Landscape Architecture Scholarships

Here are some of the Landscape Architecture scholarships on our site for which you may qualify.

Rome Prize Fellowships

In general, all applicants for the Rome Prize fellowships must be citizens of the United States at the time of application. (Permanent Residents or individuals who have been residents in the U.S. for at least three years at time of application may apply for the post-doctoral fellowships in the School of Classical Studies. Please read carefully the specific eligibility requirements provided below.) Undergraduate students are not eligible to apply. Graduate students may apply for predoctoral awards in the School of Classical Studies if they meet the other criteria provided below. Winners of the Rome Prize may hold other fellowships concurrently, as long as the requirements of such fellowships do not conflict with the Academy's fellowship rules. Applicants are required to disclose all fellowships and awards they may hold during their proposed residency in Rome. The Academy may make adjustments to the stipend awarded if substantial additional resources are made available. Rome Prize winners may not hold full-time jobs while at the Academy.

Six-month Amer Acad in Rome Flwps in Design Art

Applicants must hold a bachelor's degree or its equivalent in the field of application. Applicants must also have been working in the field for at least seven years and currently be practicing in the field. Applicants must be U.S. citizens at the time of application.

PGMS Scholarship

Each year the PGMS scholarship committee awards monetary scholarships to students in horticulture or related fields. Applicants must be at least in their first year of college or may be recently graduated from high school (within the calendar year). The top recipient will also have the opportunity to attend the GIE+Expo in Louisville in the autumn. PGMS will pay for the scholarship recipients’ conference registration and a travel allowance as well. What are the criteria? The applicant must be a current student of horticulture or a related field, must be sponsored by a PGMS member and will need to submit a cover letter and resume. The applicant will also need to submit their current college transcript and two letters of reference. All applicants must submit the following by mail to PGMS: The completed scholarship application. Download the application form at website. A cover letter. Typed. Please include introduction, educational and professional goals, and intent for use of scholarship funds. A current resume. Typed. Please include past employment history, awards, and certificates earned. College or school transcripts. Two (2) letters of recommendation. These should be from an instructor, employer, etc. A letter from the PGMS member who is sponsoring the applicant.

Rain Bird Scholarship

This scholarship was established by the Rain Bird Sprinkler Manufacturing Corp. to recognize an outstanding landscape architecture student. A $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to a student in his/her final two years of undergraduate study (third, fourth, fifth years) who is in need of financial assistance. Eligible applicants include those who have demonstrated commitment to the profession through participation in extracurricular activities and exemplary scholastic achievements.

James K. Rathmell, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to serious upper-level undergraduates studying at a four-year institution or graduate college students with plans to work/study outside the country in the field of floriculture or hotriculture. Preference will be given to those planning to work/study for six months or longer. Applicants are urged to thoroughly research their proposed work/study program to formulate well-defined objectives. Library research, writing to organizations overseas and talking with faculty are strongly urged. The Scholarship Foundation will consider the scholarship, character, integrity and maturity of the applicant as well as the work/study purpose and evidence of serious interest as indicated on the application. Also considered wil be the promise of making continued contributions to the fields of floriculture, ornamental horiticulture or landscape architecture.

Raymond E. Page Scholarship

This scholarship is a tribute to Raymond E. Page, a leader in Southern California landscape architecture from the 1940's through the 1980's. Mr. Page was instrumental in establishing licensure for landscape architects in California. As stated in the March 28, 1992 edition of the Los Angeles Times, Page authored legislation to license landscape architects, making California the first state to grant licenses based on examinations. Page held state license No. 2 out of the 800 originially granted in 1955. Mr. Page was also dedicated to advancing the profession through the development of parks and other public facilities. An award of $1,000 is available to give an undergraduate student the opportunity to follow Mr. Page's example of directing the profession by answering the challenges of tomorrow.

NCSGC National Scholarships

Scholarships are awarded only to students in the related fields of Horticulture, Floriculture, Landscape Design, City Planning, Land Management and allied subjects. The scholarships are awarded to juniors, seniors and graduate students.

Office of Naval Research Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

Citizenship: Participants selected for support under the ONR Postdoctoral Fellowship Program must be citizens of the United States. Security Clearance: Participants must be eligible for a Department of Defense security clearance of Secret. In most cases, participants will be permitted to do research pending completion of the security clearance. All appointments are contingent upon Fellows obtaining the appropriate level of security clearance. Education and Experience: Before appointment, participants must present evidence of having received the Ph.D., Sc.D., or other earned doctoral degree recognized in U.S. academic circles as equivalent to the Ph.D. within seven years of the date of application, or must present acceptable evidence of having completed all formal academic requirements for one of these degrees. Prior Fellowships: A person who has received a prior postdoctoral fellowship at a navy laboratory under any program may not be eligible to participate in the ONR Postdoctoral Program at the same laboratory. Equal Opportunity: In accordance with Federal statutes and regulations and Navy policies, no person on the grounds of race, color, age, sex, national origin or disability shall be excluded from participation in, denied the benefits of, or be subject to discrimination under, any program or activity receiving financial assistance from the U.S. Navy.

TOCA Publisher's Scholarship

The Turf and Ornamental Communicators Association will award two $1,000 fall semester scholarships to undergraduate college students pursuing a career in green industry communications. To qualify, students must be majoring or minoring in technical communications or a green industry related field such as horticulture, plant sciences, botany, agronomy, plant pathology, etc. The applicant also must demonstrate an interest in using this course of study in the field of communications.

Edward D. Stone, Jr. & Associates Minority Schp

The Edward D. Stone, Jr. and Associates Minority Scholarship was established to help African American, Hispanic and minority students of other cultural and ethnic backgrounds entering their final two years of undergraduate study in landscape architecture continue their education. $1,000 scholarships are available.

Harriett Barnhart Wimmer Scholarship

This scholarship was established by the firm of Wimmer Yamada and Associates in memory of Harriett Barnhart Wimmer, a pioneer in the field of landscape architecture and founder of the firm. In recognition of her achievements, one $1,000 scholarship is awarded to a woman entering her final year of undergraduate landscape studies who has demonstrated excellence in design ability and sensitivity to the the environment.

Hawaii Chapter/David T. Woolsey Scholarship

This scholarship was established in memory of David T. Woolsey, an alumnus of California Polytechnic University and former principal in the firm of Woolsey, Miyabara and Associates. The award provides funds for educational or professional development purposes exclusively. Eligible applicants are third-, fourth-, or fifth-year undergraduate or graduate students of landscape architecture at Landscape Architecture Accreditation Board (LAAB) accredited programs, whose permanent residence is Hawaii.

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