Scholarships of county 'Boone' within West Virginia

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Westmoreland Coal Company for Medical Students Scholarship

ELIGIBILITY•College/University: Any•Financial Need: No•Renewable: Yes•Specific preferences:(1) Field of study in Medicine at an accredited medical college(2) Preference is given to residents of Boone County(3) Scholarships are awarded and conditioned upon a (promise that the recipient will practice medicine in Boone County, West Virginia), upon completion of schooling and such intern or residency programs as the student desires, for a stipulated period of time further defined in the scholarship application.

Geraldine Gee Nursing Scholarship

ELIGIBILITY:•College/University: Any with an accredited nursing program•Financial Need: No•Renewable: Yes•Specific preferences:(1) Resident of Boone County(2) Field of study in Nursing-starting their sophomore year(3) Restricted to those applicants who have successfully completed their freshman year(4) Must maintain a 3.0 GPA for your scholarship to be renewed