Mastering the Digital Interview

The college application process can be any number of things: terrifying, exhilarating, informative, empowering, debilitating,. It is certainly an involved process. At times it can feel like sending your diary to a host of potential suitors, then waiting to see if any of them select you.

One option you may want to avail yourself of is the college interview. Some institutions require them, others offer them and still others regretfully do not. You'll want to contact the admissions department of the institution in question to find out.

If an interview is required of you, well, that's that, isn't it? If the interview is not required but is offered you should definitely take advantage of it. This will give you the chance to ask questions of them and you may find yourself surprised at the answers.

One type of interview that is becoming increasingly popular is the digital interview. This type of interview allows both the institution and the potential student to check each other out without the bother of travel and other encumbrances. The digital interview is similar to the more-traditional face-to-face variety but there are also important differences. Below we will explore some factors to keep in mind.

Be familiar with the software. There are several popular platforms for the digital interview. You should download the necessary program well ahead of time. Play around with it. Be certain that the camera angle, the chair you'll sit it and the background for your face are all appropriate.

Prepare yourself. Be certain that you have all your facts and your questions in hand. Anticipate what sort of questions the representative is likely to ask you. You should be able to find lists of common questions posted online. Map out your answers ahead of time so that you can sound confident and secure.

Practice makes perfect. With the help of a friend or parent you can conduct practice interviews. These will give you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the process and with how it feels to ask and answer questions while staring at your computer screen. Practice sessions will also allow you to figure out how much you can move around and how loudly you'll need to speak.

Avoid lengthy questions or responses. Concentrate on answers that are thorough enough but not lengthy. In a fact-to-face interview you have more freedom to prattle on and on but in the digital interview you'll want to keep it short and sweet. This type of technology fosters a shortened attention span. Bear that in mind when preparing your responses.

Be ebullient and enthusiastic. It is important to convey to your interviewer that you are excited about the possibility of attending the college or university in question. The person on the other end will most likely be an alumnus or other representative of the school you want to attend. Make sure that he or she can feel and see how seriously thrilled you are about the chance that you may someday join them.

In many ways, the digital interview is much like the older version. As for the differences, as long as you are aware of them you should be able to sufficiently prepare yourself so as to enchant and beguile your interviewer. Good luck!