Scholarships of county 'Darke' within Ohio

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Tim Best / Ronnie Kreitzer Memorial Scholarship Fund

Tim Best lost his life in an accident while attending Wright State University. Mr. & Mrs. Best established Tim Best Memorial Scholarship Fund for any boy or girl in Darke County having participated in baseball, cross country, wresting, or dirt bike racing. Ronnie Kreitzer, a close friend, was instrumental in helping Mr. & Mrs. Best establish the Tim Best Memorial and upon Ronnie Kreitzer’s death, the memorial was renamed the Tim Best/Ronnie Kreitzer Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Schipfer Family Scholarship Fund - Versailles

This $1500 scholarship is established by Marty and Dan Schipfer, Darke County residents. Marty was the school counselor at Versailles elementary and middle schools for many years. The scholarship is for a Versailles H. S. graduate with a C grade point average or higher. The student must be seeking a technical/associate education which would entail a two-year course study program (any area) for completion. Financial need will not be considered. The Schipfer’s intend this scholarship for a Versailles H.S. Graduate with preference to be given to a -Miami Valley Career Technology Center graduate. Marty noted, “We hope that it can be given to a student who isn’t necessarily beginning their post-secondary work. It may take some young people longer to finish a two-year program when they are also working full-time."

Sarah Whittaker Memorial Scholarship Fund

Following the very unexpected death of Sarah, her family, particularly her father Allen, have embarked on a mission to make something good and positive out of such a horrible tragedy. His mission is to teach students to keep life’s problems in proper perspective and to realize all things can be resolved. He feels that if through his efforts he can help just one child or family avoid a similar situation, then all is not lost. Sarah’s scholarship fund, established in her loving memory, is focused on assisting other Darke County students who desire to become teachers, as Sarah did.

Darke County Engineering and Sciences Scholarship

Establishing a scholarship to benefit students interested in pursuing the study of engineering or the sciences was Denny and Shirla Neff’s goal in October 2007. Denny noted, “I wanted to contribute towards the establishment of this fund in the hopes that other people would add to it so that it could grow for the benefit of students.” Whether pursuing a 2 or 4 year degree, Denny stated, “I have a lot of respect for engineers. It is a good discipline to study and it can lead to entrepreneurial pursuits.” Denny had previously served as an original board member on the Dollars for Scholars Group, a scholarship program. Treaty Co. and the Neff Co., with which he was associated as President of the Neff Co., both had scholarships. Shirla served as an educator in the Greenville schools system. Denny and Shirla wanted to do something for the community that would continue to grow.

Norton Family 4-H Scholarship

Miriam M. Norton, a former school teacher in the Bradford Schools established the “Norton Family 4-H Scholarship” in June of 2002. Being especially appreciative of the values held and leadership activity opportunities provided by 4-H Clubs of Darke County in the past, Miriam wanted to promote the continuation of these 4-H activities by rewarding a scholarship to a 4-H member. In addition to having been a 4-H member in Darke County, the successful applicant will have projects completed and demonstrated leadership skills.