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The Eileen J. Garrett Library Fellowship

The Eileen J. Garrett Library Fellowship is a competitive fellowship program that includes a 7-day residency in Greenport, New York. The successful applicant will receive reimbursement for round-trip economy transportation via air, rail or bus, free accommodation in the Foundation’s charming one-bedroom corporate apartment within easy walking distance of the Library and the village center of Greenport with its shops, restaurants, cinema, and waterfront attractions. A $30-per-day food stipend to cover 9 days will also be provided as well as free photocopying, and a 20% discount on any purchases in the Foundation’s in-library book shop, Psi Mart á la Carte.The successful Fellow is expected to make his or her own travel plans to Greenport although Foundation staff stand ready to be consulted. If the successful applicant is not a US citizen, it will be the applicant’s responsibility to obtain the necessary travel visas, should any be required. To apply for the Eileen J. Garrett Library Fellowship, applicants must either be students aged 21 years or older, or teachers, instructors, professors, researchers or other professionals. (Past and current Foundation grant and award recipients, International and Student Affiliates, as well as individuals affiliated with PF Member Organizations are also eligible to apply.) If the applicant is a student, they must submit a Library Fellowship Application Form, an essay which states their reasons for wanting to use the resources of the Garrett Library, and two letters of reference from individuals who know the quality of their academic work. If the applicant is a teacher, instructor, professor, researcher or other professional, they must submit a Curriculum Vitae and a cover letter that describes the work they wish to accomplish during the Fellowship.