Scholarships of county 'Palm beach' within Florida

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Unsung Hero Award

Recipients must meet the following criteria: 1) Be a full time Palm Beach County, Florida student (grade 6 through 12) and be engaged in some form of community service as a volunteer (non-paying) helping people within their community or another community. 2) Show commitment above and beyond, with no expectations of reward. 3) The volunteer experience must not be self-serving or associated with a required activity such as a science fair project. 4) The volunteer activity(ies) should have been carried out for at least the past two years, (length of time involved will be a consideration). 5) Applicants must volunteer an average of 30 hours each month or 360 hours per year. Acknowledgment of the student's volunteer hours must be verified in writing by the charitable organization (s). 6) Letters of recommendation from the student's school, charity or charities where the participation took place and personal references must be submitted with the LIFE application form (original and 5 copies). 7) All applicants will be subject to a background check to verify all claims made by themselves, or on their behalf. 8. Relatives or close family friends of the LIFE staff or Board of Directors are not eligible for this award. Recipients of the LIFE award must adhere to the following conditions in order to maintain the scholarship: 1. Maintain a 2.5 grade point average or the equivalent. 2. report on their personal progress/developments to LIFE after each grading period. 3. Submit a copy of their report card at the end of each grading period. 4. Continue their volunteer activities for a minimum of 15 hours per month and submit verification of volunteer hours at the end of each grading period.

George Snow Scholarship Fund

The George Snow Scholarship Fund offers need-based scholarships to high school seniors attending: 1. All Palm Beach County High Schools 2. Blanche Ely and Pompano Beach High Schools in northern Broward County 3. All Homeschooled students who would be attending a high school in Palm Beach County or Blanche Ely and Pompano Beach High Schools in northern Broward County 4. Woman in Miami/Dade County, Broward County and Palm Beach County interested in obtaining degrees in the Technology and Engineering fields. WE DO NOT OFFER SCHOLARSHIPS TO ANY STUDENTS OUTSIDE OF THE ABOVE AREAS. The Fund looks for applicants that have a financial need, are active in their school and community, have strong educational and career goals, and are self motivated. Students applying for these scholarships can attend any accredited college, university, vocational/technical school anywhere in the country and major in any subject. In addition to our unrestricted scholarships, we also offer many specific scholarships that you can apply for on our “Area of Study and Areas of Interest Question” page in our application. Your answers will help us determine which of these specific scholarships you may be eligible to receive. If you have any questions regarding the above criteria for our scholarships, please contact the Scholarship Fund at

Robert D. Handley Memorial Scholarship

CRITERIA: * Health professionals pursuing a degree in Nursing * Based on community involvement in the health field and financial need * Must attend an accredited college university/vocational school located in Palm Beach County. Must attend school on a full-time basis * Palm Beach County resident.

Thomas F. Kearney Memorial Scholarship

CRITERIA: * Graduating senior living in Western communities: West of State Road 7, North of Lake Worth Road, South of Northlake Blvd., East of 20 Mile Bend.