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John Dawe Dental Education Fund

Description:This scholarship fund commemorates the life of Dr. John H. Dawe, who, with loyalty and dedication, served the Hawai‘i Dental Association and the Honolulu County Dental Society during most of his professional life. Requirements: Be enrolled in a school of Dentistry, Dental Hygiene or Dental Assisting. Submit the Dawe Supplemental Financial Form (Download Financial Form). Applicants must submit a letter from their school confirming enrollment in the Dentistry or Dental Hygiene program form. Two letters of recommendation required.

Julliette M. Atherton Scholarship

Criteria: Applicants must (a) be a dependent sons or daughters of ordained and active Protestant ministers in an established denomination in Hawaii or (b) must plan to attend an accredited graduate school of theology with the goal of being ordained in an established Protestant denomination. Separate applications are available for ordained Protestant ministers planning to pursue an advanced degree related to ministerial profession at an accredited institution or an ordained Protestant minister in an established denomination in Hawaii planning to pursue education in a field related to ministry through course work, workshops, or seminars. This foundation offers multiple awards for residents of Hawaii. Hawaii Community Foundation 900 Fort Street Mail, Suite 1300 Honolulu, HI 96813 (808) 566-5570

The Friend Peace Scholarship Fund

GENERAL The Board of Trustees of the Hawaii Conference Foundation announces that scholarships are available from the Friend Peace Scholarship Fund. These scholarship and study grants are made in accordance with the following policy: Income from the Friend Peace Scholarship Fund provides scholarships and study grants that help Christian students preparing for definite Christian work, and for such other purposes as determined by the Board of Trustees. Applicants should plan to cross both national and cultural lines for their planned study which must be in a Pacific Basin country. Applicants are sought from Pacific Basin nations to study in America and its possessions, or from America and its possessions to study in the Pacific Basic nations. Applicants must commit to return to their country of origin upon completion of education. Awards are not made to persons residing in or planning to study in Africa, Europe, Canada, Central and South America, New Zealand, Australia or Asia except those Asian countries that border the western Pacific Ocean. Awards to individuals shall be made on the basis of ability, need, and character with first priority going to persons of definite Christian connections and experience with the United Church of Christ or its affiliated churches. The size of each award shall be kept to a minimum so that the recipient will be encouraged to supplement the award from other sources. Theodore and Mary Atherton Richards were the donors of the Fund. A more detailed description of the purposes and objectives of the Fund are found in Chapter XII of the book, Bridge Builders, written by Gwenfread E. Allen and published by the Hawaii Conference Foundation in 1970. USE All scholarship and study grants must be used for the purposes outlined above. Award recipients must act in the capacity of students as well as Christian witnesses while pursuing their education and promoting friendship and understanding. Qualifications: Selection is based solely on qualifications and capabilities to carry out the purposes of the Friend Peace Scholarship Fund. Awards are limited to persons of the Christian faith. There is no limit as to age, marital status, race or sex. Field of Study: There is no limit to the field of study so long as the purposes of the scholarship or grant are fulfilled. The application requires clearly defined career objectives and detailed descriptions of proposed courses of study. Study must be pursued at an accredited institution. Amount of Award: Awards for each academic year (considered to be nine consecutive months) shall be as determined by the Scholarship Committee. The studies for which the award is made must be pursued during the academic year for which the award is made. Normally, half of the Grant will be made at the start of the academic year, and the other half at the start of the second semester. Revocation of Award: An award may be revoked at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee for any of the following reasons: low level of scholarship performance, misconduct, withdrawal from the institution or course of study prior to the expiration of the term of the award, failure to submit any reports that may be required, and failure to fulfill any of the obligations of the award. Applicants Certification: An applicant must read carefully the applicant certification on the application form and sign it to indicate understanding and acceptance of the responsibilities and obligations of the award and the conditions under which it may be revoked. Medical Certificate: A certificate prepared by a licensed physician indicating the necessary state of health must be attached to the application. Academic Record: A transcript or other official evidence of academic record is required. Recommendations: Recommendations from two persons best qualified to judge the applicants recent academic and extracurricular activities will be required to be submitted separately, as will be recommendations from the applicants pastor or minister. Statements: Several statements are required and are considered to be very important elements of the application, as follows: a. from the applicant, stating why the application is being made, academic objectives, planned courses of study and how these relate to the purposes of the Friend Peace Scholarship Fund. b. from the applicant, a statement of Christian commitment, connections, and experience. c. from the applicant, a statement of lifes goal, why it was chosen, and how it relates to the purposes of the fund. d. from the applicant, a commitment to return to applicants country of origin upon completion of education. e. from the applicant, a financial resources statement. f. For candidates under 21 years of age. From each parent, separately, describing what moral and physical (including financial) support each will give to the applicant in the program being applied for, and what reservations each has about such participation. Inquiries - and request for application forms should be addressed to the Hawaii Conference Foundation, 15 Craigside Place, Honolulu, Hawaii 96817. For APPLICATIONS: Write to: Friend Peace Scholarship Committee Hawaii Conference Foundation 15 Craigside Place Honolulu, Hawaii 96817 OR E-mail Donnel at to forward you pdf application forms.

The Barbara Cox Anthony Foundation

Giving primarily for educational scholarships for higher education; some funding for other education, particularly a college preparatory school for girls, animal/wildlife welfare, and social services for children, youth and families. Application address: P.O. Box 4316 Honolulu, HI 96812 Tel.: (808) 536-1877 Limited to residents of Honolulu, HI.

Harriet Bouslog Labor Scholarship Fund

Scholarship awards to residents of Hawaii whose parents are members of labor organizations. Initial approach: Letter Deadline(s): None Application address: 63 Merchant St. Honolulu, HI 96813-4313