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The scholarships listed under the heading of Health Care cover several distinct health-related disciplines. Many of the funding opportunities covered here pertain to students pursuing a degree in the field of allied health. Continue reading to find out more about this major and about the world of health care scholarships.

As an academic discipline allied health prepares individuals for careers in medicine, providing patient care, rehabilitation and diagnostic treatments. Allied health degree programs are available at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Of course, for some positions responsible for providing direct patient care, you'll need more than a bachelor's degree.

The exact nature of the courses you'll take in this type of program will depend in part on the concentration of your studies. Examples of these concentrations include topics such as health sciences, public health promotion or environmental health and policy. However, there are some commonalities between these programs and you will most likely face core courses such as medical terminology, ergonomics, biostatistics, genetic research, nutrition and pathobiology. 

It is difficult to attempt to provide a clear picture with regards the employment outlook of allied health professionals. This is because the field is so wide and varied and includes such disparate professions as art therapist, emergency medical technician, nutritionist and phlebotomist. 

Some allied health careers, such as surgical technologist, are expected to experience a 20% increase in job opportunities over the coming decade. Other careers, such as medical and clinical lab technicians are expected to see only as 11% increase over the same time period. Bi-lingual job candidates and those willing to relocate will face the most robust career choices.

Allied health degree programs come in all the available shapes and sizes. You can find these programs at private, non-profit universities and also public, for-profit institutions. Programs are available that are offered exclusively in a distance-learning environment. Other programs are offered in the traditional classroom lecture format. And then there are hybrid programs that utilize a blend of the old and the new. You'll want to put some time into researching your desired program to ensure you get a good fit.

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R&D Systems Scholarship Application Fall 2018

R&D Systems is proud to support education in science with a scholarship program established to students who are pursuing a degree in a science related field. The R&D Systems Scholarship Program will be awarded to students pursuing a degree in a science related field. A $1500 (or international currency equivalent) scholarship will be awarded twice a year for one student in the fall semester and one student in the spring semester.

Dr. Mitchell Spellman Award (Gold Medal)

This medal, named for the first Dean of the College of Medicine, is presented to the graduating senior who has demonstrated unique and noteworthy achievement, not necessarily in the field of medicine. The recipient may also meet the criteria for several of the College of Medicine

Jerry Voorhis Memorial Scholarship

Criteria: Open to: Cal Poly Pomona Students Class standing: Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors, Teacher Credential Major: See Other criteria Minimum GPA: 3.00 Unit load requirement: Full-Time (undergraduate 12 units, graduate 8 units) Required activities or participation: None Limited to students with calculated financial need: Yes Other criteria: Preference given to student(s) enrolled in human services, behavioral science, humanities, social science, social work, teaching, medical services, or counseling. Award varies from $450 to $1000.

Ernest S. Moscatello Scholarship

Applicant must submit a letter stating career goals and objectives, a resume showing employment history with a brief narrative describing specific employment responsibilities in health care field, and three letters of recommendation. Reference letters should address performance, character, potential to succeed, and need for scholarship support. Send for an application with a self- addressed, stamped, business size envelope.

Fairlawn Foundation Robert S. Schedin Scholarship

For a Worcester area student to pursue studies in the ancillary health care fields (such as physical therapy, respiratory therapy, lab technician, etc.) at a four-year college or university in Worcester.

Richard L. Davis - Appalachian Scholarship

Undergraduate students enrolled at Appalachian State University - School of Business and Health. Eligibility Applicants must be enrolled in an undergraduate degree program relevant to medical practice management, including public health, business administration, healthcare administration and other related areas.The scholarships are not intended to support individuals pursuing degrees in: medicine physical therapy nursing or other clinically related professions To apply, contact: Office of Student Financial Aid Appalachian State University ASU PO Box 32059 Boone, NC 28608-2059 Phone: 828.262.2190

S. Evelyn Lewis Memorial Schp in Medical Health

Available to graduate or undergraduate young women enrolled in a program leading to a degree in medicine or health sciences. Awarded for full-time study for one academic year (Fall-Spring).

MGMA Midwest Section Scholarship

Individuals residing in MGMA Midwest section states (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin) who are enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program relevant to medical practice management. Scholarship Eligibility: Students must be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program relevant to medical practice management, including public health, business administration, healthcare administration and other related areas.

Jane Davis Health Careers Scholarship – Pawating Auxiliary

Description: Jane S. Davis retired in 1977 after serving 31 years as the administrator of Pawating Hospital, now Lakeland Medical Center, Niles. This scholarship offers a renewable award initiated by Ms. Davis for the Pawating Auxiliary to assist promising students in the Niles-Buchanan area who are pursuing a health-related career.Criteria: Graduating high school seniors or high school graduates from the Niles-Buchanan area including Niles High School, Brandywine High School, or Buchanan High School, who are pursuing a health career (excepting areas such as dentistry, veterinary medicine, psychology and social work.)Consideration is given, but not limited to volunteers or employees of Lakeland Medical Center, Niles. Financial need is a consideration, but not a requirement. Other criteria include evidence of leadership and character. Interview required.Award: Scholarships in amounts from $500 to $1000; Renewable for three years at the discretion of theSelection Committee.

Dr. Hans and Clara Zimmerman Foundation Health Scholarships

Description:Dr. Hans Zimmerman established this foundation to provide financial assistance to individuals in Hawai‘i wishing to pursue an education in a health field. During his long and productive career in Hawai‘i, Dr. Zimmerman encouraged countless individuals to choose careers in medicine. At his death, additional assets came into the foundation so that it is now one of the largest scholarship funds in Hawai‘i. Requirements: Plan to major in a health-related field in a school in the USA (not including sports medicine, psychology unless clinical, social work). Be a college junior, senior or graduate student. Minimum GPA 3.0. Personal statement should include a description of your participation in community service projects or activities.

National Medical Fellowships Need-Based Scholarship Program

Criteria: 1. Must be accepted to an approved medical school. 2. Must be an African American/Black, Mexican American, American Indian, Native Hawaiian, Alaska Native, or Puerto Rican. 3. Must be United States citizen or permanent resident. Contact Information: Students interested in applying for this scholarship should view for more information and an application form.

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