half of tuition and are available in both vocal and instrumental music. However financial need is not a factor when determining a talent award

Get Showcasd Performing Arts Scholarship

The Get Showcasd Performing Arts Scholarship is for any and all performing artists. Just answer this question: How have the performing arts impacted your life? You may submit videos, audio files, photos, documents, or typed text. The winners will be chosen based on creativity, originality, and the quality of their answer. For more information, please see the website.

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