Scholarships of county 'Harrison' within Mississippi

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Mississippi Psychology Apprenticeship Program

The Mississippi Psychology Apprenticeship Program, administered by the Board of Trustees in conjunction with the Biloxi, Mississippi Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, offers a stipend/apprenticeship program to Mississippi residents studying in the field of psychology. General objectives are to encourage students to pursue health professions in the field of psychology, to expose students to the professional practice of psychology in a Veterans Affairs Medical Center setting and to enhance graduate education in psychology through research and applied experience. The Program is a summer training program, not to exceed three months. Special consideration will be given to economically disadvantaged, educationall disadvantaged and/or socially disadvantaged applicants. - Current legal Mississippi resident - Enrolled full time as an undergraduate or graduate student in Psychology at one of Mississippi's accredited colleges or universities - Cumulative college grade point average of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale - Letter of recommendation from an instructor in the Department of Psychology at the Mississippi accredited college or university where the student is currently enrolled.