Scholarships of county 'Fayette' within Indiana

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Fayette County 4-H Scholarship

The Fayette County 4-H Scholarship will offer assistance to a qualified Fayette County graduating senior with 10 or more years as a participating member of 4-H. * The student will need to have applied and been accepted at an accredited institution of higher education pursuing an associates and/or bachelors degree. * The student must be a Fayette County resident and have actively participated in 4-H in home grown and/or home made projects. * While attending an institute of higher education, the student must maintain a grade point average of at least a 2.6 on a 4.0 scale. * The student must have high academic and moral standards.

Winifred Risley Lambert Nursing Scholarship

The Gilbert Lambert Family has established a scholarship fund with the Fayette County Foundation. This scholarship is for a student pursuing an accredited program of studies leading to either an Associate or Bachelor Degree in Nursing.