Scholarship of the Month

Mental Health Education Scholarship

posted on Sep 10, 2016

Vantage Point Recovery is offering our annual General Education and Mental Health Education Scholarship! We are dedicated to helping to support education specific to mental health. Annual $1000 Scholarship

posted on Jul 22, 2016

We at want to support young leaders that understand frugality and saving money, and how the skills and knowledge of using coupons can contribute to that end. We will award 1 scholarship winner with $1000 to put towards education every year.

2016 Kitchen Cabinet Kings Entrepreneur Scholarship

posted on Jun 30, 2016

You’re one essay away from a chance to win a $5,000 scholarship!

5,000.00 Award of the Month

posted on May 21, 2016

Do Something Good!

2016 Husband and Wife Law Team Scholarship

posted on Apr 29, 2016

The 2016 Breyer Law Scholarship is our way to not only giveback to an exceptional high school senior graduating in the 2015-2016 school year, but also stressing the importance of higher education and students being able to follow their dream career path after high school.

Everyday SuperHeroes

posted on Feb 29, 2016

Enter to win a $3,000 easy scholarship by making a card for someone in your community! Make your card (or lots of them!) and upload a photo of it. You’ll automatically enter to win a $3,000 scholarship.

Sunoco Rewards Scholarships

posted on Jan 29, 2016

We are now accepting applications for our 2016 Sunoco Rewards scholarships. This year, Sunoco is offering two $1,000.00 scholarships to two future marketers.

BBB 2015-2016 Scholarship

posted on Dec 12, 2015

The Better Business Bureau offers scholarships to outstanding high school students in various states. Below are the details for Delaware.

Customized Girl - A Statement For The World

posted on Nov 16, 2015

The Customized Girl Scholarship is awarded to the girl with the most important message to share. Win our scholarship and you’ll receive:

LivSecure Scholarship

posted on Oct 31, 2015

You focus on your studies. We’ll help with your tuition. At LivSecure, we are proud to support those who are studying to make our neighborhoods a safer place.

Create Real Impact

posted on Sep 21, 2015

Create Real Impact motivates young people to promote innovative and effective SOLUTIONS to the deadly epidemic of reckless and distracted driving.

“Out-Of-The-Box-Thinking” Scholarship

posted on Aug 21, 2015

The purpose of our scholarship is to get the younger demographic thinking differently about innovation, marketing and retail, specifically with regard to pet products. Whether an idea for a cat/dog feeder, or perhaps a unique point of sale retail concept, the scholarship is designed to push applicants to think differently. Coming up with an idea is one thing, but thinking through how it would work, what it would cost, who and how large the market is, how it would be marketed, and the way in which it would be retailed is a whole other story.

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