Christian Scholarships

Here are some of the Christian scholarships on our site for which you may qualify.

Barnes-Elrod Memorial Scholarship Fund

Scholarships for students attending Indiana Wesleyan University, as determined by IWU with preference given to Christian Ministries majors.

Ted & Marian Stout Scholarship

An endowed fund to be awarded to a member of the First Baptist Church of Greensburg. Recipients need to exhibit Christian values, attend a 2 or 4 year post-secondary education, have good scholastic standing, have established educational and life goals and not be a member of the Cox family or the Church scholarship committee. For more information, contact the first Baptist Church.

Helen Hedges and Golda Hedges Memorial Scholarship

Esther Strickland established this fund to make a lasting and significant contribution for student members of the First Presbyterian Church in Lancaster. Please contact the Education Committee of the First Presbyterian Church, 222 N. Broad St. Lancaster.

Mount Carmel Presbyterian Church Scholarship

Established in 2005 by Reverend Bill Arthur and his wife Bettie to provide scholarships. Primary consideration will be given to students who are members of Mt. Carmel Presbyterian Church. Secondary consideration will be given to students who attended Mt. Carmel School.

Paul & Betty Honzik Scholarship

Requirements: Be a member in good standing of any Hawai‘i Presbyterian Church. Attend any four-year college or seminary. A letter of reference from church or pastor is required. Minimum GPA 3.0.

Helen Lee Gentry Scholarship Fund

The Helen Lee Gentry Scholarship Fund recognizes and honors African-American students that live a Christian lifestyle, exemplify academic excellence, and contribute to the community.The Helen Lee Gentry Scholarship Fund reinforces the importance of spiritual maturity, academic excellence, and community involvement. Scholarship recipients serve as a benchmark of excellence for their peers and the community at large.

Henry Opukaha’ia Scholarship

The Henry Opukaha’ia Scholarship is used to support clergy training by providing financial aid for seminary, postgraduate and continuing educational expenses. Appropriate programs include a seminary course of study, post-seminary studies or continuing education.Eligible Applicants:1. Seminarians preparing for pastoral leadership who are in-care and members in good standing of an HCUCC church.2. Individual ministers with current authorized standing in an Association of the HCUCC; are active in the local church, Association and Conference; and who have completed one year of service to the HCUCC and need supplemental funding to attend programs.Funds are available in two categories:1. Small scholarships up to $500.002. Large scholarships over $500.00Small scholarship applications will be reviewed monthly by a subcommittee of the Stewardship Missional Team. Large scholarship applications will be reviewed by the full Team which meets quarterly.Only one scholarship per applicant may be granted in a fiscal year.Guidelines for Considering Applications1. Length of service in local church and involvement in Association or Conference2. Relationship of study to leadership development for Christian ministry3. Time lapse since seminary or other significant study was done4. Applicant’s financial need5. Applicant’s assistance from other funding sources6. Applicant’s stated intention to do ministry in Hawaii after training7. Sharing of costs (preferably equally) by the applicant, church and Conference scholarship.

The Kaneta Foundation Scholarships

The Kaneta Foundation provides scholarships to Christian students in Hawaii. $3000 is awarded to 4 year programs. Students can reapply in each of the 3 subsequent years. $1500 is awarded to 2 year programs, which is also renewable for one year. To date, the Kaneta Foundation has provided scholarships in excess of $1,000,000.Freshman candidates are evaluated as follows: Recommendation letter from a pastor or church leader Recommendation letter from teacher or counselor Personal statement that speaks about the student's family life, community service, extracurricular activity and overcoming any adversity Financial need SAT or ACT scores Cumulative GPARenewal candidates are evaluated as follows: Be a full time student and carry at least 12 credits per semester, or quarterly equivalent Maintenance of a 3.0 cumulative GPA A letter outlining your life as a college student. Let us know of your accomplishments and challenges.

Christian Worker Dependent Discount

For dependent students whose family's primary source of income derives from a parent's employment in full-time (non-profit) ministry (missionary, pastor, Christian school teacher or administrator). Students must demonstrate need, as determined by the FAFSA. SDCC's Christian Worker Dependent application must be submitted to verify eligibility. This award is renewable up to four years at SDCC if student remains eligible. 1st and 2nd year at SDCC = 15% of Tuition, 3rd and 4th year at SDCC = 20% of Tuition.

Church/Affiliate Scholarships

$1,000-$2,000 is awarded to new students who have not yet applied to SDCC and are referred to Admissions by affiliate churches or programs. Must present an Award Certificate, which originates from the SDCC Admissions Dept.


For either freshman or transfer students An active member of any United Methodist Church in California, Arizona, Nevada or Hawaii who demonstrates commitment to the church and academic excellence can be recommended by the pastor of the church. Applications are available by contacting the Office of Financial Aid. Minimum Criteria GPA: 3.25, SAT-I: 1,100, or ACT composite : 24

Jennifer Hallen Memorial Scholarship

The applicant must be a member of the PLNU Volleyball Team, have financial need, and exhibit Christian character.

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