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Here are some of the Teaching scholarships on our site for which you may qualify.

Assumption Program of Loans for Education (APLE)

The APLE is a state-funded competitive teacher-incentive program administered by the California Student Aid Commission. The APLE program is designed to encourage outstanding students to become teachers and serve in critical teacher shortage areas in California public elementary and secondary schools. Under the provisions of the APLE program, the commission may assume up to $11,000 in outstanding educational loan balances. (Preliminary Teacher Credential candidates only.)

Graduate Assumption Program of Loans for Education (Graduate APLE)

The Graduate APLE is a state-funded competitive teacher incentive program administered by the California Student Aid Commission. It is designed to encourage individuals to complete their graduate degree and serve as faculty at an accredited community college or university in California. Once a Graduate APLE participant has obtained a graduate degree, the Commission may assume a total of up to $6,000 of outstanding educational loans in return for a cumulative total of three consecutive full-time years serving as a faculty member at one or more California colleges or universities.

Loan Cancellation or Deferment Option for Teachers

If you are a teacher serving in a low-income or subject-matter shortage area, it might be possible for you to cancel or defer your student loans.

Child Development Grant Program

For students who are pursuing a Child Development Permit to teach or supervise in licensed children's centers. Eligible applicants must be a US citizen or an eligible noncitizen, a California resident, demonstrate financial need as defined by the CA Student Aid Commission, meet federal Selective Service filing requirements, and be nominated by the college s/he attends. To receive the grant, the selected recipient must maintain half-time enrollment in an approved course of study leading to a Permit, maintain satisfactory academic progress as defined by SMC, and commit to one year of full-time employment in a licensed California children's center for each year of benefits.

GSEP Washington Mutual Scholarship

This special scholarship is provided to assist students enrolled in teacher training programs.

Earl V. Pullias Endowed Scholarship

Scholarship funds are awarded to students who are committed to the teaching profession and the advancement of education rooted in values and principles. Incoming students are eligible for this scholarship. Awards are determined by faculty and program staff upon review of admissions applications during the admissions process. Recipients will be notified of their awards before the start of their program.

Olaf H. Tegner Endowed Scholarship

The scholarship is set up specifically to aid individuals who are current teachers or who aspire to careers in the teaching profession. Incoming students are eligible for this scholarship. Awards are determined by faculty and program staff upon review of admissions applications during the admissions process. Recipients will be notified of their awards before the start of their program.

CAP Scholarship

A number of three-unit tuition credit scholarships are awarded each fall and spring to School of Education students who demonstrate financial need and show promise as a future teacher counselor or administrator.

Teacher Education Scholarships

There are several Scholarships available for prospective teachers both for undergraduate and teacher credential students. These scholarships include Maestros Career Ladder which prepares both undergraduate and credential students for teaching; Mentors program which is available to classroom teachers as well as undergraduate students who are pursuing their CLAD or BCLAD credentials. All Teacher Education Scholarship Programs are designed to help students pay for a portion of tuition and fees.

HSF/Pfizer Fellowship Program

Program Description: The HSF/Pfizer Fellowship Program is available on a competitive basis to Hispanic graduate students at selected universities and in selected majors. The fellowship includes a $10,000 award for the academic year, and a paid Summer internship in New York. A renewal award of $10,000 for a second year is contingent upon participation in internship and continued academic success. Eligibility Requirements: Be of Hispanic heritage Be a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident with a permanent resident card or passport stamped I-551 (not expired) Be a graduate student enrolled full-time during the upcoming academic year, at one of the following institutions in one of the specified schools: Carnegie Mellon - The Heinz School Columbia University - Teachers College, Columbia Business School, School of Public Health Cornell University - School of Industrial and Labor Relations, School of Management, Public Policy, School of Public Health, Cornell Medical School Harvard University - School of Public Health, Harvard Business School/Woodrow Wilson, Harvard Medical School John Hopkins University - School of Public Health Massachusetts Institute of Technology - School of Management New York University - Stern Northwestern University - School of Business Stanford University - School of Business University of California-Berkeley - School of Public Health University of California-Los Angeles - Anderson School of Management University of Chicago - Graduate School of Business University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana - Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations University of Minnesota - Carlson School of Management University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - School of Public Health, School of Medicine University of Pennsylvania - School of Business University of Texas at Austin - School of Business University of Texas at Houston - School of Public Health University of Washington at Seattle - School of Pharmacy, School of Public Health, School of Medicine Have a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale (or the equivalent) Must apply for Federal Financial Aid Be available to participate in a mandatory, paid 12-week Summer internship in New York City.

Accenture Undergraduate Scholarships

In 2006, the Accenture American Indian College Fund will award five scholarships to undergraduates. These scholarships will meet a vital need for American Indians seeking higher education and having financial need. The program seeks to select the very brightest American Indian and Alaska Native students who are attaining a professional, teaching, social services, high technology or business degree. It is comprised of the following awards: Accenture Scholars Three $20,000 scholarships for students pursuing a four-year degree. Finalist Scholarships Two scholarships of $2,000 per year for four years. In addition to the scholarship funds, scholarship recipients in their junior year may be eligible for summer internships with Accenture. Eligibility: Candidates will have excelled academically and demonstrated leadership ability and commitment to community. Specific eligibility criteria are that the successful candidate: Be an enrolled member of a federally recognized American Indian/Alaska Native Tribe and be able to demonstrate involvement with or measurable interests in Native American activities or affairs. Have attained a cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale at the end of the seventh semester of secondary school. Will be entering a U.S. accredited college or university as a full-time, degree-seeking freshman. Have demonstrated character, personal merit and commitment. Merit is demonstrated through leadership in school, civic and extracurricular activities, academic achievement, and motivation to serve and succeed. Application Procedure: Note: Application for an Accenture Scholarship additionally provides eligibility for other AIGC-administered undergraduate awards. You need only complete one application. Also for students in the field of social services and high technology degrees.

Western Civilization Fellowship

The ISI Western Civilization Fellowship Program is designed to address our culture's loss of memory by supporting at the graduate level the study of the institutions, values, and history of the West. Each Western Civilization Fellowship recipient receives a $20,000 grant. Eligibility: The Western Civilization Fellowship is granted to current graduate students with a research interest in and dedication to the Western tradition. Applicants must be members of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute. Graduate Fellowship applicants must engage in graduate studies for the purpose of teaching at the college level. Applicants must be U.S. citizens, who will be enrolled in a full-time graduate program. Those attending pre-professional (medical, law, divinity, business, etc.) schools are ineligible. Applicants may apply for more than one fellowship in any given academic cycle. For each fellowship sought, applicants must submit separate copies of all components of the application. Required Application Materials An original, five- to ten-page essay responding to the following question: In your own field of study, how is liberty related to Western Civilization? Headshot One-page outline of prior education, awards, fellowships, and internships Three- to five-page personal, philosophical, and professional autobiography Five- to ten-page academic writing sample Three academic letters of recommendation (Must be sent by the recommender and include the Graduate Fellowships Program Letter of Recommendation Form) Official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate work (May be mailed by the issuing institution or the applicant) Brief responses to the following four questions: Why the applicant has chosen teaching as a profession Why the applicant desires a fellowship How the applicant heard about the ISI Fellowship Program Signed declaration of intent to teach Personal philosophical statement and academic writing samples must be 12 point standard font and double spaced.

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