Catholic Scholarships

Here are some of the Catholic scholarships on our site for which you may qualify.

Bishop Frank Murphy Scholarship Fund for Women

To women who are: * Members of the Women's Ordination Conference * Enrolled or accepted in a graduate program preparing for Catholic ministry (documentation required)

Catholic Collegiate Association Scholarship

Provides scholarships to Catholic women and donations to various Catholic charities. Completion of formal application required. Application form required. Please contact foundation through letter for more information. Limited to residents of Ohio.

Italian Catholic Federation First Year Scholarship

To apply, students must achieve a total cumulative GPA (3½ years) of at least 3.2 and meet one of the following: 1) Are Roman Catholic and of Italian Descent and live within the Roman Catholic Dioceses of Arizona, California, Illinois and Nevada, only where Branches of the Federation are established; or, 2) Are Roman Catholic but need not be of Italian Descent or live where Branches of the Federation are established if either Roman Catholic parent, guardian or grandparent is a member of the "Italian Catholic Federation." First year scholarships in the amount of $400 will be awarded to approximately 200 applicants. First year scholarship winners are eligible for second, third, and fourth year awards of $500, $600, and $1,000 respectively. Applications will be judged and evaluated on: Scholastic Achievement – TOTAL CUMULATIVE GPA (3½ years) and CLASS RANK Financial Need Leadership Role Faculty Recommendation and Character Reference Extracurricular Activities and Charitable Efforts Family Membership/Activities in the I.C.F. (if applicable)

Margaret J. Hyland Scholarship

University of Massachusetts students who have been Holyoke residents for 10 years or longer; preference to students of the Roman Catholic faith. Established by William F. Hyland. Fourteen awards totaling $36,500 were made in previous year.

Italian Catholic Federation First Year Scholarship

Participant must be Catholic and of Italian descent (or whose non-Italian parents or grandparents are members of the Federation), who maintains a GPA of at least 3.2. They must also enroll in an accredited college, junior college, or university after their graduation from high school. Students apply for the First Year Scholarship as a high school senior. If they win the $400, it is to be applied toward their first year of college. This is why winning students must enroll in an accredited college in order to receive the scholarship. Students must also live in the states of California, Nevada or Illinois where branches of the Italian Catholic Federation are established.

M. Geneva Gray Scholarship

Awarded to undergraduate students whose parental income is too high to qualify for other aid, yet not sufficient to afford to pay for all of their children’s tuition. The family must have more than one child to educate and their income must be between $25,000 and $50,000. Applicants and parents must be residents of Massachusetts.

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