Louisiana Scholarships

The Bayou State of Louisiana is the 25th most populous state in the US. Louisiana was purchased from the French in 1803 for about $15 million – although this included the entire Louisiana territory. The French then used this money to buy more frilly stocking, wigs and velvet doublets, thereby ensuring that the French would look silly well into the 20th century.

The state offers a plethora of scholarship options for students studying or living in Louisiana. One program is the Taylor Opportunity Program for Students (TOPS). The TOPS program offers substantial funds for students who meet a minimum set of academic criteria and are planning on attending school in state.

Other private and public scholarships are also available. Some funds are designed to attract degree candidates to certain professions, such as resource management, farming or education. Other programs exist that have more rigid academic criteria and still others are for general financial need.

To find out more about the complete range of scholarship opportunities in the state of Louisiana, continue with the links below.

Rockefeller State Wildlife Scholarship

The Rockefeller State Wildlife Scholarship is a competitive scholarship that awards $2000 annually for an undergraduate student and $3,000 annually to a graduate student pursuing a degree in forestry, wildlife or marine science at a Louisiana Public College or University. The cumulative maximum award is $12,000 for up to three years of undergraduate study and two years of graduate study. Standard Eligibility Requirements - Be a U.S. citizen or national or eligible non-citizen and be registered with Selective Service if required - Be a Louisiana resident for at least one year prior to July 1st of the scholarship award year - Complete and submit such documentary evidence as required by LASFAC - Be enrolled as a full-time undergraduate or graduate student in a Louisiana Public College or University majoring in forestry, wildlife or marine science with the intent of obtaining a degree in that field. Undergraduate students must have earned at least 60 hours of college credit and have at least a 2.50 cumulative college GPA. - As a graduate student have at least a 3.00 cumulative college GPA on all credits earned in graduate school

The Todd Poche Endowed Scholarship

Scholarships awarded to occupational therapy students within the state of Louisiana. Scholarship amount TBD.

Associated Grocer – Sam S. Politz Scholarship Fund

Each year, subject to availability of funds, two to four college scholarships are awarded to high school graduates or graduating high school seniors enrolling full-time in an accredited college or university. Each scholarship is for eight consecutive semesters, $1,000 per semester, for a maximum total scholarship award of $8,000. (Fall and Spring semesters only.) Recipients must maintain a 3.0 GPA per semester/quarter and full-time status to continue receiving the scholarship. SCHOLARSHIP INFORMATION The Fund provides scholarships to assist graduating/graduated high school students who will enroll full time in an accredited college or university. Scholarship awards shall be used toward the following, in order of priority: tuition and fees; books and supplies; room and board; and commuting expenses up to fifty dollars a month. The recipients are selected by a Scholarship Advisory Committee made up of local educators. Two to four scholarships are awarded each year, subject to availability of funds. Each scholarship is for eight consecutive semesters, $1,000 per semester, for a maximum total scholarship award of $8,000. (Fall and Spring semesters only.) To maintain the scholarship, each recipient must maintain full time status as an undergraduate student and must earn a minimum GPA of 3.0 per semester/quarter. Students must provide the Foundation with an official transcript and proof of full time enrollment every semester to receive payment. CRITERIA In making its decision, the Scholarship Advisory Committee shall use the following criteria: —ACT score and GPA (Preference is given to students with a minimum ACT score of 20 and a minimum GPA of 3.0.) —Availability and enrollment in “honors” or “advanced placement” courses —Quality of letter of recommendation from high school principal or guidance counselor —Acceptance into accredited college or university

Louisiana Go Grant Program

The purpose of this program is to provide a need-based component to the state's financial aid plan to support nontraditional and low to moderate-income students who need additional aid to afford the cost of attending college. Eligibility To be eligible for a Louisiana Go Grant, a student must: Be a Louisiana Resident;* File a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA); Receive a federal Pell grant; Have remaining financial need after deducting Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) and all federal/state/institutional grant or scholarship aid ("gift aid") from student's Cost of Attendance (COA); Be a student enrolled in an eligible Louisiana institution on at least a half-time basis (minimum 6 hours at semester school or 4 hours at a quarter school). Award Amounts ** Award amounts to eligible students are based on the institution's allocation and their packaging policy. Awards may vary with each academic year. Awards will not be paid for summers sessions, quarters or terms. Maximum and minimum annual award amounts for the Academic Year: • Minimum Annual Award $300 • Maximum Annual Award $3,000 Renewal Requirements Must file a FAFSA or the Renewal FAFSA at least annually; Continue to receive a Federal Pell Grant; Have remaining financial need after deducting Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) and all federal/state/institutional grant or scholarship aid ("gift aid") from student's Cost of Attendance (COA). The Award can be renewed for subsequent years to a maximum lifetime award that correlates to that of the Federal Pell Grant. *Residency: Louisiana resident as of the day the FAFSA is filed and Louisiana is the student's true and fixed domicile as reported on the FAFSA. If student's state of residence on the FAFSA is not reported as LA, but a dependent student claims that a non-custodial parent is a Louisiana resident, or that parents are Louisiana residents living out of state, LOSFA will determine residency based on the completion, by the parents, of a residency affidavit. ** Students should check with the financial aid office at the school they plan to attend regarding policy on award calculation and distribution.

Fastline Publications Scholarship

ELIGIBILITY: Pursuing a four-year degree in agricultural business/farm/livestock or ranch management or agricultural sales and marketing. Seventeen $1,000 scholarships to a member from Illinois; Indiana; Iowa; Kansas; Kentucky; West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina or South Carolina; Arkansas, Louisiana or Mississippi; Missouri; Nebraska; Pennsylvania or New York; Washington, Oregon or Idaho; Ohio; Oklahoma; Alabama, Georgia or Florida; Tennessee; Texas; Wisconsin. In addition, seven scholarships are available to FFA members pursuing a two-year degree in agricultural business/farm/livestock or ranch management or agricultural sales and marketing to the states of Kansas; Kentucky; Nebraska; Ohio; Oklahoma; Texas; Alabama, Georgia or Florida. Applicants must live on a family farm, exhibit strong leadership skills, financial need and demonstrate interest in managing a farm.AWARD: 24 scholarships at $1,000 each, non-renewable.

MetLife Foundation Scholarship

ELIGIBILITY: Pursuing a four-year degree in select areas of agriculture, agribusiness management, communications, education, journalism, extension, public relations, finance, economics, sales, marketing, engineering, mechanization, technology, plant pathology, plant/animal breeding and genetics, range/soil science or public service and administration in agriculture. Resident of Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, Wisconsin or Wyoming required. No more than one scholarship per state.AWARD: 10 scholarships at $2,000 each, non-renewable.

Charles P. Lake - Rain for Rent Scholarship

ELIGIBILITY: One scholarship to applicants pursuing a four-year degree in general agriculture, agricultural business management, agricultural engineering, agriculture power and equipment or soil or water conservation with preference to those specializing in irrigation and soil technology. Must be a resident of Arizona, California or Idaho. One scholarship to applicants pursuing a four-year degree in environmental engineering. Must be a resident of Illinois, Louisiana or Texas. All applicants must have completed freshman year and have a minimum 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale required. Applicants will be considered on the basis of scholastic achievement, leadership skills, community involvement, then financial need. Recipients must be willing to provide a picture for publicity purposes and tour a Rain for Rent facility.AWARD: Two scholarships at $1,000 each, non-renewable.

Clubs of America

Eligible students will: Write an essay of no fewer than 600 words about their career aspirations and how their current course load will help them achieve success in their careers. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? Thinking outside the box is encouraged! Email their essay as a .doc or .pdf attachment to: YouTube submissions are optional, although not required. Video should be no longer than 5 minutes. (Essays submitted via YouTube must also be submitted in writing.)

Betty Black Hatchett Scholarship

Graduate or undergraduate; must reside in or attend school in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, or Arkansas

Lucile Moore Garrett Scholarship

Graduate or undergraduate either residing in or attending school in Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Arkansas, or Louisiana.

Marilyn Chesher Lynch Scholarship

Alumnae member living in and attending school in Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Arkansas, or Louisiana. Active member of alumnae group.

Morna Elizabeth Dusenbury Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to Alpha Phi/Tulane undergraduate member. ELIGIBILITY -Initiated members, collegian and alumnae, of Kappa Alpha Theta in good standing with the Fraternity. -New members may apply, but should be initiated by the application deadline. -Applicants who expect to have eligible academic expenses not funded by other scholarships or grants in the academic year for which they are applying.

Nancy Cochran Abbey Scholarship

Undergraduate Theta attending school in Texas or Louisiana. ELIGIBILITY -Initiated members, collegian and alumnae, of Kappa Alpha Theta in good standing with the Fraternity. -New members may apply, but should be initiated by the application deadline. -Applicants who expect to have eligible academic expenses not funded by other scholarships or grants in the academic year for which they are applying.

Virginia Bryant Shilstone Scholarship

Undergraduate or graduate member of chapters in Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Louisiana, or Arkansas.

LBF Kids' Chance Scholarship Program

The LBF Kids' Chance Scholarship Program is helping kids achieve their dreams. The program provides scholarships to the children of Louisiana workers who have been killed or permanently and totally disabled in an accident compensable under a state or federal Workers' Compensation Act or law. Since 2004. Basic Eligibility Requirements: Must be a dependent of a worker killed or permanently and totally disabled in an accident compensable under a state or federal Worker's Compensation Act or law. Must be a Louisiana resident between the ages of 16 and 25. Must maintain a "C" average or higher. Must be pursuing a primary college or university degree (bachelor's or associate's) or vocational education and training (certificate or license) from an accredited Louisiana university, community, technical or vocational college and/or state approved proprietary school. Must demonstrate substantial financial need.

Patrick F. Taylor Foundation Scholarship

The Patrick F. Taylor Foundation offers individual scholarships to graduating Louisiana high school students attending a four-year Louisiana undergraduate institution, based on financial need and academic performance. Only applicants meeting the following criteria will be reviewed: Must be a United States citizen and a Resident of Louisiana Earn a 2.5 cumulative high school grade point average or higher Earn an ACT score of 18 or better Completion of an advanced 19 unit TOPS core curriculum Must have graduated from a Louisiana high school and be able to submit final transcript Have received letter of acceptance to a Louisiana college or university Must be able to provide information regarding amounts of financial assistance (college, federal and state grant awards) Must show proof of financial need – submit copy of Student Aid Report (SAR) Must submit one character-reference letter

Society of Louisiana CPAs Scholarship

Each year LCPA offers $1000s in scholarships to accounting majors in Louisiana in varying quantity and amount depending on the number of qualifying applicants. LCPA scholarships are generously funded through private donations from our members. To date, we’ve awarded approximately $275,000! Qualifications for LCPA Scholarships Louisiana domicile Enrolled in an accounting program in a Louisiana four-year college or university when the application is filed. "Accounting program” refers to an "accounting major” or its equivalence. Be at least a fifth semester (or equivalent) student by the fall of the academic year in which the application is filed. Graduate or fifth year students working towards the 150-hour requirement may also apply. Students in a doctoral program are strongly encouraged to apply. One scholarship will be designated specifically for a graduate student working towards a Ph.D. Students who received scholarships in prior years may reapply for additional awards. However, students who previously won the Christopher E. "Kit” Smith Sr., Alex L. Postlethwaite, Richard J. Roth Jr., or the C. Will Elliott memorial scholarship are not eligible to receive a memorial scholarship in a future year. Academic merit, achievement, and essay: Academic merit: Sponsorship by two accounting faculty members. Academic achievement: 2.50 or better on a grading scale of 4.00 (accounting and overall). Applicant must be enrolled in an accounting course at the time the scholarship is awarded and be a full-time student (enrolled in 12 semester hours or its equivalent).


PGM’s Scholarship Program is now open to receive applications. There will be two (2) $1,500 scholarships for the 2016-2017 academic year. The first scholarship is open to undergraduate students pursuing a career in computer science and who demonstrate an interest in the health care industry. The second scholarship is open to graduate students entering into medical school or currently within their medical school program. The scholarship program here at PGM is competitive and will be based upon leadership, academics and achievements.

Parents, Families & Friends of Lesbians & Gays (PFLAG) - New Orleans Scholarship

PURPOSE: To recognize outstanding gay, lesbian bisexual, transgendered (GLBT) students from the community. To encourage continuing education for self-identified GLBT students. To foster a positive image of GLBT young people in society. ELIGIBILITY: Gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered (GLBT) students (17 years or older as of April 15, of the scholarship year). Applying to attend (or currently attending) a post-secondary educational institution. Cannot be a prior winner of this award, nor be receiving full tuition from another source. Must be a resident of the state of Louisiana at the time of application. Must submit an application with required supporting materials. Recipients must be present at awards event to accept scholarship in person at the award ceremony, usually the Saturday evening before Mother's Day. TERMS: Cash awards will be paid jointly to the student and the institution. The award must be used within two (2) years of receipt. CRITERIA FOR JUDGING APPLICATIONS: Affirmation of one's gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered identity. Demonstration of integrity and honesty. Participation and leadership in community activities. Determination and potential to achieve personal and academic goals. Demonstration of financial need. You can obtain scholarship information from: Your school counselor By download: Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader Welcome Letter Scholarship Requirements Scholarship Donors Application By email: Scholarship Committee Include your name, address, phone, and email address. Please indicate if it is OK to identify ourselves with PFLAG when we call. By mail: PFLAG/New Orleans Chapter Scholarship Selection Committee Post Office Box 15515 New Orleans, Louisiana 70175 Send completed application materials to the above address. For further information contact us by email at: Scholarship ChairPerson or by phone Joe at 504-944-6013 All applicants will be notified of results by the end of April.

Activia Training Annual Scholarship Award

Activia Training are pleased to offer a $1,500 annual scholarship for college, university, high school or trade school students in the US. There is no specific course of study required, and you can use the money in whatever way that you feel benefits your studies the most. There will be two scholarship awards of $750 each year, awarded in November and May as follows: - The video winner will receive $500 - The essay format winner will receive $250 Furthermore, all entries adjudged to be of a suitable standard will be eligible for an “expenses award” as follows: - YouTube videos: $20 - Blog articles: $15 To be eligible for this scholarship, you must be at least 16 years of age and attending, or have secured a place, at a college, university, high school or trade school in the US. For more information on how to apply (and to submit your essay or video), visit our website at