Scholarships of county 'Hillsdale' within Michigan

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George and Harriett Cleveland Scholarship

Applicant: Must be pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in the field of forestry, environmental science, ecology or agricultural science. Preference will be given to those pursuing the field of forestry or a closely related field. Must be a Hillsdale County resident and can be of any age. Must show financial need. Must attend a four-year accredited institution as a full-time student. Must be entering their second year of college or above for the year covered by the scholarship. Must have a minimum of a 2.0 cumulative GPA at the end of their most current academic year. Applicant must submit an HCCF scholarship application form.One or more — $2,500 Non-Renewable Scholarship(s)Scholarship is not renewable, but all previous recipients andapplicants may reapply each year.

Jason Cole Memorial Scholarship

Applicant: Must be a Hillsdale County resident. Must be attending Western Michigan University, and pursuing a degree in a computer-related field, namely Business Information Systems or Computer Science. Applicant may pursue a course of study in a business-related field for their freshman and sophomore years, and then a computer science field for their junior and senior years. Age shall not be a determining factor in the selection of the recipient. Financial need shall not be a determining factor in the selection of the recipient. Need only the minimum GPA required for acceptance into Western Michigan University. Applicant must submit an HCCF scholarship application form.Renewal Requirements :Scholarship may be renewed for an additional three years providing the recipient continues in the specified field of study at Western Michigan University. Renewal applicants going into their third or fourth year of college must show proof of acceptance into WMU ’s College of Business as a Business Information Systems major or the College of Engineering as a Computer Science major to receive the renewal award. Recipient must submit an HCCF Application for Scholarship Renewal form and all requirements by the required March 1 due date.