Elementary Teaching Scholarships

In the elementary education major you will learn to instruct children from kindergarten up through grade 8 across the entire curriculum. The range of grades you teach will depend on the school district where you work. This is an exciting and rewarding major that can lead to employment where you actually make a difference in the lives of children. Continue reading below to find out more about the major and about elementary education scholarships.

In this major you will enroll in courses such as educational psychology, assessment and measurement, reading fundamentals, child development and classroom management. You'll also take courses on how to instruct children in specific subjects, such as teaching math, teaching science and teaching social studies. In these courses you will concentrate on different methods of instruction while also learning how to solve the problems that are inherent with teaching children new tasks. In your final year you will receive practical experience through the process of student teaching. 

When choosing an academic program you'll want to look into what sort of student teaching opportunities are available. Also, ask what sort of technology training the program provides. The art of teaching is a multimedia experience and you'll need instruction in the relevant tools if you are to succeed in the classroom. Finally, be certain that the program in question is certified by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.

All states require elementary education teachers to be certified. This certification process varies between states with all states sharing some common requirements. These include a bachelor's degree from an accredited teaching program and a number of hours spent student teaching. Other requirements may include technology training and a minimum grade point average.

Employment projections for elementary school teachers predict that the number of teachers needed over the coming decade will grow. This growth will be fueled by an increasing population coupled with the large number of teachers due to retire between now and 2020.

Explore the links below to find out the specifics behind elementary education scholarships.

Eleanor Roosevelt Fund Award

Established in 1989, the Eleanor Roosevelt Fund Award honors an individual, project, organization, or institution for outstanding contributions to equality and education for women and girls. The award is given for a broad range of activities including classroom teaching, education and research, and legal and legislative work in equality for women and girls. While the award focuses on education, the recipient need not be an educator.

Cal RTA #27

This $1,000 scholarship is available to students in the HSU credential programs during their student teaching year, including elementary, secondary and special education, and those in the Liberal Studies Elementary Education-Integrated program. Applicants must be a graduate of a public, private or charter high school in Humboldt or Del Norte counties or the Klamath-Trinity Joint Unified School District, or, if there no candidates from these schools or districts, then the award may be given to the most qualified candidate, meeting all other criteria. Application for financial aid needs to be on file in the Financial Aid Office by March 2. Applicants must a a senior or post baccalaureate during the year of the award. The HSU School of Education will solicit applications from candidates. For more information, contact the Credential Programs Office (707) 826-5867.

Johnnie Lee Stewart Marks Scholarship Endowment

Worthy men and women who are enrolled in the School of Education at Campbell University. Preference may be given to those students preparing to work with early childhood students.

Elementary Education Scholarships

Criteria: 1. Must have been accepted into an elementary education credential program in an accredited Southern California institution of higher education. 2. Must be interested in mathematics as demonstrated by having completed at least six units of mathematics courses at the college level beyond that required for general education for an undergraduate degree. Contact Information: Students interested in applying for this scholarship should view for more information and an application form.

Ruth Crawford Glasgow Memorial Scholarship

Recipients must be full time, have a desire to become a teacher in the public schools, qualify to enter the graduate program and show financial need.

Alice Busby Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Alice Busby Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in 1999 to honor a beloved member of the Leelanau Township community who died from breast cancer. An employee of the Northport Public Schools, where she was the Business Manager, she endeared herself to the faculty, staff and families of students who created this scholarship in her memory. The Alice Busby Memorial Scholarship Fund is designed to assist a graduating senior of Northport Public School who has demonstrated a commitment to community service and aspires to a career in elementary education or business.

The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, Epsilon Pi Chapter Scholarship

This Epsilon Pi Chapter of The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International has established a scholarship fund to recruit future teachers, which will be administered by the Humboldt Area Foundation. Recipients will receive $500 and be honored at the Epsilon Pi Chapter’s annual initiation event.These scholarships will be awarded to people with plans to become teachers who have been accepted at Humboldt State University for their fifth or final year of a credential program, or into the Liberal Studies Elementary Education (LSEE) integrated program, and who have a record of school and/or community service.Eligibility based on: 1. Plans to enter the teaching profession2. Acceptance into the fifth or final year of a credential program or the Liberal Studies Elementary Education (LSEE) integrated program at H.S.U.3. School and/or community service

Mathematics Course Work Scholarships for Grades PreK-5 Teachers

The purpose of this grant is to provide financial support for improving teachers’ understanding of mathematics by completing course work in mathematics. Scholarships with a maximum of $2,000 each will be awarded to persons currently teaching at the grades PreK–5 level. Primary emphasis is placed on appropriate mathematics content courses. Mathematics education courses may also qualify if a suitable rationale is furnished by the applicant. Proposals must address the following: rationale for the coursework, anticipated instructional improvements and expected impact on student learning outcomes.The applicant must (1) be a current Full Individual or E-Member of NCTM or teach at a school with a current NCTM PreK–8 school membership; (2) have taught school mathematics for at least three years; and (3) intend to remain in teaching. No person(s) may receive more than one award administered by the Mathematics Education Trust in the same academic year. Past recipients of this scholarship are not eligible to reapply.

The Applegate-Jackson-Parks Future Teacher Scholarship

One $1,000 scholarship is awarded annually to the education student who best exemplifies the dedication to principle and high professional standards of Carol Applegate, Kay Jackson, and Dr. Anne Parks. WHO MAY APPLY Applicants are limited to graduate or undergraduate students majoring in education in institutions of higher learning throughout the United States. Officers, directors and employees of the National Institute for Labor Relations Research, the National Right to Work Committee, Members of the Selection Review Committee and their families are not eligible. CRITERIA FOR SELECTION The scholarship is awarded on the basis of scholastic ability and a demonstrated interest in the Institute’s work. Applicants must also: Demonstrate potential for the successful completion of the educational requirements in a college or university Department of Education program and the potential of a successful application for a teaching license; and submit a transcript of grades. Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of voluntary unionism and the problems of compulsory unionism in relation to education by writing an original essay of approximately 500 words. SELECTION PROCESS After an initial review of the applicants by Institute staff, a Selection Review Committee of three or more independent educators and representatives of the Institute will review the essays and recommend the first, second and third-best essays to the NILRR Board of Directors. At its annual meeting in April, the Board will consider the recommendations of the Selection Committee and Institute staff and then make its final decision. If, in the opinion of the Board, no applicant meets all the criteria, no recipient will be selected. The scholarship will be paid to the institution of higher learning which the recipient plans to attend, and the recipient will be required to provide a copy of his/her transcript from that institution at the end of the academic year. APPLICATION PROCEDURE A total application consists of three parts: A completed formal application; A copy of the most up-to-date transcript of grades; A typewritten essay of approximately 500 words clearly demonstrating an interest in, and knowledge of, the Right to Work principle as it applies to educators. Applications must be received between October 1 and December 31. All mailed submissions must be postmarked by December 31. Or, you may use the ONLINE APPLICATION. But, it is your responsibility to confirm that we received your entire application regardless of your choice of method to make your application transmission.

Leonard And Janet Vaught Scholarship

Established by the Vaughts to provide support for Orleans graduates entering college to pursue an elementary or secondaryeducation degree.

NCCTM Graduate Scholarships

The NCCTM Trust Fund Committee semiannually accepts applications from NCCTM members who are elementary or secondary school teachers of mathematics and who are taking graduate courses in mathematics and/or mathematics education as part of a graduate program leading to a graduate degree. The Trust Fund Committee awards scholarships of $600 to as many qualified applicants as the available investment income from the Trust Fund will permit. Scholarship applications may be submitted during the year, but will be reviewed twice a year. The application deadline is October 1 and March 1 with grants made at that time.

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