South Carolina National Guard Scholarships

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NGASC Scholarship Foundation

Eligibility:1. Students pursuing, ON A FULL TIME BASIS, associate degrees (2 or 3 year program) and undergraduate or graduate degrees (See limitations in 2,3,4 below).2. Graduate students MUST BE MEMBERS of the South Carolina National Guard to be eligible.3. Students may attend South Carolina or out-of-state colleges (See exceptions in 8-10 below.)4. Although NOT guaranteed, maximum eligibility is four (4) years with annual applications.5. Two (2) Scholarships, limited to undergraduate students, are awarded for ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE. Financial disclosure is NOT required to apply for these two academic scholarships, if “CONSIDER FOR ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE ONLY” is checked on the front page of the application. All other grants will be based on academic excellence and/or need.6. TRANSCRIPTS AND TEST SCORES: All documents, as required by the table on Page 1, must be attached to the application or mailed under separate cover to: NGASC SCHOLARSHIP FOUNDATION, 132 PICKENS STREET, COLUMBIA, SC 29205. Having all required documents attached to the application is PREFERRED; however, they may be mailed by the appropriate school/college/test service BEFORE THE DEADLINE. 7. FINANCIAL INFORMATION: Were you (APPLICANT) claimed as a DEPENDENT on your SPONSOR’S tax return? If “yes,” you must submit a copy of your SPONSOR’S tax return as well as a copy of your (APPLICANT’S) tax return (i.e., a signed true COPY of the FRONT AND BACK ONLY of each Federal Tax Form 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ [Do NOT include additional attachments and schedules to these forms] ). EXCEPTION 1: APPLICANTS WHO ARE SELF-SPONSORED MEMBERS OF THE SCNG NEED ONLY SUBMIT THEIR OWN TAX RETURN. EXCEPTION 2: “Consider for Academic Excellence Only” applicants need NOT furnish any financial information (see note 5 above). An average of two (2) academic excellence awards are made each year. 8. One grant is designated for a Clemson University student pursuing a degree in Electrical, Mechanical, or Industrial Engineering. One grant is designated for a student at Tri-County Technical College at Pendleton, studying Electronics, Engineering, Engineering Graphics, Industrial Electronics, Industrial Mechanics, Machine Tool Technology, Management, Quality Assurance Technology, or Secretarial Science.9. One grant is designated for a University of South Carolina student pursuing a degree in accounting. Another grant is designated for an Erskine College student pursuing a degree in accounting.10. One scholarship is restricted to enlisted personnel.

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