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While law isn't exactly an undergraduate major, it is certainly an educational experience. To become a lawyer requires seven years of full-time education after high school. You'll need a bachelor's degree and then three years of law school before you'll be ready to take the bar exam. Admission to law school can be competitive as can the educational experience itself. But the rewards can be substantial. Continue reading to find out more about law school and law scholarships.

To apply to law school, prospective students need a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university. While bachelor's programs such as pre-law and legal studies exist, they are not necessary for law school admission. Any college major that encourages critical thinking, reading and writing skills (mathematics, history, political science, etc.) should be adequate preparation. The law scholarships listed on this page are for law school and not other legal studies undergraduate majors.

In your first year of law school, you will enroll in courses such as federal litigation, legal research and writing, constitutional law and property. In your 2nd and 3rd years, you'll face more advanced courses in subjects such as corporate finance, disability rights, environmental law and policy and international trade law.

Career prospects for lawyers are average with a 10% increase in employment opportunities over the next decade predicted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Demand for legal assistance is expected to increase at a higher than average rate as our society becomes ever more litigious. 

However, the bulk of this assistance will be provided by paralegals and large accounting firms. Thus, full-time employment for lawyers will be quite competitive as the number of law school graduates each year exceeds the number of jobs.

Prospects will be brightest for those willing to relocate and those with bilingual skills.

New York, California and Florida are the states with the highest employment levels for lawyers. The District of Columbia features the highest concentration of lawyers and legal jobs. The annual median salary for lawyers is just over $113,000 as reported by the BLS.

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Law and Social Science Dissertation Fellowship and Mentoring Program

Purpose: The Law and Society Association, in collaboration with the American Bar Foundation and the National Science Foundation, seeks applications for the Law and Social Science Dissertation Fellowship and Mentoring Program (LSS Fellowship). Awards Fellowships are held in residence at the American Bar Foundation in Chicago, IL, where Fellows are expected to participate in the intellectual life of the ABF, including participation in a weekly seminar series. LSS Fellows will receive a stipend of $30,000 per year. Fellows will attend LSA annual meetings in both years of the fellowship and the Graduate Student Workshop in the first year of the fellowship. Fellows will receive up to $1,500 for research and travel expenses each year. Relocation expenses up to $2,500 may be reimbursed one time. Eligibility Third-, fourth-, and fifth-year graduate students who specialize in the field of law and social science and whose research interests include law and inequality are invited to apply. Fellowship applicants should be students in a Ph.D. program in a social science department or an interdisciplinary program. Humanities students pursuing empirically-based social science dissertations are welcome to apply. Applicants are also eligible to apply for the American Bar Foundation’s Doctoral Fellowship Program in Law and Social Science. Only U.S. citizens and permanent residents are eligible to apply. Please submit your complete application for the LSS Fellowship online. Direct all questions or concerns relating to your application submission to Amanda Ehrhardt, (312) 988-6517,

The Sono Osato Scholarship Fund for Graduate Studies

We will be offering a limited number of competitive scholarships based on academic merit and financial need for current and former dancers who have received the maximum amount from the Caroline H. Newhouse Scholarship Fund and are pursuing graduate degrees in fields other than performance dance. The Osato Scholarship will be limited to a one-time grant of up to $5,000 to any one individual, paying for tuition and fees only. It is anticipated that the endowment will generate funds sufficient to award a grant to a minimum of two applicants annually. Award checks will be made out to the institution. Awards will not be granted retroactively (e.g. not be used to reimburse dancers for tuition already paid, for loans or other credit debt.) To be eligible to apply for a Sono Osato Scholarship applicants must: Have received the maximum allowed amount from the Newhouse Scholarship Fund. Have achieved a minimum 3.5 GPA for an undergraduate or graduate degree, or recent pre-requisite coursework. Be studying or planning to study at the graduate level for a degree in one of the approved areas, such as professional degrees (law and medicine), the medical arts (nursing, physicians assistant, physical therapy, etc.), the helping professions (social work, counseling, psychology, creative arts therapies, etc.), physical and social sciences, education, business and the humanities. Previous recipients of a Gasparinetti Scholarship award are not eligible to apply for an Osato Scholarship.

Dean's Scholarship

All applicants for admission to the full-time Juris Doctor program at Pepperdine University School of Law with an undergraduate GPA of 3.5 or higher and an LSAT score in the 88th percentile are considered for the Dean's Scholarship. No formal application is required. The scholarship amount varies dependent upon funding and the number of qualified applicants, typically ranging from one-fourth to full tuition. Dean's Scholarships are awarded annually and are renewable contingent upon the student being in the top quarter of the class at the close of each academic year. If a student does not complete the academic year in the top quarter of his or her class, but is in the top third, the scholarship will be reduced accordingly.

Armenian Student Scholarship

To assist law students of Armenian heritage.

The Benjamin G. Shatz Scholarship

Awarded annually through the generosity of Benjamin G. Shatz (class of 1992) and assists second and third-year students with financial need and active membership with the Jewish Law Student Association.

Scott H. Racine Award for Excellence in the Study of Taxation Endowed Fund

To graduating students of the School of Law with financial need who have excelled in the tax curriculum and are pursuing a career in the practice of tax law.

Bloomsbury Scholarships

Bloomsbury Honor International believes in rewarding its members for their academic, entrepreneurship, and leadership excellence. To do so, scholarships are granted to qualified achievers annually. Upon being accepted into the Bloomsbury Honor International, members are eligible to apply for the scholarships. A selection committee comprised of Senior Officers carefully evaluates each application. Evaluation is based upon numerous factors including academic honours and recognition, current GPA, civil service, leadership experiences, and any accomplishments pertinent to entrepreneurship. All scholarships are only available to current student members of the Bloomsbury Honor International. Categories: - Arts and Humanities - Business and Management - Education - Engineering, Mathematics and Science - Law - Medical and Health - Social Science Eligibility: As an international initiative, we welcome scholarship applications from any country. All students considered for scholarships must be members of Bloomsbury Honor International in good standing. Students must also be enrolled (or plan to enroll) in an undergraduate or graduate program in an accredited institution. Any applications received after the application deadline will not be considered. Criteria: Scholarship recipients are selected on the basis of: - Academic achievement relative to specific category - Leadership and entrepreneurship experience - Work experience relative to specific category - Community service - Personal statement of goals and aspirations - Letters of recommendations If selected, necessary information must be received by Bloomsbury Honor International within three weeks of notification date or scholarship will be forfeited.

The William Wortzman Family Education Fund

Financially disadvantage student, minimum 3.0 GPA. Students seeking business/law degree preferred.For Jewish students in Greater Cleveland. Awards are available to both full and part-time students. Students are awarded up to a maximum of $4,000 per academic year in the form of loans and grants based on the total applicant pool, total need and total available funds.To be eligible for consideration for aid, a family's income should not exceed $85,000 annually. Exceptions to this rule are made in unique circumstances. Funds are distributed each August for the fall term. Students can apply once a year.

The Frederick W. Bradley Endowed Scholarship

Named for a 1966 graduate of the School of Law, is awarded solely on the basis of financial need.

Fair Rate Lawsuit Funding Scholarship

Why Lawsuit Settlement Funding? Fair Rate Funding is an industry leader in the pre settlement funding business. The mission is to provide immediate liquidity to litigants who need money to pay for such things as medical treatment, car payments, mortgage payments, rent, utilities, or any expenditure plaintiffs must meet before their lawsuit reaches its conclusion. The litigation process takes time, sometimes years. Lawsuit cash advances removes some financial pressure off litigants. The money can be used for anything and does not have to be repaid if there is no recovery. Fair Rate Funding is run by legal professionals for the benefit of litigants. We exist to help plaintiffs level the playing field against much larger adversaries with much more financial backing. Because we invest in lawsuits, attorneys are a large piece of the puzzle. We endeavor to support this profession in the form of this scholarship that can be applied to any accredited law school or paralegal program. The winner will be chosen based upon his/her answer to the following question: Why is lawsuit funding an important piece of the legal landscape? What benefits do pre-settlement loans offer litigants, attorneys, and the entire field of law? Of course, we, at Fair Rate Funding have our own opinion. We want to hear your opinion. Terms of this Settlement Loan Scholarship Fair Rate Funding is committed to protecting your privacy and providing a safe online experience. By entering into this scholarship contest, you consent to the collection, storage, use and disclosure of your personal information. By submitting an entry to the Fair Rate Funding Scholarships, you transfer all rights and ownership of submitted content to Fair Rate Funding regardless of whether your entry is selected as a winner. Fair Rate Funding reserves the right to publish submitted work at the conclusion of the entry period in any manner Fair Rate Funding sees fit. Selection of winning submissions are entirely at the discretion of Fair Rate Funding. Winner(s) will be contacted by Fair Rate Funding via the email address used for submission. Winner(s) will be confirmed ONLY after providing proof of enrollment in the form of a copy of a tuition bill OR letter of proof from the accredited United States law school or university at which the winner(s) is enrolled. Upon confirmation of enrollment, winners will be publicly announced on Fair Rate, and Fair Rate Funding will mail the winner(s) their check. Scholarship Details: Who: Any student enrolled in an accredited American law school or undergraduate paralegal program for the Spring Semester, 2014. What: A $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to the winner. When: Submission deadline is December 15, 2013 How: Applicants must submit an essay of 1,000 words minimum. Awards: A $1,000 scholarship will be awarded; this money can be used toward tuition or books. How do I apply? Submit your essay, 1,000-word minimum, on the topic below. One exceptional essay on the topic, “Why is litigation finance an important piece of the legal landscape? Reply: Please email your essay to settlement loans, lawsuit funding Settlement Loans from Fair Rate Lawsuit Funding Submission Deadline: December 15, 2013 Award Date: January 15, 2014

Earl Warren Scholarships

The Earl Warren Scholarship is named for the Honorable Earl Warren, the 14th Chief Justice of the United States and former Governor of California whose stewardship of the Warren Court helped end school segregation and transform America’s legal landscape. In honor of his memory, the Earl Warren Scholarship is awarded annually to ten law students whose commitment to social justice reveals outstanding potential for training as civil rights and public interest attorneys. Preference is generally given to law students entering their first year of full-time legal study at an accredited law school.ELIGIBILITYWarren Scholarships are awarded to candidates with exceptional academic records who are dedicated to civil rights and public interest work. Applicants for Warren Scholarships must be able to demonstrate a history of outstanding community service, and a well-defined interest in civil rights through their academic records, test scores and personal essays.Warren Scholarship recipients must be of excellent character and must have a verifiable record of community and school involvement that reveals a clear capacity to work well in diverse settings. Moreover, s/he must provide strong recommendations from teachers, community representatives, or employers.

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